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22-08-2014, 09:08
I want to play skaven,but i first have a question about weapon teams. Which one is the best

22-08-2014, 15:25
This depends from player to player. Most will say that the PWM is the best because he can move and shoot.
I love the WFT because he can be very devasting against large blocks of T3 / 5+ save troops.

But be prepared that most weapon teams will do nothing because for this kind of units the enemy will use magic missiles. And even bow missile fire can be very dangerous to them with their one wound T3 5+ save profile (and easy points for the enemy). So some skaven player will let stay them at home).

So only one weapon team will mostly get killed very easy, so you have to get more to have an impact on the game.

Ratling-Guns and the other two's are rarely seen because a) with the ratling gun you have to roll to hit every shoot (so normaly you will only roll for 7 shoots, hit 3,5 and kill one or two T3 troops), b) with the other two you have to get into combat to get anything from them - and normaly they die before they do anything.

22-08-2014, 17:07
What BlackPawl said.

Plus WFT almost never get to fire in favor of your other possible targets.
PWMs are often underestimated and can fire without line of sight. I almost always go with three or with no weapon teams at all.

22-08-2014, 17:12
I want to play skaven,but i first have a question about weapon teams. Which one is the best

Welcome to the underempire - you're appropriately named. :)

Weapons teams - None are worth it is the short answer, considering the good units available.

You need 300 Slaves, 60 or more Clanrats, Night/Gutter Runners and plus Greyseer, Warlock Engineers (1 or 2) and a Chieftain. Other possibles - HellPit and Screaming Bell.
That's a staggering 400 or so models and a lot of money:eek:

The best mandatory shooting units are the Warp Lightning Cannon/s and Poisoned Gutter Runners.

Hope I haven't put you off Skaven.

22-08-2014, 17:19
I always use Ratling guns. They are fun to use and can do damage.
Not to mention being the cheaper choice out of the 4.

22-08-2014, 19:25
Problem with them is they cost a lot of points and half the time they seem to explode before every killing anyone (but your own troops). If they do work, though, they are devastating.

Poison wind mortar is the best and most useful.

Warpfire thrower is the most destructive but also the most fragile investment since it can't shoot and move and may not fire until it's too late.

Ratling gun is cool but still no move and fire. Its cheaper (sorta).

22-08-2014, 22:30
Problem with them is they cost a lot of points and half the time they seem to explode before every killing anyone (but your own troops). If they do work, though, they are devastating.

Well duh, that's skaven.
A successful skaven army has to take risks and the weapon teams are among those riskfilled elements that make Skaven the army that it is.
And doesn't matter if it's move or fire. A skaven army isn't a army that charges towards the enemy but to try and lure the enemy closer to them, to fight on skaven's terms unless they are forced to move.
So most of the time, you won't be moving the weapon teams.

22-08-2014, 23:57
At the start of 8th I would have told you that ratling guns were terrible. Now I can see a great use for the ratling gun in a more close combat oriented skaven list. This means it has actually become my go to in combination with stormvermin as I don't like them re-directed, nor do I like to see my hellpit or doomwheel railroaded (parking a unit next to them and making it so that they cannot wheel and must move straight ahead) by sabretusks, fast cav, or flying things.

Ratling guns now fill a niche that Skaven players sometimes can't fill, as we want our mages casting 13th or plague, our gutter runners to shoot warmachines or other high priority targets. The ratling gun does just the right amount of damage to force the panic test on those annoying fast cavalry units.

Warpfire throwers are awesome, IF you can hit something with them.

The Mortar is useful against players that like to bunker, and also works well against well armored units-

So, a lot of the usefulness involving weapon teams depends on what enemy armies you are seeing on the table. Also, as with most things skaven, if you take enough of them they will get the job done. So take 3+ or none.

23-08-2014, 02:40
What do you think about a list with more than 4 weapon teams at 2k or 2.5k pts? Haha is that crazy?? Some people take clanrat units of 20, no upgrades except a weapon team just to bring them into battle in numbers

23-08-2014, 03:20
IF you really want to spam weapon teams take units of 10 stormvermin only upgraded with weapon teams, then pile in some slave blocks to shoot into. Something like 5 units of stormvermin and a unit of globadiers gets you 6 weapon teams. At less than 800 points for the lot. Add in 4 blocks of skaven slaves and you still have room for your rare choices.

23-08-2014, 05:04
20 clanrats is only 10 pts more than 10 stormvermin... not sure which is more useful. either way. You end up spending roughly half the pts on the wapon team and half on a heavy chaff / hunter unit

23-08-2014, 17:15
Thank you guys a lot for the posts:)
I think im going to run wft's,pwm's and
Doom flayers. I dont take the ratling gun cause i dont fear sabertusks or skirmishers cause i defend my plagueclaw catapult(s) with 40 slaves.
The warpgrinder is useless (even i know that and i only played 2 games)

23-08-2014, 18:19
Oh and the doomflayer.... it's kind of crud. you might as well buy doomwheel instead for the survivability and damage.

24-08-2014, 19:05
Too late,i used it in my battle 2 hours ago.it worked pretty well for me until turn 5.he was out of close combat then en he recognised it as a threat and killed it with his shooter-guys(he played empire

27-08-2014, 17:35
Well you learn. All of the weapon teams will be changed soon.

I'd like to see them be like 30-50 pts each but be way less destructive. Right now a warpfire thrower is basically just a 50/50 chance to obliterate a unit, or die before it shoots. Which is SO risky