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14-09-2014, 15:24
I'm planning on building up a small Dark Elf force with a focus on everything Nauglir.

However, I'm much more of a painter than a gamer and I'd like to get some advice on how Cold One Knights and Cold One Chariots (with and without a character riding them respectively) perform on the battlefield.
I really like their looks and I will get them anyway but I feel that with some insight I could use them much more efficiently from the get-go.

So please post your experience and strategies concerning CoK and CoC here. Every comment is appreciated.

14-09-2014, 16:05
Cold one knights and chariots by any other armies standard are well priced, efficient and useful in any type of list you want to make. There biggest drawback is that they compete in the special section of an army book that really excels with powerful units. Both units are overshadowed by executioners (probably point for point the best infantry in the game) bolt throwers, shades, hydras and my favorite black guard.

I really wouldn't put any characters on a chariots they are to easy to get killed, but in units of CoKs they are great, sea dragon cloak with heavy Armour and thick skinned gives you a 1+ save with out having to buy anything magic.

CoC act like any other chariots, they are reasonbly fast, hit very hard with scythes and st 5 plus the charioteers have st4 and spears for first round st5 with I6 ASF for re rolls and MP for re roll wounds on 1s then you get 4 st4 attacks from the cold ones which is nothing to sniff at. Its pretty tough as well t5 w4 and 3+ save and don't forget it causes fear and both the crew have repeater crossbows with add a little utility. All this for a bit more than 100 points. use them solo on the flanks to push round and charge them into combats in conjunction with other units, the damage they do from impact hits plus normal attack with swing almost any combat in your favor. You can also play them through the center in 2s charging side by side can smash apart medium sized units in a single turn with 2d6+2 st5 impact hits plus 4 st5 attacks with re rolls and 8 cold one attacks.

CoKs depend on unit size for what you want to do with them, in units of 5 they are flankers, used in similar ways to solo chariots. In units of 10 how ever they become pretty strong and have no problem solo charging most units. I would almost certainly give them the flaming banner as this lets you monster hunt with laughable ease. That chimera or hell pit abom causing you issues how about 11 attacks on the charge going first and hitting on 3s with re rolls, then wounding on 3s with re rolls of 1s and -4 to armour save and no regen, enough to one shot either of them before that can swing back. Also because of the 10 st4 attack that the cold ones throw out every turn and the 2+ save you have a unit that can churn its way though tar pits better then most cav, which is nice since thats what a lot of armies will try to do to you.

14-09-2014, 16:33
Thanks for the answer!

About the character on a chariot: I thought it would be a nice thing to open up more points in the special section and still have one more chariot at my disposal (the chariot counts towards lords choice, right?).
Is there no efficient way of shielding him against cannons and such (e.g. cloak of twilight)?
Also, there is literally nothing in the rare section that is interesting to me...maybe I'll have to come up with some "Counts-As".

14-09-2014, 16:36
It's ridiculous how much more efficient COKs are compared to their lizardmen equivalent
equivalent. Strike first, reroll to hit, reroll 1S, S6 vs 2 S4 attacks OR pay the ridiculous price of 4pts or spear to get to S5 and generally hit last due to I2. Oh and no magic banner because reason.

Yes I'm bitter .__.

I suppose the COK's only proper weakness is stupidity where CORs have the upper hand with cold blooded.

14-09-2014, 17:12
A character in a chariot can be given the cloak of twilight. 3+ ward vs shooting. I like dreadlords for the job, give him the ogre blade and away you roll. Also his armor save can be an easy 1+. Still won't save you from cannons but will be fun to use either way and a fantastic modeling opportunity.
I am painting a dreadlord on foot converted from the chariot crew. The serpentine sword from the kit is really beautiful. I used a spare dreadlord head from the dragon kit. Looks ace :).

14-09-2014, 17:21
That's exactly my angle on this. A chariot has been on my list since forever and this seems to be the perfect opportunity. Feel free to show your results once you're done with your dreadlord :)

PS: Are cannon balls not considered shooting attacks or was your statement regarding the armor save?

14-09-2014, 17:27
You can protect the hero from shooting and even from cannon balls how ever the chariot will still be vulnerable from being destroyed which in turn can strand you now foot slogging hero right out in the open. If i were to mount someone on a chariot it would be to add a littel extra combat punch and kept reasonably cheep.

14-09-2014, 19:37
While not being a very competitive choice you said yourself you are more of a painter than a gamer. Go for it, put a lord on a chariot looks surely ace :)

As has been already said, the only drawback of Coks are indeed other choices in the special section not that they are bad by any means (and yes LM players truly can be angry about that, the DE version is better in every single way). I am using Cold One Knights quite often be it ten strong with characters or only five as small but hard hitting flank chargers. It doesn`t really matter, they are correctly priced and perform very well where they are supposed to.

About the DE chariot, I just love them. They are quite cheap for a S5 T5 3+ ASF, MP unit. One or two of them are in most of my lists because they can do so much while costing so little.