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23-08-2014, 23:53
The FAQ says a template spell has to be cast in such a way that the template covers the target unit.

But why about for "fire thrower" spells like pink fire?

This renders it far less useful as it usually scatters, and therefore will be more likely to miss. Have you been playing it like this, or is it enough to be directed at a unit rather than on it, banking on scatter for maximum hits?

24-08-2014, 20:03
The spell itself directs you to point the template towards the target and then roll for the "leap", but you don't have to purposfully avoid hitting other units, except presumably friendly units and enemy units in close combat: The rules for direct damage spells make an exception for templates that scatter onto precluded units, but since Pink Fire does not scatter, it seems reasonable that you should avoid placing the template in such a way that it might land touching those units.

24-08-2014, 20:40
I think what Dark_Mage99 means, is when you initially place the template. As per the rules, you have to place templates over the target unit, but with spells such as Pink Fire, the template scatters an artillery dice (?) forwards. So it would be a lot more beneficial (and intuitive) to place the template in front of the enemy unit, and then have it scatter (ideally) on top of the enemy. The question is if the rules technically forbid this.

24-08-2014, 20:57
Sorry, I didn't actually look at what the FAQ was saying before I answered.

The FAQ entry serves to counter abuses like placing a template that will scatter next to a unit in close combat in the hope of "accidentally" hitting that unit. Sadly, this is at odds with the perfectly straight-forward Pink Fire spell that has its own rules to ensure that the effort is made to direct the template towards the target unit.

I think it is safe to say that we will disregard the FAQ restrictions for this spell.


25-08-2014, 05:03
pink fire overrules the faq by saying exactly how to place the template