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03-09-2014, 03:00
With Nagash back, it's seems like a good time to finally start that vampire army I've always been thinking about! I'm currently about 52 points over 2,500. I'd appreciate thoughts and suggestions on how to both get it down to an even 2500, and where to trim the fat.

Vampire Lord w/ Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Nightshroud, Dread Knight, Quick Blood, Red Fury, Zombie Dragon

Vampire w/ Heavy Armour, Shield, Sword of Swift Slaying, Red Fury, Nightmare

Necromancer, Master of the Dead, Level 2, Book of Arkhan

30 Skeleton Warriors, Full Command, Screaming Banner
30 Skeleton Warriors, Standard, Musician
30 Skeleton Warriors, Standard, Musician
12 Dire Wolves

6 Black Knights, Full Command, Lances, Barding

4 Vargheists inc. Vargoyle


5 Blood Knights, Standard, Musician, The Flag of Blood Keep

03-09-2014, 09:42
i'd drop the wailing banner on the skeletons. that would leave you with 2 points to find

03-09-2014, 10:17
Yey Zombie Dragon :)

Generally your units are too small

Skeletons really need to be at least 40-man units (I prefer 80-man even) especially since you're a bit magic light and can't count on rezzing.

Drop either the Black Knights, Blood Knights or Vargeists to bump the other units into a reasonable size.

Other than that I like your list. It's more Red Fury than I'd like (but that's just cuz I fear it becoming a crutch), but apart from unit sizes it's pretty much how I like my army too

03-09-2014, 17:34
Me thinks you should just rework your special/rares a bit.. Drop a black knight- 5 frontage should be just fine.

Drop a Vargheist.

Then see if you can squeeze more into your skeletons, or at least buff one of them up a bit more as a bunker for your necromancer.

03-09-2014, 22:58
Thanks for the advice! The zombie dragon is a must, it's just too cooool!

Is it worth considering putting the skeletons into 2 larger units? Maybe 2 units of 50? I was thinking with the 3 units they could all benefit from raising from the necro in the middle. I like your points though, as I hate depending on magic.

Are the black knights even worth it as such a small unit? Maybe they should be hexwraiths instead?

05-09-2014, 09:29
From what I have read on other threads, Black Knights are better than Hexwraiths. But then again I don't have in game knowledge as of yet to back it up. I also suggest larger blocks of skeletons, magic seems to fickle to be relied on.

11-09-2014, 03:33
Hi tkohlmetz (http://www.warseer.com/forums/member.php?2732-tkohlmetz)

I like the idea of two larger units of skeletons that will each serve to hold up enemy units longer without crumbling away. If you do save points somewhere maybe consider one ethereal hero in the front of the skeletons to terrorize enemies and hold up units without magic attacks.

Also, I think you have enough magic spread among the characters to get at least one spell off each phase, but you might be in trouble trying to dispel. Not sure what to do about that, just something to think about (how will you stop a level 4 casting something at over 20 power level? - wont be easy).

13-09-2014, 11:09
I can understand that you want to play a combat heavy vamp list. But like someone mentioned above...not having a level 4 will hurt u...your disadvantaged offensively and defensively...your army at the end of the day us reliant on magic...your need the invocation, and lacking the dispell scroll will break you.

A zombie dragon is cool and all but that's a level 4 master necromancer you could of had instead...if u really want some big insane monster take a look at the Coven Throne, it's cheaper and u can throw on an extra few magic levels onto the Lord.

A black knight bus needs least 10 models. 6 won't survive combat res.

Hellsteed instead of nightmare for ur vamp will allow him to join ur varghiests taking advantage of their fly. The low leadership and frenzy again increases the need for baby sitting.

Blood Knights on such a low number are realty unviable. 2d6 str4 hits could wreck it. Drop them in favour or more black knights, or a varghulf

13-09-2014, 11:27
On a coven throne you can only make the lord a level 2, any higher then you would have a naked vampire lord without any powers or items. And a level 2 lord can't be a blender lord either.
A coven throne is really only 10pts cheaper or so then a dragon so won't make that much of a difference in that area.
But what you do get is a fun mount and one that can survive cannon fire.

14-09-2014, 10:12
Don't let them dissuade you from the dragon...

You will need a lvl 4 though.

Having been around the book and lists a lot, I feel that two vamps is ok, if your not going massively for blood knights...there's a choice to be made there I feel.

Without the 2nd vamp you could take more level 1/2's...

Anther option would be a Mortis engine in your rare points...as that offers the bonus to cast, meaning your lvl 1/2 necros can cast as a lvl 3/4.

Also yes a dispel scroll will be useful for that massive banishment when it comes, or purple sun etc...