View Full Version : VC without Vampires?

20-09-2014, 19:03
Is running Vampire Counts without a Vampire viable? I kind of like the idea of a great, ravening, necromantic horde, with a necromancer at the head, but I don't want Vampires. Am I hamstringing myself?


20-09-2014, 19:28
Nah it's workable

40-man Grave Guard Horde will probably be mandatory as your "workhorse".

You'll also need Terrorgheists because without vampiric units you're short on mobile trouble shooters

Most likely your tactics will be reliant on Spirit Hosts and Zombies tying Down the enemy while Grave Guard, Crypt Horrors and Black Knights go for the gold supported by a Terrorgheists or 2.

Essentially it's a bit shaky because you're going to be pretty magic dependant and if the enemy brings a really tough deathstar with magic attacks there'll not really be anything you can do about it... or Death Magic..

So yea you are definitely hamstringing yourself, but that's the ditch theme armies can end in... and you're still on the workable side of things

21-09-2014, 01:12
you dont need a vampire to be successful. Take a master necromancer with the periapts and a 4+ ward, and 2-3 lvl 1 necros with invocation and some nasty items ( scroll, power stones, and rod of flaming death). and just take GG, terror gheists, as well as lots of zombies and a few corpse carts.

21-09-2014, 03:55
Im a big fan of the list with a master necro, several minor necros, ghoul/zombie core, two big units of crypt horrors, a mortis engine and a terrorgheist or two mortis engines. Lots of mayhem can come from such a list, though your combat units may struggle against high armor.

22-09-2014, 11:18
It's possible, but if your local meta allows Undead Legion armies, that might be a better choice. A necro army loses Kemmler (who is, honestly, a pretty decent special character, especially if you're taking multiple vamp lore casters, so that's not a negligible loss), but gains hierotitans and the casket to augment your magic phase, lich priests for some expanded lore options, and tomb kings & princes for non-vamp melee characters that also buff the WS of your units.

22-09-2014, 14:20
So, Necro and at most a Strigoi, plus zombie tar pits and assorted killy / magic pumping will work decently enough that I can have a fun game?