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24-08-2014, 05:00
Hello everyone,

I recently got back in to warhammer and am really enjoying the process of building and painting my new army. I used to play Wood Elves as a kid like ten years ago but I lost interest as most kids do. Anyways, I am trying to build a new army of Dark elves that I want to be competitive, but at the same time I want to enjoy playing them. I ended up going towards a more "shooty" build because to be honest that's all I know being a former wood elf player. I am posting my list in hopes of any and all criticism. I would like everyone to be blunt and I promise you won't hit a soft spot! I assume everyone knows more than I do because well... you do haha.

So in short I went for a heavy shooting list. At the same time, I sacrificed my magic phase to keep my combat phase somewhat acceptable. I would like to hear any criticism from dark elf players or anyone that has experience playing against dark elves. Do you think this is a competitive build? If not, what would you change?


Dreadlord--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------257 Points

Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Black Amulet (4+ Ward)
Ogre Blade (+2 Strength)

Master (BSB)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------157 Points

Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Armour of Destiny (4+ Ward)
I was thinking of putting him in the horde of executioners


Dark Shards (x20)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------260 Points

Flaming Banner

Dark Shards (x20)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------240 Points

Dark Riders (x5)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100 Points

Repeater Crossbows


Cold One Knights (x5)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------150 Points


Executioners (x40)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------510 Points


Repear Bolt Throwers (x4)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------280 Points


Doomfire Warlocks (x5)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------125 Points

Doomfire Warlocks (x5)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------125 Points

Sisters of Slaughter (x10)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------150 Points

Total: 2354

So this is a rough idea of what I was thinking I would want my army to be. Clearly I have 146 points left over but I'm unsure of what I want to do with them. I'm not an expert warhammer strategist because well... I'm brand new but my rough idea was the following. My horde of executioners are my unit that should be able to mow through most units. I decided to sacrifice wizards in exchange for two units of warlocks which I feel would serve me well. I went heavy on crossbows and bolt throwers because I heard that's really popular with dark elves and high elves but to be honest I have no issues changing that part of the list if it's not competitive in the slightest. I have a small unit of cold one knights for flank protection and a unit of dark riders for war machine killing. I have a feeling that I may be lacking in the combat phase but I'm unsure of what to do. I have ten corsairs lying around that I could paint up and add another ten to make a unit of twenty but I would have to shave some points elsewhere to make a bit of room. On the other hand... I could make my cold one Knights a unit of 9 instead of 5 and mount my Dreadlord on a cold one as part of the unit. I know the sisters of slaughter aren't very popular with most people but I feel like having a small unit of them would be really helpful. Just being able to get one in combat to support my executioners against a large horde would be really beneficial with the no rank bonus. Do you think I'm crippling myself without taking a cauldron? I was also thinking of maybe taking two units of 15 crossbows instead of 20 so I could have more points to spend elsewhere. Anyways, at this point I feel like I'm just rambling so I'll end things here.

I would really appreciate and and all criticism towards my list. Please be blunt.

Thanks in advance!

24-08-2014, 05:34
Hmm... I have also thought of shaving a minimal amount of points so I can fit a Kharybdiss in.

27-08-2014, 08:27
No input from any dark elf players? :(

27-08-2014, 10:45
Competetive, eh? Well, I'm not much of Dark Elf player myself though I do play against them a fair bit. Given the 'usual' Dark Elf non-MSU list:

You should really be running a supreme sorceress. Magic typically plays a key role in Warhammer these days and it's always recommended to bring at least 1 level 4 wizard at this points level.
Speaking of which, get a dispel scroll on your wizard, an item considered to be extremely cost-efficient given that it can basically, once per game, screw up your opponent's magic phase. Which lore of magic you take for your sorceress is largely up to you, the lore of dark magic and lore of death both being the most popular.

Usually, the way how I see lists constructed, is that you take a Death Hag BSB on a Cauldron of Blood and, for your core, run a large unit (30-ish) of witch elves to go with it, giving you a solid and fighty unit at the center of your lines. You then take Dark Riders with Repeater Crossbows to fill up the remaining points so that the minimum amount for core is satisfied (P.S. If I count right, your current list's core amounts to 600 points, which in not the 25% or 625 points required for a 2500 point list).

Next, you take a unit or two of executioners with 28 or so models in each (4 ranks of 7). The two doomfire warlock units are almost a must. Any remaining points are spent on options such as Kharibdyss', Tullaris (he gives frenzy to one of your executioner units), possibly War Hydras and Masters with +1 armour saves on dark pegasuses are also a fairly cheap 138 point unit that packs a hefty punch. Following these general guide lines, you get a good balance of units and an 'all-comers' type list.

If you wish to be more shooty, make a MSU list. Cut down the darkshard units to 10 in each, take 2-3 monsters, a supreme sorceress/dreadlord on a pegasus with cloak of twilight, a few dark riders units, the warlocks and "fast assault" type units such as Cold Ones or chariots. In essence, take as many small units as you can.