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Battle Report: 2000pts Dwarfs vs. 1000pts Orcs and Goblins and 1000pts Dark Elves

Stromni gave the cold morning air a sniff, scowled, and spat at his feet.
'Say one thing about greenskins, at least you can smell them coming...'
Vragni gave his axe a final sweep with his whetstone and looked up. 'Aye, there's a stink about this place, make no mistake. And nary a wall nor fence to make a defence of. Shoddy umgak worksmanship.'
Stromni nodded, only half listening. He cast his one good eye over the deserted human settlement before them, the people having already fled at the news of approaching elven slavers and their Orcish mercenaries. A couple of two-tiered buildings, the odd hut, an abandoned cart spilling fruit out onto the street. A few fences, hastily knocked up from untreated wood that was already warping in the damp autumn weather. The only reason for their continued presence was the brewhouse, run by a dwarf called Bardin, tough as old leather boots and so tight he could peel an orange in his pocket and you'd never catch a whiff of it. The brewhouse itself sat in the shadow of an old dwarf watchtower, long since relinquished and yet still standing proud in defiance of the elements.
'Damn the greenskins,' grunted Turg Grindolsson, tucking his thick white beard into his belt and hefting his great axe over his shoulder. 'My axe thirsts for elgi blood! There are grudges in the books of my ancestors I aim to strike out!'


The Dreadlord of the Black Forests, Duriath Koriflame, wrinkled his nose at the farmyard stink that seemed to envelope the encampment of the Orcish allies like some sort of offensive, probably poisonous miasma. He stepped carefully through the churned mud and effluent, disdainfully pushing aside an ugly, small greenskin with a hooked nose and making a beeline for the largest hide tent he could see. Sure enough, as he approached he heard the raucous, bellowing laughter of the Warboss Craktoof and the yelping of one of his lesser kin.
Duriath pulled back the flap of skin that passed for an entry and stepped inside. Somehow, if possible, it smelled even worse inside the tent. Like being inside an animal. A dead animal.
'My... friend,' he began, raising his eyebrows and looking down his aquiline nose in such a way as to ensure Craktoof understood just how close a friend he was considered. 'My scouts tell me our bearded foes are preparing trenches and defences beyond the town. I intend to begin the assault presently, before they can dig themselves halfway to Cathay. If you value your gold - and, let us be honest, your life - you will have you troops ready.'
The laughter in the tent stopped abruptly. The little Goblin, seeing an opportunity to escape the sadistic attention of its overlord, scurried through the massed legs and ducked under the flap to freedom. Craktoof's small, red eyes locked onto Duriath, and he pushed his hulking form upright from the squig-bone throne he sat in. Lips curling back to reveal yellowed tusks and black, diseased gums, he leaned in so close to the Dreadlord that his fetid breath caused the elf's black hair to wave. Second passed, loaded with threat and menace, and then the Orc slapped Duriath on the shoulder (hard enough to stagger the elven commander, in spite of his best efforts) and let rip a bellowing laugh.
'You don' need ta threaten me pale-skin!' he chuckled. 'My boyz is itchin' to smash some stunty skulls!'

Army Lists


Dwarf Lord
Hand Weapon
Rune of Iron Lvl.2 [+1W, +1T]
Rune of Fortitude Lvl.1 [+1T]
Master Rune of Swiftness [Always Strike First]
Rune of Striking Lvl.2 [+1WS, Re-Rolls to Hit]
Rune of Warding Lvl.1 [6+ Ward Save]
- 288pts

Battle Standard Bearer
Master Rune of Grungni

Hand Weapon
Rune of Spellbreaking Lvl. 2 [Auto-dispel, one use only, enemy caster forgets spell on a 4+]

