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19-09-2014, 01:14
Hello all you fellow Warhammer fantasy players out there! First off I am very new to the Fantasy.(coming from 40k 5th edition). I was very fortunate to come across a good trade! So this is what it came with.

slaughtermaster (also could be butcher)
2 bruisers-looks like a power or great wep wielded. 2 axes on the other.
3 yetis
2 sabres
18 ogre bulls 2 with banners.
2 gorgers
1 ironblaster
1 scratapult
2 mournefang
4 leadbelchers
20 gnobs
1 thragtusk
6 iron guts 1 with banner.

There we have it! so with that in mind all you ogre players out there! This weekend I wanted to try my first shot with them.I researched alot online but of course after trade, this is what I have for now but will add onto it. Any suggestions out there? Some people around my shop were telling me to first go with tyrant. (I was going to go with slaughtermaster first after research was praising him more). By no means at this time it is not competitive list as I know there are units that i need to aquire. I chose ogres because I love the fluff and just charge straight in with them. So if that helps with what I want it to do. So would love to hear from the community of ogre fans what I can do for a 2500 list with models listed above..I also hope I posted in the right section..lol I will appreciate any advice thanks : P .

19-09-2014, 04:22
Slaughtermaster for sure. They can both fight and cast very well. That +4 to cast and dispel is just too good to turn down.

20-09-2014, 00:09
Ok thanks for advice on Slaughtermaster. Any other advice out there????

The French Guy
20-09-2014, 13:40
Yep, Slaughtermaster is excellent.
I run mine with the Fencers blades (CC10, +1A) and a 4++.

You should use a Bruiser as BSB to get LD rerolls, very important for Ogres.
I would split the Bulls and turn 6 of them into Ironguts.
Having two units of 12 (or 10 plus characters) on 3 ranks of 4 Ogres is pretty good.

I prefer Stonehorn over Thundertusk but he can have a place I guess, walking behind your main blocks to shoot and give ASL to the first ranks of the opponent or go on his own and kill stuff.
I also find Ironblasters vastly superiors to Scraplaunchers so if you manage to convert yours into a second Ironblaster.

Sabretuks are awesome, use both of them (I used 2 recently and they killed 3 Cannons, then charge the back of 40 Spearmen and ran them down.)

Hope it helps!