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11-09-2014, 19:44
Well I got sucked back into playing Warhammer again lol. Last time I had an army was in 5th and I was rockin a Chaos army (back then Chaos was just 1 army, not 3). It was HeroHammer back then so you basically put archaon on the board and win, or get a chaos lord on a dragon with the frost blade and win. At any rate, I wanted an army that was a bit more flexible and a bit more shooty. As a rule I like to play evil things in games in general, and I like elves so I went with Dark Elves (it also helped that their models are freaking gorgeous)

At the moment I have roughly 1,200 or so points ready to go.

If anyone actually reads this I was wondering if you might provide me with some kind of feedback on my first list. My first opponent ( who I will be playing tonight) is a WOC player (oh the irony), and we're gonna start with 1000 points. I have NO IDEA what his list consists of, but here's mine:

Lvl 2 Sorceress 140 pnts (Either scroll or Sac dagger, Shadow or Metal...From what I read, it seems like Metal would be ideal against chaos warrior/knights)

5 x Dark Riders 110 pnts (Xbows and shields, musician)

10x darkshards 140 pnts. ( Shields, musician)

2 x Bolt Throwers 140 pnts

20 x Black Guard 345 pnts ( Full Command, Banner of Discipline)

5 x Doomfire Warlocks 125 pnts.

So my plan is to stick the lvl 2 in with the Darkshards as a bunker and for the Sac Dagger, have the black guard up the middle, dark riders redirecting and the locks and Reaper bolt throwers spamming doombolts and S4 armor piercing bolts at his nastiest unit(s) ( probably kinghts or warriors).

This will be my first time playing this list, and 2nd time playing this army in any edition so advise on my list is welcome! I know a lot of people are going to tell me to get witch elves and/ or executioners, but I feel like black guard are the best rounded unit that the DE army has, they can deal with anything and with the banner of Disc they'll fight to the last man. I put shields on the xbows for the parry save/ armor because I have no issue charging them in to protect a flank or a bolt thrower. Like I said before, I used to play Chaos, so the last thing I wanna do is make a death star and charge down the middle with it. Eventually I plan on bringing in some shades and executioners/ Cold Ones as well as 2 more units of dark riders because I really like the idea of all the guerilla tactics I can play with this army, which is what drew me to them in the first place.

The last thing I'd like to mention was that I noticed within the dark elf book a lot of different things that seem to affect leadership, and I was wondering if stacking these kinds of things would be a viable option against average to low leadership armies (any human army, orcs and gobos and skaven come to mind).

Anyhow, thanks for reading!


12-09-2014, 13:08
Seems like a really nice allround list, but against WoC you might lack a bit of punch I think. I would take shadow since you already have doombolt on your warlocks, which is IMO one of the best direct damage spells in the game. Shadow might help buff your troops to be able to stand up against a nasty unit of warriors, yet you can't be sure your spells go off. To be a bit more sure you can cut through high armor, the razor standard is a nice banner. Perhaps though you will have to cut too much in points elsewhere because the banner is not cheap. It's probably more advisable to just run around big blocks of warriors and kill off all the other nasty fast stuff with focus fire (Knights and characters come to mind). I have run Black guard in almost every fight and the only time they disappointed me was against an avoidance list wood elf player, then again I got wiped by turn 4 and nothing did well since nothing got to grips with the enemy, not just the BG. First time fighting an avoidance list and it was horrible, yet I learned and the revenge match the Black Guard arrived and butchered them :). Witch elves are purely stat wise the best unit for your core but right now it seems like there are more witches than warriors in Naggaroth, which doesn't sit right with me. Also, taking the obvious choice is no challenge :).

When It comes to trying to combo up leadership penalties. Shroud of despair from the dark magic lore combined with warcry of Khaine, the Kharibdyss and even the Bloodwrack Shrine could make for deadly stuff. Maybe also in combo with Doom and darkness and spirit leach from the death lore.

