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13-06-2005, 15:35
Right this RPG has been floating in my head for sometime now and I feel its about time I give it a run for its money.

Right the warband is based around hit and run tactics, so assault is the way to go, however I will not shy away from people having heavy weapons.

Here is the available positions:

0-3 Assault Marines
1+ Tactical Marine
0-1 Libarian (May not choose Vortex of Doom or Veil of Time)
0-2 Devastators (No lascannons or plasmaguns)

Right now here is the 'fun' part, I want to read plausiable reasons why your Marine went renegade ok? Nothing stupid like he hated the Emperor for being dead and went Renengade, I want something that could actually change a Warrior Monk to renegade ok? Good. I will be reading them :skull:
Old Chapter
Recent Background (Optional)
Weapons and Equipment*

*Limitations on equipment is in place as we are renegades and yes I will be placing ammo limits etc. So no wargear can be chosen and your character is pretty much bog standard. He has what he has when left his Chapter.

Now another thing is, you can be a renegade Chaos Space Marine or Space Marine, however you cannot worship any God or give thanks to them as we are Renegade and view them as subserviant to our needs. However, what your character does in private is up to you, but nothing extreme like blood drinking etc, because if you do I will be on you like a ton of bricks.

Good, start signing up

13-06-2005, 15:49
Name: Lord Slazton
Class: Captain
Old Chapter: Night Lords
Background: At the begginning of the Great Crusade, Slazton was recruited from the first. He was one of the Night Haunter's chosen and he fought with a ferocity unmatched in the Legion. He quickly reached the rank of Captain and was given his own squad of Raptors to lead. When the Legion fell to Chaos, he was one of the first to side with his Primarch and turned his hatred and rage on the very Imperium he helped build. He masacred whole cities alongside his Master, Krieg Acerbus as they fought the foolish weaklings of the False Emperor. When the Hersey failed, Slazton took his Raptors and led them on a path of destruction all the way to the Eye of Terror where he setted up a base of command and worked under Acerbus who rose to Daemonhood using Slazton's natural killer instincts. It was then Slazton began to relaise he was losing his sanity, as he felt himself slipping farther and farther into the beastial form that had absorbed his brethren. Slazton began to hate what his Legion had become and took flight, leaving his Legion behind forever.
Recent Background: Traveling the stars, Slazton has gained himself a warband from numerous locations and not caring if they live or not, he has always moved on searching for Zso Sahaal, the Keeper of the Night Haunter's Crown. With this crown in his posession, he could re-unite the Night Lords and save them from the bestial form they have become.

Appearance: Slazton has a pale face that is ethced in scars that are self inflicted from his own lightening claws. His dark black pupils show nothing and to stare into them, is to stare into oblivion. He is average height for a Marine and has no physical mutations other than a snaked tougne and an unsual vox caster that echoes his beastial scream louder to stab fear into the heart of his foe.

Weapons and Equipment: Mastercrafted Pair of Lightening Claws, Talons of the Haunter, frag grenades, bolter and Jet pack that is melded onto his back, he is permantly trapped in his suit of armour as it has become one with his flesh, a 'blessing' from his dark times during the Hersey.

Right, if anyone argues over the bolter and lightening claws, read Lord of the Night, that character had this combo, so will I as Slazton is pretty much moulded off of him lol.