Great Weapon
Rune of Spellbreaking Lvl. 1

26 Dwarf Warriors
Hand Weapons
Full Command
[B.S.B. Thane and 1st Runesmith in this unit conferring Armour Piercing]

16 Longbeards
Great Weapons
Full Command[Lord and 2nd Runesmith in this unit conferring Armour Piercing]

10 Thunderers
Full Command

20 Thunderers
Full Command


Flame Cannon

Organ Gun
Rune of Forging

TOTAL: 1998pts

Orcs and Goblins

Orc Big Boss (General)
Great Weapon
Gambler's Armour

Orc Big Boss (Battle Standard Bearer)
Great Weapon
Armour of Destiny

Night Goblin Big Boss
Light Armour

19 Orc Boyz
Hand Weapons
[Battle Standard Bearer]

19 Orc Boyz
Standard Bearer
2 x Hand Weapons

19 Night Goblins
Full Command
[Night Goblin Big Boss]

20 Night Goblins
Short Bows

5 Spider Riders

5 Spider Riders

Orc Boar Chariot

TOTAL: 1000pts

Dark Elves

2 x Hand Weapons
Heavy Armour
Sea Dragon Cloak
Enchanted Shield
Obsidian Blade

Master (Battle Standard Bearer)
Heavy Armour
Cloak of Twilight

10 Dark Riders
[Master BSB]

20 Dreadspears
Full Command
Gleaming Pennant

War Hydra

TOTAL: 1010pts


Settlement of Order
(Dwarf Brewhouse, 3 buildings, 3 obstacles)
2 x Hills
(Normal Hill and Scree Slope
2 x Woods
(2 x Abyssal Wood)
Sinister Statue
Khemrian Quicksand
Earthblood Mere



Turn One


From his position atop a small hill, Dwinbar watched as Jorik's Gyrocopter whirred into life, zipping across to cover the Dwarfs' left flank. As if anticipating the move, several black steeds broke past a small crop of trees, followed closely - at first - by scuttling, scurrying spiders, goaded by Goblins in feather headdresses. It wasn't long, however, before the Goblins began to jostle and push one another in the race to be first into battle, and soon their charge had faltered and failed, the ugly little greenskins slapping and stabbing at one another.
'Grobi...' said Gomrund with a smirk, checking the fuel tanks of the flame cannon for the umpteenth time. 'This could be an easy fight after all.'
Over on the opposite flank, a second unit of spider riders skittered behind the Watchtower, keeping close to a rattling boar chariot (and suitably far away from a hideous, hulking Hydra...
Down the centre, two large mobs of Orcs shuffled forward, limbering up for a fight, while their Night Goblin allies, perhaps unhappy at being above ground for more than a moment, broke down into a squabbling mess, overtaken by the bow-carrying kin.

Jorik pressed on in his flying wonder, closing the gap with the elf cavalry and unleashing a blast of superheated steam that seared one of the pointy-ears inside his armour. Meanwhile, right to Dwinbar's left, the engineer Ragni had cranked up the Organ Gun and it roared into life, spitting a volley of ten shots into one of the Orc mobs. Their angry bellows resounded over the din of battle, almost matched by the shouts of joy from Ragni, Okri and Julf as two greenskins were blasted apart. The Thunderers at the foot of the hill before them followed suit, and another three Orcs crumpled into bloody heaps, trampled over by their enraged comrades.

Turn Two


With the Orcs already soaking up the brunt of the Dwarf fire, the Elves began to move, being sure to keep their green meat-shields to their front.
'Typical cowardly Elves,' said Skalli with a shake of his head.
'They'll get their chance to feel our firepower,' Ragni called across, patting his Organ Gun with a meaty palm and showing an almost-toothless grin.
Behind the tower, the Hydra skulked and the spider scurried, while the Orcs in the chariot whipped and goaded the frothing war-boars into a frenzy. Dwinbar was so engrossed watching them, he never even saw the elvish cavalry charge, but the sound of Jorik's precious Gyrocopter exploding in a shower of boiling water and copper shards was enough to drag his attention away. The spider-riding Gobbos behind the Elves began to shout and cheer. Then they began to fight amongst themselves about who had shouted the loudest, and were soon embroiled in another squabble that kept them from doing anything more meaningful.
Down the centre, too, the Greenskin discipline was collapsing like a wet sandcastle. Behind the already-angered Orc Boyz, spoiling for a scrap after taking the worst of the early Dwarf fire, two Goblin archers stumbled into the back rank of Boyz. In the blink of an eye the Orc advance had halted, and the Boyz were laying into the little robed Gobbos. By the time the bosses had cracked enough heads to restore order, one Goblin had been stamped into the mud, while an Orc had been stabbed, clubbed, and bitten to death. Seeing this, the other Orc mob began to argue amongst themselves as to who was to blame, and soon the Orc General himself was having to punch some order into his troops. In the midst of all this, the Night Goblins moved back in front of the archers, slowly making their way towards the Dwarf lines.

