View Full Version : Parry save clarification

27-08-2014, 17:59
Where does it say that only infantry get the parry save from HW&Shield combo?

I know that Ogres cavalry also get it but that is the only place I've found that suggests that other cavalry don't.
I'm sure the rule is somewhere but I must be consistently missing it.

Wilhelm das Blutige
27-08-2014, 18:16
On p88 under Parry Save, third paragraph.

At the end of the paragraph about Frenzied warriors..."nor can it be used by mounted models."

27-08-2014, 18:19
p.88 " - nor can it be used by mounted models."
So no parry saves for riders. Mournfang Cavalry can get parrysaves though if they are packing ironfists.

27-08-2014, 19:06
Thanks for picking it out for me.