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Silent Surrender
11-09-2014, 20:01
Hello again. I just wonder why the dark angels terminator weapons wargear list is so much smaller then other marine books? Are the deathwing leaders more known for being defencive or is there no fluff reason and its just a mistake?

11-09-2014, 20:30
Well, the 5th edition SM book had all kinds of options for Captains/Chaptermasters in terminator armour.
Chaos has a multipart plastic kit.

DA went from a 4th edition with no terminator captain (besides Belial) and only combi's on Librarians/Interrogators.
Since GW nowadays are reluctant to release rules and options without models, unless they had it in their older books, DA gets shafted, while the other books can cruise in (relative) safety.

I don't expect it to be a mistake, or something they want to change.

Silent Surrender
11-09-2014, 20:53
Wow thats super bad if true. I mean the difference from a SM captain and a DA one is just the color.

Also this is probably stupid, im not that familiar with SM lore. But why cant DA have chapter masters? Is it because theres only one for each chapter( doh!) then how come iron hands, imperial fists etz can have them?

11-09-2014, 21:38
DA have Azrael, whom they think can stand in as chapter master for all the other successor chapters.

BA are in a similar situation, with two chapter masters; Dante and Seth.

Which is silly.
However, C: SM is meant to include more chapters then all the other SM books combined, with wildly different styles, so Marneus Calgar is not really a good stand in for White Scars for instance.
Ideally, every book should have generic Chapter master/Head Librarian/Head Chaplain/Master of the Forge IMO, with bike/jump pack/terminator armour where appropriate, but clearly GW disagrees.

You can ask Chaos how pleased they were about Dark Apostles or Warpsmiths with no option for bikes, jump pack, terminator armour or deamonic rides.

11-09-2014, 22:19
DA gets shafted

I think you could've more efficiently expressed 80% of situation by just reminding everyone of this universal fact; and you only needed three words. ;)