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19-09-2014, 17:39
So this is my first go at a skaven list for an upcoming 2k end times tournament. I thought it would be cool to run a grey seer screaming bell/plague priest furnace combo. The plague monks will be the real hammer unit with the banner. I also wanted to have dual doomwheels to deal with anything big and the WLC's to add a punch as well. I am thinking of rolling on lore of undeath with the plague priest to raise up some additional support (I have a good amount of VC kits as well) and that is one reason I am not running slaves. Like I said, my first quick go at it, just wanted to get some thoughts. I thought about throwing in a warlord with fell blade, but I am not sure if anyone will be running Nagash.

Grey Seer
Screaming Bell, Warp-Energy Condenser 460

Plague Priest 301
Furnace & Plague Censer

Warlock Engineer
Doomrocket 45

20 Clanrats
Poisoned wind mortar 145

40 Clanrats
Poisoned Wind Mortar 225

40x Plague Monks 340
Full Command, Plague Banner

2xDoomwheels 300

2xWarp Lightning Cannons 180


19-09-2014, 17:50
Make the clanrats 1 unit of 60, you don't need two mortars, let alone 1.
Give the clanrats command and maybe shields and stuff, it's not a bad idea.

You have to have to have to have to have a BSB. If you don't your army is literally gonna lose so much. Sure everything's unbreakable but you still need it.

Drop the warp energy condeser, take fencers blades.

You need rat darts (5 rats + packmaster)

20-09-2014, 07:16
I agree, I'm not sure what the unit of 20 clanrats is going to accomplish. Large unbreakable blocks are a great idea in an End times environment as it is likely that people are going to try and summon units behind your lines.

For added punch- rather than the clanrats take a unit of plague censor bearers, in combo with the furnace they are also unbreakable- Use them to guard the warmachines. Or to be even more competitive you should take some gutter runners to take out enemy warmachines, or maybe a casket, heirotitan, etc.

The French Guy
20-09-2014, 13:47
I also run dual Tower list and I love it.

I would keep the unit of 20 Clanrats and put the Bell in it. I give mine Warpfire thrower but it's a matter of taste.
I run my Grey seer naked (well on a Bell) with a Power scroll, giving me an almost auto-irresistible 13th spell once a game.

Put a BSB, naked (70pts) in the 20 Clanrats.
Then I would trade the 40 Clanrats unit for 2 blocks of 50 Slaves.
Put the 20 Clanrats+Bell+BSB+Doomrocket behind and enjoy your big wall of meat.

I give my Priest a Flail, a Dispel scroll and the 6++ against warmachines.
Not a huge fan of Doomwheels but it's also a matter of taste.

Hope it helps!