With a cry of vengeance for Jorik, Ragni let rip his Organ Gun once more, his time in the direction of the Dark Riders on the left. The miniature cannonballs tore through two riders and their steeds as though they were nothing but wet paper, snapping the spider-riders out of their scuffle as a more dangerous threat became readily apparent. The Thunderers below fired at the Night Goblins, cutting down five, and giving the rest immediate cause to regret their move forwards, while the Thunderers on the right took pot-shots at the spider-riders hiding behind the tower...

Turn Three


Stromni hefted his great weapon and shouted an oath to the ancestors as the spiders behind the tower suddenly broke cover, charging directly at his Longbeards. He was joined in the front rank by Thane Skaldorsson, who raised the battle standard of Zhufbar with pride, and the Runesmith Ulther. The poisonous spiders leapt into combat, vicious fangs scraping against armour and chainmail. Stromni hacked a leg from one, and it reared up and scuttled back, its eight eyes glaring at him.
'Come on you Grobi scum!' he roared, beckoning them to him. 'Come to my axe!'
By his side, Thane Skaldorsson swung his battle-hammer, smashing the skull of one of the spiders, and then putting a gromril boot onto the throat of it's rider as he fell into the mud. Another Goblin stabbed at him with a spear, but Skaldorsson deflected it with the haft of the standard and swung his hammer in a brutal arc, felling his foe. Stromni hacked into a third with his axe, cleaving it almost in two, while Vragni caught the wounded spider by a leg and chopped into both rider and steed. The last spider-rider broke in terror, fleeing the blood-spattered Dwarf veterans with a squeal...


On the left, Dwinbar watched the riders who had felled Jorik dart into a blind spot afforded by the Umgi buildings. The spider-riders, finally finished bickering, moved to follow them. On the right, the boar chariot passed the final fleeing spider-rider, the sole survivor of the wrath of Stromni's Longbeards. That was a sight to behold! Old Stromni was a veteran of more battles than most humans could hope to see in a lifetime. The Hydra, meanwhile, driven on by its relentless beastmasters, raced down the other side of the tower, and Stromni's men quickly formed up to face it. In the centre, the Orcish standard bearer urged the bloodied mob of Boyz forwards, and spurred on by their bigger, brutish kin, the Night Goblins eagerly followed. As Warboss Craktoof made his way back to the front, however, the argument over who was responsible for the last bout of infighting broke out anew, and several of his Orcs began to scrap with the Gobbo archers. Soon the centre was devolving into another brawl, and Dwinbar watched it unfold through his glass-scope, particularly savouring the look of horrified disgust on the face of the pointy-eared princeling as his allies fought one another rather than the dwarfs. Craktoof shoved his way back through, dragging the ringleader back by his collar and jamming a crooked blade up into his guts. As the Orc fell to the ground, Craktoof shouted something, and his men quickly formed up into an Orcish semblance of a formation once more...
Ragni and his crew fire the Organ Gun at the Night Goblins this time, and the weedy, light-armoured runts were scythed down. Six of them even stayed down permanently (though not a few more lay still, pretending to be dead or wounded until they were dragged to their feet by their boss). The Thunderers fired another volley into them straight afterwards, killing four more.


'With me, lads!' Stromni yelled, jogging to meet the towering Hydra that had attempted to flank them. It let rip a roar so loud it shook the old wooden door of the watchtower in its frame. It wasn't enough to put the wind up Stromni's Longbeards, however, and they crashed into it in a flurry of hacking, chopping axes. The Hydra's heads snapped and bit, and one caught Mundri by the arm, but the slashing and cutting of the axes drove it back, and soon it was fleeing, seriously wounded twice while the Longbeards emerged unscathed once more. Stromni tried to chase it down, caught up in the moment, but it lumbered away faster than his short legs could carry him, and he and his men regrouped in the shade provided by the brewhouse.

