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05-09-2014, 11:07
If all goes well i will be playing against a 2500 orcs and goblin army with my dwarf army.

Any advice on dealing with the Orcs? What tactics works well against an orc and goblin army and which units are great.

05-09-2014, 15:26
I have fought Orcs with my daemons and would suggest that if the are any mangler squigs then deal with them before they get to you (I appreciate this may be difficult with dwarven speed). If you move into contact with one then they die automatically just causing injury to whatever moved into contact with them. If they move into you then they cause complete havoc

05-09-2014, 16:11
Shoot their doom divers first, next the mangler squigs, then try and chaff the night gobbos to make them shoot the fanatics early.

Don't focus fire on the blocks of orcs at all, unless you've killed all the tiny units.

Try to get the charge but if you don't then get ready for a world of hurt when the horde of sav orc biguns comes in and wrecks stuff.

Rune of slowness on a combat block would be a good idea, also ong have as cruddy init as dwarves do so any non GW troops will be useful still to hit first.

Oh also dispel scroll foot of gork or you'll die.

05-09-2014, 19:55
Keep in mind most of your infantry can out fight any of his. Slow down one flank with gyrocopters, and castle up in a corner. Take out his artillery so that he has to come to you. Rangers are also very useful for this task, as well as dealing with manglers and fanatics.

As stated above stop foot of gork.

Other than that just do what dwarfs should do against any army, take the charge on the anvil unit and counter with the hammer.

05-09-2014, 20:06
Nooo don't castle in the corner! There's no glory in that!

05-09-2014, 22:03
You could take the Denmark (I think) ETC build and totally put them on the back foot!

08-09-2014, 20:31
I'm an orc player who regularly plays dwarves. I always always bring manglers & doom divers. When you place your units make sure you leave enough space between them as a good doom diver shot can hit two units at once (doom divers are on 30mm bases). Destroy the manglers ASAP! I'd also recommend a suicide unit to release his fanatics early on and preferably his side of the board as this slows him down and messes with his lines. Definitely stop foot of gork, but also be wary of hand of gork. For me it's the better spell, especially when I drop a horde of savage big uns behind his lines. I'd also suggest going after the general and Bsb. Many a time my army has crumbled due to leadership/panic. Unit for unit the dwarves are more powerful, especially in the combat phase (hammerers!?). A good orc player banks on being able to dessimate his opponents numbers prior to combat using magic, artillery, manglers, chariots, fanatics etc.
if you can mitigate your losses you should trump him in combat. A very effective list against me revolved around y opponent being able to vanguard almost his entire army with some rune and also bring ambushers in behind me. Completely threw me off my game!