Good luck!

13-09-2014, 03:03
That was a lot of really awesome advise, Glorfindel! Thanks so much. I have another question for you. What does a list of yours at around 2,500 points look like? Also, why is it that no one ever seems to take Coldone Knights? I've noticed a lot of people running the whole master on a dark pegasus, but for the same points your can have 5 cold one knights that have more wounds, and attacks with most other stats being the same. Sure they're a bit slower, but I don't see the big deal?

Lastly, I creamed the chaos guy. I guess he'd bought his army second hand. He ran 2 units of 20~ warriors, a lvl 2 of nurgle, and 4 of those khorne guys that ride juggernauts (bloodcrushers?). I used my locks to run the latter around the map for most of the game, while everything else pew pew'd the warriors. Lucky for me his sorcerer blew himself up on the 3rd turn, and I rolled a 6 for my metal spells and got final transmutation which basically won me the game. when all was done, I'd only lost my unit of locks and he had nothing on the board. Gggggggggg. hahaha.

15-09-2014, 00:10
Combinations are sweet and all but at 1000pts, you need to be looking for unit that can hold their own.

Executioners probably would be the best choice instead of Blackguard...they are all round str 6 and for carving up WOCs it's a much better option....Blackguard are more of a unit i hold you in place with thats very expensive and overpriced...you already have Doomfire Warlocks so you don't need to have a level 2...just go for 6 dice Doombolt everytime or Soulblight and just win....

You probably want to have a combat character along the lines of a Master mounted on a Darksteed with lance, shield, sea dragon cloak, heavy armour and cloak of twilight...it'll give u the punch u need....

Kharibdyss is also an excellent choice, but things such as Cold One Chariots not knights will also be a good thought...

The minimum core is all fine..crossbows and dark riders are decent choices but don't expect them to play a big part of the game cause beyond redirecting something like Juggernauts they won't be doing much...

Surely if u wanted to take sac dagger u'd be wanting spearmen that are cheap....maybe when u roll into bigger games u can look into a Level 4 shadow with either corsairs or witchelves...

15-09-2014, 19:57
Don't let people tell you that Blackguard are overpriced, they might SEEM over priced compared to executioners which are if anything under priced.

Lets look at what you get over Executioners for your 3 points.

1 more I and A, Stubborn, Immune to psychology and Eternal hatred.

Yes of course Executioners have an advantage against Chaos warriors but its not like black guard crumble against them either, against an equal points of halberd warriors blackguard will draw combat against them and actually win over time due to striking first.

Against T3 or units without heavy armour Blackguard are far superior. Look at the meta, there seems an abundance of other elf players and because of your I6 you strike first and with eternal hatred you still get re rolls to hit against ASF elves, which with 2 attack you do more damage than executioners reduce damage back.

Also do not underestimate ItP with all the undead that will be around now. just one failed test can lose you a close game and if your facing lots of undead/scary things from other races then you will fail sometimes.

Executioners are easier to tar pit then BG which can chew through most tar pit units much faster than executioner which gets them back into the game faster, expect more and more zombie tar pits to be seen around.

Lastly Black guard respond far better to being buffed or fighting against hexed enemies than executioners. If i buff my BG to St4 it increases my rolls to wound and also decreases the enemy Armour save, if i do the same to executioners well unless im fighting t5 or units with 3+ or better saves them there is no difference in my rolls. Or as you said your thinking about lore of metal to help against units with good armour, well BG will benefit more from this as they will now be able to easiler deal with these tough units but still retain the ability to murder the horde units that executioners can get tied up by.

Short version, Black guard are not over priced, they will and do hold there own against equal points of other elite troops so all you have to do it use magic/shooting/misdirection and all dark elf nastiness to either reduce/hex his deathstar unit (or buff your own) more than he is trying to do to your unit and the BG will crush them.

P.S the rest of your list looks solid btw.