Turn Four


The War Hydra, Dwinbar saw, was quick to regroup, turning back to face Stromni's lads almost immediately. The lone remaining spider on the left flank, however, did not, continuing to run for the cover of the woods behind the Orc lines. In the centre of the field, several Night Goblins continued to insistently play dead, resulting in an almighty squabble amongst themselves and not a lot else. Craktoof's Orcs, meanwhile, seemed energised by his murderous head-cracking display. After a few shouts and shoves and punches, they had whipped themselves into a frenzy, charging headlong towards the nearest Dwarf unit. The Thunderers at the foot of the hill, meanwhile, shot down two more of the Standard Bearer's Orc mob.
There was a whickering noise off to Dwinbar's left, followed by the clink of metal-on-metal, and a shout of shock from Ragni. Okri staggered back into the Organ Gun, pierced by three crossbow bolts. Julf simply fell forward onto his face, the gleaming, viciously-barbed point of another bolt jutting out the back of his neck. Ragni's cries of rage could have raised the ancestors, and he dragged the gun round to face the Dark Riders, charging towards him having broken cover. He loosed six shots, and four riders were smashed down. On the right flank, Sven's smaller unit of Thunderers stood down a charge from the boar chariot, managing to blast off one of the Orc crew as it raced towards them. The impetus of the charge cut three down, however, and the boars gored two more before they could draw their hand-axes. Stunned by the ferocity of the assault, Sven's men faltered, and the Orc rider seized the opportunity to skewer another with his spear. Reduced to just four in number, the dwarfs broke and fled the field.
In retaliation, Lord Oldorsson, leading both the dwarf contingent and indeed a unit of clansmen, charged headlong into the chariot before it could pick up any speed again. Caught by surprise, the charioteer was dragged from his cart and cut down, and though one of the giant boars gored another clansman, the chariot was smashed into tinder wood.


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Turn Five


'No rest for the wicked, lads!' Stromni grinned, as the War Hydra gave a roar of rage and crashed headlong into them. It felt good to get the hot-blood flowing, Stromni thought, as he hacked away a fanged head with his axe. Good for the soul, good for the joints, good way to work up an appetite... he'd be needing a good few of Bardin's ales tonight! As he dodged the Hydra's lashing tail, he watched as the wounded Mundri was caught once more by one of the beast's many head, this time bitten clean in two. At the same time, the creature slashed "young" Storri with a razor sharp claw, opening him from shoulder to groin in spite of his thick chainmail tunic. Turg chopped off the claw, and the beast screeched, black blood spurting over the warrior even as the claw began to heal itself. With a flick of it's tail, the Hydra caved in Turg's chest and flung him ten feet through the air.
'No!' Stromni screamed. His blood ran cold. Turg was as old a friend as any he had, and watching him be flung aside like a broken smith's hammer cut him deeply. He hacked down one of the Hydra's beastmasters, smashing the pale-skinned elfling into the ground in a rage. He didn't even see Thyk and Ulfar bitten and crushed behind him, didn't stop to look. He and his fellow veterans hacked the monstrous beast apart faster than its unnatural abilities could heal it.


Dwinbar and his crew began to prep the flame cannon, now that the enemy were moving into range. Beside him, Ragni was apoplectic with rage and sorrow, working like a dwarf possessed to maneuver, load, and fire the Organ Gun by himself. Down the centre of the battlefield, the Night Goblins continued to fight amongst themselves, only now they sparked off a similar squabble amongst the Orcs led by the Battle Standard bearer.
'Now's our chance boys!' Dwinbar shouted, and they pumped and cranked the flame cannon, sending a sheet of liquid flame gushing out over the dithering Orcs. Several managed to pat out the flames, but two went up like forge fire.
As Craktoof's Orcs passed, they slowed down long enough to set about the Night Goblins, hacking one to pieces with their twin swords and kicking them into line. At the foot of the hill, the Dark Riders slammed into the flank of the Thunderers, cutting down four for no response. The Thunderers fled behind the hill and regrouped, gathering their composure. The Spider Riders began to work up to assaulting the Organ Gun, but a sudden glare from Ragni caused their charge to falter and fail. Ignoring the wretched creatures, Ragni sought vengeance for his crewmen, unleashing hell from his many-barreled weapon and killing the last three Dark Riders, leaving only the Master with the standard.

