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15-09-2014, 11:10
So just getting back into fantasy with high elves as a mate is selling off his cheap, I'm thinking this list:
Valedor, Noble of Yvresse with dragon armour and enchanted sheild 85pts

Aegithis, Mage with second level 120pts

20 Sea guard with sheilds, standard bearer and musician 260pts

14 Phoenix guard with full command 240pts

5 Dragon Princes 145pts

2 bolt throwers 140pts
I'm not sure what to spend the rest of the points on, maybe a magic weapon for the prince, standard of musican for the dragons or maybe an item for the mage?

15-09-2014, 18:42
At 1k pts it's really chill, just take A 10 pt magic weapon and play the battle.

Btw consider what lore you want to use. I suggest heavens (ignore what people say, high magic is bad)

16-09-2014, 18:58
I was thinking high magic as at 800pts I've had good uck with it, plus it is easier for the mage to cast, at higher levels I was thinking of high magic achmage with a level 2 on steed with the lore of light as there are is a lot of undead and daemons in my area.
Any recomendations on the magic weapon?

17-09-2014, 00:52
Might be worth cutting a PG and taking the Ruby Ring. This would give a pretty strong shooty list at 1k pts. Boltthrowers for tough stuff, Seaguard for shooting + ASF to finish off whats left, Princes to countercharge...

High magic isnt too bad but you would usually only want it for a secondry mage - walk between worlds will be grat for your seguard though - take them out of a crucial charge arc to get an extra turn of shooting for example or to put them in close range of a unit you want to shoot.

17-09-2014, 10:36
In the two games I've had, I've found the best spell to be hand of glory to boost the sea guards balistic skill, which allows them to manouver and still almost all it barring bad luck.
Only problem I can see with dropping a PG would be I would then not have three ranks, though if the ruby ring/ring of iron can do enough casulties, it may balance out.
One thin I have been thinking is if it would be worth it to switch the dragon knights out for silver helms, thoguhts?