View Full Version : Daemons 2000 pts (First army... EVER)

Kurai Chi
06-09-2014, 02:02
I'm getting started in Warhammer: Fantasy and I'm painting stuff right now. In order to cut down on unnecessary future purchases I'm attempting to go ahead and complete an army list. This is almost solidly Nurgle/Khorne. So without further ado...


Plaguebearers x20 - 290 pts
-Full Command

Bloodletters x10 - 170 pts
-Full Command

Bloodletters x10 - 170 pts
-Full Command

(Undecided 25 pt Magic Standard)

Total Core: 655 pts


Flesh Hounds of Khorne x5 - 165 pts
Nurglings x3 - 120 pts
Beasts of Nurgle x2 - 120 pts

Total Special: 405 pts


Skull Cannon of Khorne - 135 pts
Soul Grinder - 315 pts
-Warp Gaze
-Daemon of Tzeentch

Total Rare: 450 pts


Epidemius - 200 pts
Karanak - 200 pts
Herald of Nurgle - 90 pts

Total Characters: 490 pts

Total Points:​ 2000 pts

07-09-2014, 10:24
hi kurai chi, i don't know if daemons have an 8th edition book, but there's a 7th ed daemon tactica thread that might be useful to you (just put daemon tactica in the search bar).