13-06-2005, 17:46
Name: Callixtus
Class: Assault marine
Old Chapter: The Septagaunt
The Septagaunt Chapter of marines were normally based of the civilised world Canis IV, but the sixth company was recruited from the agri-worlds that also existed in the system. As the numbers of suitable candidates from Canis IV had fallen, and the Chapter was worried about no longer being combat worthy as the numbers were falling.
First Company: Scout company (Scouts progress to 2nd to 5th, 6th company are trained within the company)
Second to Fourth Company: Tactical
Fifth Company: Devesators
Sixth Company: Assualt and Scouts
Seventh Company: Veterans (No Terminators)
Background: Callixtus was raised upon the world Canis XI, a small agri-world, near to the eastern fringe. He was the youngest of his family, and the skills that would eventually lead to induction into the marines arose from fierce competions with his siblings and his hatred of being weaker than them. Despite this the family was deeply religous and the combination of these two traits lead to Callixtus .induction into the marines. The Company was drastically under funded and supplied so the marines were exposed to less indoctrination to the rest the faiths generally left unchanged since the agri-worlds they were raised on
He progressed well as a scout and was believed by his seniors to be a possible sergeant. Though his faith was built upon the concept of the emperor as the protector of his world. Yet the marine presence on his world was pulled away before an pirate invasion, as the presence was required elsewhere. He feigned his own death, and remained on the world, which he felt was the only place it was his duty to protect. He lead the farmers of the world in counter strikes against the pirates, but the leader of the pirates was cunning, he knew that the marines had abandoned this world, and he offered to leave the world in exchange for Callixtus service.

Appearance: Teal armour the left shoulder plates still holds the chapter image of a 7 over a open book, but the 7 has been vandalised to a 6. The Right one bares the number 6 in roman numerals, but another I has been added in fresher paint.

Weapons and Equipment: Chainsword, Bolt pistol and Chain axe. Also a Jump Pack

13-06-2005, 19:59
Cain, Assault marine of the Dark Angels

Cain was a Brother Sargent of the 11th Dark Angels Chapter during the Great Crusade. During the Heresy, he was one of the many stationed on Caliban. He doesn't remember much of those dark times, merely that the Enlightened One, Luthor, preached truth about the corruption and decay of all that was good and all that he stood for. It was his duty to retake the crusade, and purge all his enemies, no matter where they claimed their allegience lay. Then Caliban was destroyed, and he was sucked into the Warp. He has spent Milennia travelling the Warp and Realspace, bringing the True vision of the Emperor to light.

Appearance: Cain has solid black Mk4 armor with a Gothic 11 on one kneepad, with a red diagonal strip behind it. He has studs all over, as well as litanies of power etched into the surface of the armor. On his shoulder is clearly visable the Winged Sword motif of the Dark Angels. He has access to a Mk1 Jump pack, although he doesn't always use it. His bolt pistol and his Chainsword, Blessed, and Abel, serve him well. Cain often hides the jump pack, and effects a long off-white coarse cloth robe over his armor. Cain does not worship the Gods, although he has been known to make use of their power on rare occasion. The closest he gets to open worship is an incredibly small, golden medallion of the Tzeench symbol he hides around his neck. His mutations are slight, more a biproduct of living in the Warp for an extended time than anything, and are two small nubs of horn starting to show under the skin of his brow. That is, if he ever took his helmet off.

13-06-2005, 20:01
Edited for the sake of; Someone moaning about a plausible character. And about my HitchHikers Guide addiction.

13-06-2005, 20:20
With over 300 years of battle hardened experiance, his Company and him managed to get seperated, after that, he turned Renegade, as he knew it was to his disadvantage.

Right now here is the 'fun' part, I want to read plausiable reasons why your Marine went renegade ok? Nothing stupid like he hated the Emperor for being dead and went Renengade, I want something that could actually change a Warrior Monk to renegade ok? Good. I will be reading them

I must admit, "He got lost" is a damn good reason. Considering they've got Voxxes and homing beacons and whatnot. Why the hell would he just look around, go "Well I don't see anyone, must be time to hike out on my own?"

Lord Setra
13-06-2005, 22:20
Lol will get a spot reserved as a devestator marine.

Will get his background up tomorrow

13-06-2005, 22:48
Well coz I'm such a stirrer....I might have to throw a Space Wolf into the mix.
Either that or a Blood Angel.

But this needs some thought. And getting into the right mind set. Damn men!

