View Full Version : How do Treason of Tzeentch and spirit leech interact??

15-09-2014, 20:48
How do Treason of Tzeentch and spirit leech interact?? It is my understanding that once a unit with treason has a character in it that is spirit leeched, he cannot use IP for the spell LD roll-off and must also use the lowest LD in the unit.

So if I cast treason onto a unit of skinks with a Slaan in it, and then spirit leech the slaan straight after, the slaan would use LD5 instead of LD9, right?? The different LD values in the unit are not being modified, you are just using the lowest available instead of the highest.

Please correct me if I am wrong on this. I know D&D doesnt combo, nor iceshard blizzard, nor any other modifiers such as standard of discipline, aura od dark majesty, etc..... but treason isnt a modifier, it just tells you which value within the unit to use (in a unit where there are multiple values due to characters and IP from outside the unit).

16-09-2014, 15:28
Furthermore, what if the Slann with the Skinks also has the Standard of Discipline?

16-09-2014, 15:39
I think part of the problem is "unmodified leadership" not being particularly clear. Around here we play that unmodified means just that: unmodified. We use the leadership value of the model targeted, in which case treason of tzeentch would not make your slann Ld5 for the purpose of spirit leach.

16-09-2014, 15:55
Please remember that the FAQ that annoys people was about a unit's Ld, not a model's. A model's unmodified leadership is still that which is printed on its profile IMHO.

17-09-2014, 20:16
This would be a lot easier to answer if unmodified leadership was really unmodified.

I would lean towards reason and use ld 9 for the slann