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23-06-2006, 11:15
Has anyone ever considered using Von Carstein with the count and thralls with Wolf form - and then putting your thralls with units of wolves?

I had a idea to get 48 wolves and have them in units of 12 - two of the units would have thralls with them. The count would move foward in the centre with Zombies and be prepared to offer support to flank attacks.

Then use the zombie units as tar pits to hold up units in the centre while the fast cav (wolves) take out flank units.

Is this mad?

23-06-2006, 11:24
That is a tried and aproved tactic, the Wolf Army, however, you do NOT join the Count and three thralls into wolf unit, you join them all into one unit of 4 characters, the rest of the wolves are just there to tie up enemy units and offer flank charges

23-06-2006, 14:34
Yip - friend of mine calls it the 'Wolfman Jack-Tac (tic)'........not a bad way to go. Similar thing can be done with Strigoli and bat form and Fell Bats and or Bat Swarm - although Bat Swarm is 'Flyer Lite' at 10"......

Neknoh - you missed an 'o'.........hey that rhymes.....I'm a poet and didn't know it.........

23-06-2006, 15:51
What would be the biggest threat (army) to this system of VC's?
What other units would be needed to support the wolf army?

Was thinking of having a couple of big Zombie units in the centre and maybe a unit of fell bats to threaten war machines/stop march moves/attack fast cav - Anything else?

23-06-2006, 15:57
Some Fellbats and a unit of Batswarm, the Fellbats will take out any warmachines the Direwolves fail to bring down, whilst the Batswarm can tie up the biggest enemy block for an eternity.

Don't bother with zombies, on round one, your entire army will have moved arround 18", 8" move zombies wont do you much good

23-06-2006, 17:46
Units of 12 are just too large for dire wolves. They are fast cavalry, so don't get a rank bonus, meaning that they just aren't worth taking in such large numbers in a single unit. Split them into more smaller units.

23-06-2006, 19:08
The reason to take them in large numbers is cos they will out number most enemy units - so if they hit in a flank or rear - or even in the front against some units - the enemy will auto break

And they only cost 120 points

23-06-2006, 20:13
I can see it working similar to a Strigoi flying circus as some have already mentioned. Except a little slower, maybe a little less hitty but more survivable. However, at this point, you might consider just putting them all on horses for freed up wargear space and extra armor save.

23-06-2006, 22:57
Obviously if the characters were on horses this would be a completely different list - as if would probably have to have heavy cav

What armies would this wolf list struggle against?

Has anyone ever faced a list with 100 wolves?

23-06-2006, 23:12
I'd imagine this list wouldn't do too well against shooter armies. No armor saves or anything like that.

23-06-2006, 23:30
Gunlines and magic heavy armies would make a mess of a T3, no armour save army with 3 dispel dice.

1+ armour save cavalry will just laugh at wolves.

Plus, a total wolf army would be hella boring to play and play against.

23-06-2006, 23:57
I don't think wolves hit hard enough to justify throwing away one of VC's greatest strengths, which is getting ranks, re-raising, out numbering, etc. I imagine if you want to play this type of army that you might consider playing Army of Sylvania instead. That'll atleast help you with the magic phase.

24-06-2006, 00:15
It struggles against Skaven.

The Skaven general feeds Slaves to the characters (the only hammer unit you've got). You demolish the Slaves. Overrun into more slaves. Then, before you have a chance to obliterate the second unit, your 700-point team of characters is dismembered by multiple ratling guns shooting into combat.

Strigoi can bypass the slave units. Generally, the foot-slogging Von Carsteins must go through them.

24-06-2006, 10:23
Was thinking about this

VC (level 2) with wolf form and summon wolves (not sure what else he'd have) moving foward with Zombies
2 Thralls with wolf form and summon wolves - each in a unit of 11 wolves
1 necromancer (level 2) with at least one dispel scroll

as well as this i'd have a couple more units of wolves (12 each) fell bats maybe some heavy cav maybe banshee

the plan would be to summon wolves behind the lines threatening seige, wizards, shooters etc and move on both flanks destroying flank units. General would offer support to the flank that most need it