Grand Warlord
14-06-2005, 01:07
+saves spot for tactical marine+

14-06-2005, 06:34
Librarian Turanas of the Repenters

Background:One of the many chapters sent out to deal with threat of the tyranids on the eastern fringe, the Repenters were a fierce and zealous chapter. While traveling in the warp, trying to intercept a tendril of Hive Fleet Kraken, a small tyrnid splinter fleet intercepted them, and released a biological weapon that spread throughout the chapter within minutes. Every human infected died instantly, while the Space Marines were horribly mutated, as the virus changed their genetic make up even more. The chapter was forced to flee as the virus took its toll on them, and upon investigation into the virus it was decided that the only solution against it, was the exterminatus of the entire chapter. At this time Turanas was leading a Deathwatch in the defense of Juri Prime elsewhere on the eastern fringe. The first he heard of his Chapters fate was during the defense, when 2 marines planeted within his unit opened fire on him and the others, Turanas escaped with his life intact, unlike the rest of his squad, before he escaped though, he interogated one of the marines who had made the attempt on his life. The knews had a catastrophic effect on him, his chapter was destroyed by a tyranid virus, and the empire that he had sworn his life to, had tried to kill him because he was of the same chapter. Turanas's hatred of the Tyranids grew to an obsession as he realised that they were the cause of his suffering, he knew that the civilians in the Imperium were not to blame, so as he fled he didnt go on a slaughter, but instead assassinated as many high ranking officials as he could before he escaped into orbit on board a small warp capable vessel.

Recent Background: Turanas is still being hunted by imperial forces, most notably an inquisitorial task force is always chasing up all rumours of him, each one at a different battlefield, though always, a high ranking imperial official dies, be it an inquisitor, down to a guard officer. Rumours have also circulated that he has been doing jobs for money, though the truth behind this is not known.

Appearance: Up later

Weapons and Equipment: Force Sword, Bolter with Kraken, hellfire, and inferno ammo, as well as mark 2 scope and silencer and expander shells. Krak Grenades, Super-Frag Grenades, Psychic Hood.

15-06-2005, 17:48
Name: rupeus jalen
Class: assault marine
Old Chapter: Relictors
Background: rupeus jalen was an assault marine for the revilers chapter, when his chapter was declared extremus diaboulus he fled the fortress-monastary in a small, one man escape vessel, he eventualy crashed on a law-less hive-world.
Recent Background: has escaped the planet and joined up with a band of renegade marines.
Appearance; old rusted armour, still ahs old chapter inignia, scared face , bald head and empty grey eyes.
Weapons and Equipment: bolter with 2 clips of ammo, combat knife.

Grand Warlord
16-06-2005, 05:14
Name: "Brother Justice"

Class: Tactical Marine

Old Chapter: Word Bearers.

Background: A follower of Lorgar to the end of his days he travels the galaxy doing what he can to preach the truth of the false emperor. He kills those he cant turn and eventually kills those he does.
Appearance: Standard Issue Mk8 Power Armor tore from a fresh marine and consecrated in Chaos Divine Glory. Faces seem to ripple through his armor as if he absorbs the souls of those he kills... or purifies as he sees it.He still has the standard of the 10th Legion attached to his back the symbol of the Word Bearers pulsing with dark energies. He fears nothing knowing that his faith will keep him safe from the Dead Emperor's Soldiers. He left his legion because it was becoming lax, the dark apostle was only thinking of himself and not the legion. His continued survival is a sign to himself that the dark gods favor him and his decision. A black cloak covers his form his archaic helmet a dead giveaway of his allegieance.

Weapons and Equipment: Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Chaissword.

17-06-2005, 20:15
Cain, Assault marine of the Dark Angels

hmm, you stole the idea me and slaz were speaking about a while ago, if possible ill be a fallen aswell..

Name: Niota
Class: Devastator
Old Chapter: Dark Angels
Background: One of the fallen, background coming soon.
Recent Background (Optional): Coming soon, just want to post to get a spot.
Appearance: Sheer Black armour, pre heresy dark angels symbol on right shoulder pad, all other symbols have been removed, normally wears a red robe over armour, carries a helmet though hardly ever wears it, long flowing white hair (a popular theme of my characters). Carries a shard of Lion'el Johnsons armour on a chain around his neck.
Weapons and Equipment: Heavy bolter with suspensors, heavily modified so it is smaller than a standard one while loosing some acuracy, it can be slung over his back while not greatly restricting combat prowess. Dual Bolt pistols (another popular theme..) 2 Short bladed power swords.

