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23-06-2006, 19:21
Hey guys,
Long time no see. I was just thinking about movies today and I remembered about a year and a half ago that a german website started making a (a little low budget) movie about the inquisition some guardsmen and the eldar or something like that. Does anyone know what ever happened with the movie? The trailer was pretty cool but I just can't remember the name of it!

Anyone able to help out with this?

23-06-2006, 19:36


This what you are looking for?

23-06-2006, 19:40
you are prehaps refering to damnatus (http://www.damnatus.com/)?

24-06-2006, 16:40
that is the one... I knew the name was something like that. Alright I guess I'll check it out : /.