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15-09-2014, 20:25
Hi guys
I'm quite familiar with 40k - Crons... and thinking of changing abit over too fantasy...
And what are your thoughts about fantasy games, Ogre Kingdom themselves??

I need seem tip about what you guys might think is competative, we are aiming from 500-1000 pts,
nothing too fancy - it's all fun and games :)

15-09-2014, 20:42
Ogre Kingdoms are a really solid Fantasy army with rather few totally duff units and have some really scary options in small games, including Ironblasters, Mournfangs and Maneaters. Plus, you can probably get a good army for less than 100.

15-09-2014, 20:54
Sounds awesome, It's most by looks and lore etc by choosing. But have a friend that told they are top tier with a cpl of other teams!
Looking forward for the shopping. Already got my eye on the mournfangs, what kind of battle forge is required in fantasy? fast attack, hq, troops etc?
What should place where? And how are the HQ choosing?.

15-09-2014, 21:03
Ogres haven't quite been the nastiest army on the block for some time now, but they still do really well against a lot of opponents. The full rules for army organisation are in the main Warhammer rulebook, but generally speaking at low point levels you won't be able to get more than one or two of the really good units as you have to take some basic troops and characters too (though Ogre characters and basic troops - namely Ironguts - are some of the best units of their kind in the game).

16-09-2014, 16:08
What type of HQ would you choose? Since there a quite the choosing.. Haven't had the time to order the book, so I'm just putting it out for a while.
I might buy a little of "everything" - so I have my choosing later.
But looking forward to this, and what kind of upgrades do I wanna go with in each unit? I figure theire Light armored?

The French Guy
20-09-2014, 11:41
In Fantasy, you build an armylist around % rather than FOC slots.
You can take up to 25% in Lords, up to 25% in Heroes, you need at least 50% spend in Base, you can spend up to 50% in Special and 25% in Rare.

Regarding Ogres, I tried a Level 4 Slaughtermaster and a Tyran (so magic or hand to hand specialists), and I missed the good Ogre magic buffs with the latter.
Giving +1 Endurance, Force or Regeneration is awesome on Ogres.
Unlike most other armies, our mage is also a decent fighter and can tank a lot of pain (I give him a CC10 weapon and a 4++).

Most Ogres will run around with a 5+ save (Light armor+Iron fist or Heavy armor).
The main exception will be Mournfangs (up to 2+/6++ and reroll 1' on the charge).

I went with 2 Battalions, giving me 3 solid Ogre units: 8 Leadbelchers, 12 Bulls, 12 Ironguts (and possibly a Gnoblar unit).
Hope it helps!