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06-09-2014, 02:57
Hey guys, pretty new to WHFB and am interested in putting together a Bretonnian-themed VC army (though mostly in visual style and names to be fair). Was hoping for some feedback here, I'm looking to use those gigantic Zombie blocks in combination with Invocation of Nehek spam to tarpit to the ends of the earth, and use the grave guard and blood knights to slam the flanks. The Crypt Horros were mostly just for using up my remaining points, not actually sure of their utility...
Vampire Counts 2000 points list

LORDS - 483

Guillaume the Bloodstained (Vamp Lord) - 483
-1 extra magic level (35)
- Obsidian Blade (50)
- Talisman of Prsservation (45)
- Vamp powers: Red Fury, Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile (90)
- Heavy armour (6)
- Shield (3)
- Barded Nightmare (24)
- Lance (10)

HEROES - 435

The Paladin of Nagash (Wight King) - 140
- Battle Standard Bearer (25)
- Screaming Banner (25)
- Great Weapon (5)

Romain the Eminently Disturbed (Necromancer) - 145
- Level 2 (35)
- Dispel Scroll and Power Stone (45)

Leonore Bonerattle (Necromancer) - 150
- Level 2 (35)
- Feedback Scroll (50)

CORE - 240

Zombies - 120
- 40 units (120)

Zombies -120
- 40 units (120)


Crypt Horrors - 114
- 3 units (114)

Grave Guard - 440
-30 units (330)
- Great weapons (30)
- Full Command (30)
- Banner of the Barrows (50)


Blood knights - 285
- 5 units (250)
- Full Command (35)

Hope you can offer any help on what is worthwhile and what I need to ditch.

06-09-2014, 13:34
Ok, let's start with the vamp lord ... he's not bad, but you really want quick blood instead of AoDM and beguile, especially if you ever face elves.

The blood knights are great models, but with one wound and able to be frenzy baited, they are rough ... One round of heavy dwarf or wood elf shooting could while them. The safer choice is black knights, who you get twice as many of and are raised up much easier. But if you love the idea of blood knights go for it.

I would say that there is never a reason for a VC army to have a bsb, though if you keep the blood knights it might be the one instance I would keep it, so you get re rolls to the frenzy test.

You need chaff, 3 or 4 units of 5 dire wolves should be the first thing on your list. You can take that and still have plenty of zombies on the table to start, so take the points out of your zombies.

My last comment t is a strategic one. You are right that the zombies will be a great tarpit, but don't ever, ever, ever, EVER combo charge anything they have pitted. A smart player will focus all attacks at the zombies and your lord's unit (or whatever else you charged in) will die very quickly to crumble, even down to losing your general.

Tarp it what you don't want to deal with, the. Kill the rest and you will have the points to win.

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06-09-2014, 14:19
You need 500 points of core in a 2000 point game (25%).

06-09-2014, 14:35
Ooo, I wasn't even paying attention to the points, I was thinking he had units of 120 zombies .... yeah, dude, need to move points around ...

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