17-06-2005, 22:57
Ok....here we go (this is going to suck!)

Name: Isa Firemaw
Class: Storm Claw
Old Chapter: Space Wolves. 13th Company
Background: Isa carries with him the mark of the Wulfen and so was placed into the 13th Company. After years of searching for his Primarch, Isa grew tired of their fruitless search, finding no point in continuing.
Listening to the beast inside of him, he saw little point, wanting instead to kill all who crossed his path. Not caring who he slew, be it friend or foe.
For this attitude, the others thinking him a coward, a traitor to his Primarch and a monster even by the 13th Compnay standards, he was driven out of the company and left to die in the Eye of Terror rather than waste what little ammo they had at the time.
After a short while of wandering the Eye seeking his noble death, Isa encountered a band of Renegades who served no one other than themselves. Thinking this was his key for his death, Isa renonuced The Emperor and Russ to take his place in the cold Wastes of Hell.
So far, he has remained unlucky as he still lives.
Appearence: Dark grey power armour, with some Chaos repairs (mainly from Black Legion) with a few wolf totems and talismen's....trinkets mostly.
Greying hair which was once black. Pulled back into a pony tail. Long side-burns but no facial hair (don't like it so he's not getting any)
Yellow eyes and fangs
Weapons and equipment: Bolt pistol and chainsword only

Done and done.

19-06-2005, 02:35
We are just waiting on Lord Setra, if he is still in

19-06-2005, 10:14

20-06-2005, 18:01
someone should pm him.

Brother Smith
21-06-2005, 09:08
Can I play? It's been awhile Slazton... Mind if I use Helion? (As long as you didn't kill him off!) I think i'll change a fair bit of his story to make it more... accurate to the backstory...

22-06-2005, 01:02
Brother Smith! Welcome back and of course Hellion may make a trip with us! Once you post a character I will begin this RPG.

Just so I can tempt you guys here is the plot line:

We are aboard our stolen Cobra class Escort (crewed by minions and slaves) and suddenly find ourselves blown out of Orbit, by an Eldar ship. We crash land and most of our slaves are killed. We abnd together and well, the whole journey unfolds as we find ourselves hired by a Planetary Governor to help him in a War. We aide him only to find the enemy is a Chaotic force. We still fight for the money and well, it goes deeper and deeper.

Hope this tempts you and oh, the Inquisition will make an apperance as will the Smurfs ;)

22-06-2005, 01:09
Grrrrrr...damn pet pyschopaths of the Emperor and damn Smurfs.

Sorry just getting into character

Brother Smith
22-06-2005, 09:41
Name: Brother Helion
Chapter: Hell Reapers
Appearance: Long red hair, stuble. Black Mark 6 armour, many dents.
Equipment: Bolter with ant-daemon round, Bolt pistol, Chainsword.
Story: Sent by his chapter to help an Inquisitor. The Inquisitor turned out to be a radical and due to this Helion and a fellow marine (Unamed - you know who he is Slazton) were excommunicated and fled.
After many years of wandering the two marines met the Inquisitors old warband again, and fought with them. Since that time nothing is known about them, save that Helion was forced to kill the other marine with him, as he was under the control of a daemon.

Now Helion seeks the opportunity to work with marines again.

Hope thats ok Slazton, and to you strangers, there's alot more to that story - let's say, about a books worth!

Lord Setra
22-06-2005, 15:44
Name:Brother Devaros
Chapter:Soul Drinkers
Appearence:Bald, grey eyes, black beard, Goliath strentgh mutation.
Equipment: Modified Heavy Bolter, Hellfire ammunition, blot pistol, frag grenades, combat knife.

