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02-09-2014, 18:05
This thread isn't really about BL books, but it seems to fit here better then in 40k General Discussion. If this was already discussed, the link would be much appreciated.

So I'm sure a lot of us stumbled on a non-BL sci-fi novels or short stories which seem to fit into 40k pretty well. It may happen because the text inspired certain parts of the 40k lore in the first place, or just because, given how huge the setting is, it may be easy to find similarities everywhere. Some texts might just share some basic ideas or atmosphere.

For example:

Harry Harrisson - Deathworld. This is basically a book about the main character getting acquainted with a group of Catachans and paying a visit to their homeworld. It could become a 40k book just by changing a few details here and there and rewriting the ending)
Isaac Asimov - End of Eternity. This prequel to Galactic Empire series may easily be fitted in early parts of 40k timeline and the main idea that humanity may reach heights of galactic domination only through wars and bloody cataclysms resonates with the setting pretty well.

It would be interesting to see your examples, so I'd be thankful for the input. :rolleyes:

03-09-2014, 22:36
Check out

the gap sequence by Stephen Donaldson

altered carbon
broken angels
woken furies

by richard k Morgan