Background: Devaros, originally a loyal member of the Soul Drinkers was part of the uprising which joined Sepheradon in his cleansing of the Chapter. Deveras killed his fellow marine in cold blood, mowing many down marines. After the cleansing of the chapter he fought many battles and was witness to Sapheradons up risle to a Mutated Spider/Librarian. This was something Devaros had not seen coming and was stunned by this. It rocked his faith in the chapter to the core of his soul. In the following years he watched as his fellow marines mutated, he also noticed that weilding his heavy bolter was becoming easier and easier. He fought in many battles, reaping those in the name of the Emperor. Then he watched as his Chapter Master lead the chapter into battle against the nurgle demon. This was to much for Devaros, already had he watched his chapter fall in to disgrace, he did not want to see it wiped to a man by the forces of the Unclean god. On the eve of battle he boarded one of the many ships dotted around the great space hulk the Soul Drinkers had claimed and jumped ship. He fell into a half sleep, floating through space until finally he found himself apon an eldar ship, surrounded by many marines, from many chapters.

Sorry for the delay, but he is up now.

22-06-2005, 17:53
Yay we can start

23-06-2005, 16:03
Can I play too? This one looks really cool

23-06-2005, 19:32
If you post a character within the next two days, then yes! Right lets get this one rolling along.

23-06-2005, 21:53
Battle Brother Nikolai
Class: Tactical Marine (veteran)
Chapter: Dark Angels

Fluff: After proving himself worthy to the Inner circle of the Dark Angels he was initiated into the Deathwing from the 3rd Company. After he learned of the terrible secrets his Chapter had kept from him for so long, his faith in the Lion and the emperor faltered. He spent months in prayer. Then realising he had to break away from the lies and find out for himself, after all they had lied for so long maybe even the Supreme Grand Mater himself didn't know the truth. So He donned his Power armour leaving his much honoured Terminator armour with the chapter to await his return. Picking up his boltgun and helmet he was gone.

Equipment: Boltgun, Hooded robe, Knife possibly frag grenades if he blags some

23-06-2005, 22:43
Everyone make a post!

23-06-2005, 22:48
you suck slazton

good enough :p

24-06-2005, 00:03
Brother Jarold
Tactical Marine
Black Templars chapter
Apperence- He dons a power armor suit with the Crusading symbol of the Black templars on his Left shoulder. On his right its a sword cutting through the arrow marking he was a sword bretherin. His face is a light tit compared to other space marines but he ususally wears a helmet. His thick black hair is croped short in order to fit under his helmet. His eyes are Brown.
Was once a proud member of the Black templars crusading chapter untill he was made to stand sentry duty on a desolate planet. He so realized that the Imperium was faulted in its way to rule the people. He decided that he would have no part of an Imperium built on Deciet and Lies. He then killed his battle brother while he slept because he was going to tell the crusades marshel that he had thoughts of heresy. He shall never go back to the Imperium which created him.

Wargear-Bolt pistol Chainsword. two frag grenades

Lord Setra
24-06-2005, 08:07
Post made.

Brother Smith
24-06-2005, 19:48
Hate to be a nitpicker, but EmperorsChamp's character is abit iffy.

25-06-2005, 01:33
Hmm Champ, your character's background is a little dodgy, but I'll let it slide for now. We'll see how he does in the RPG ok? I'll be watching him ;)

26-06-2005, 09:23
heres my post.. enjoy

General Samuel of the 101
28-11-2005, 22:05
Brother Finrian
Interrogator Chaplain
Dark Angels Chapter
Has a Black Power Armour tipical of the Chaplains on his Rigth Arm he has a Crozius in the Form of a Short Sword and in the Left arm has a Storm Bolter
He has a Mask that covers his face
He was inducted in the DA and shortly there after was taken in the care of Interrogator Chaplain Asmodai 30 years later and he was a Full Fledged Chaplain Second only to asmodai

Hate Train
28-11-2005, 22:47
I'd like to join, but you have all the Marine slots filled, so I'd like to join as something else. Just tell me if there's anything I can be (Inquisition...?) that you would be okay with.

28-11-2005, 23:40
This RPG is no longer around.