Turn Six


'Come to me!' Ragni screamed, as the final Rider, the Master, waving his standard in defiance, galloped up the hill towards him. He raised his vast wrench in a gesture of challenge, smashing out the legs of the horse as it approached and pitching the rider onto the gravelly hilltop. Ragni swung at him, but the elf was preternaturally fast, and the weapon simply clattered against the stone. The elf lashed out with a thin sword, stabbing Ragni deep between the rib. Dark blood gushed down his side, the engineer's lack of armour betraying him. He swung feebly with the wrench, blood loss already beginning to make him feel light-headed. The elf disdainfully swatted it away, and jammed the sword up under Ragni's ribs. Blood welled in the corners of his mouth, his eyes began to roll back into his head. The elf smiled, a hateful, sadistic smirk of superiority. Ragni headbutted him in the groin, fell to his knees and died.
Dwinbar could offer no help, however. Behind him, the Spider Riders charged the shaken Thunderers, killing three and causing the remainder to flee the field. Ahead of him, in the centre, the Night Goblins pushed out a fanatic just as Lord Oldorsson and his men prepared to assault them. Similarly, towards the back of the Orc lines, Stromni and his remaining Longbeards were warded off from attacking the goblin archers as a second fanatic was shoved forwards. Dwinbar pumped his cannon again, and another sheet of flame spewed over the Orc boyz, incinerating seven of them. He wiped the sweat from his brow and looked from the elf on his left, dragging his sword free of Ragni's chest, and the boyz of Warboss Craktoof charging down the centre of the field towards him. He licked his lips, hefted his hammer, and prepared to meet his ancestors...

Ultimately, this ended up finishing as a draw, with a difference of only 170 victory points between the two sides. In case it wasn't completely apparent from the narrative (which Darnok requested more of after the last report I put up), the Orcs and Goblins probably failed an average of two animosity tests a turn, usually just squabbling amongst themselves, but on several occasions attacking one another and inflicting casualties. That held up the allied Orc/Elf line quite a bit - it could have been a lot bloodier if it wasn't for that!

Anyway, I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed playing it! And thanks to the guys in the Tactics board for the army list suggestions!

Salty :)

21-09-2014, 10:49
I am entertained. :):yes:

21-09-2014, 11:21
Very interesting :yes: the story style is great and reminds me of an old tale in WD of dwarves being attacked by beastmen (mike walker era).

As for tactical feedback... with that many orc units you could've banked on animosity -I wouldn't feel bad for the O&G player. I feel like the gyro went down too quick, its presence could've taken a lot a lot of pressure off your left flank.
How do you feel about the flame cannon? Maybe a cannon would have been better choice to takeout a hydra and chariot before it got to your lines? -my bad! :eek:

21-09-2014, 12:24
The flame cannon took a while to get into range, but once it did it was pretty effective. Bad rolling was responsible for the rubbish first hit (2 kills) but the second was great. Certainly more effective than a cannon usually is. Happily, the Hydra was less effective than usual, particularly against GWs.

The boar chariot was a swine (ha!) though. I'd hoped to knock a few more wounds off with Stand and Shoot, but dodgy rolls cost me again. Similarly, I was disappointed to be flank charged twice in the big mob of Thunderers. The Organ Gun rolled ten shots for each of the first three turns, and then when I needed it to bring down those Dark Riders it suddenly dipped dramatically (naturally...).

Very enjoyable game, though! The Dark Elves really ought to have been taking animosity tests to see whether they butchered the orcs considering how wound up their player was getting! :yes:

Salty :)

21-09-2014, 20:58
Nice report, me like. :-)

Mighty Simo
22-09-2014, 11:45
The Bear King approves of your battle report :yes:

The next time we get together I will have a fully painted army...and hopefully with improved discipline. :p

P.S I'm stealing the name Cracktoof for my general thats a very good name :D

22-09-2014, 12:14
Haha, it's all yours mate!

Finally, some actual pictures from the game to finish things off - cheers Simo for emailing me yours!


Dwarf Longbeards, facing down Goblin Spider Riders...

Dwarfish artillery, scoping targets from their vantage point atop a small hill;

Lord Oldorsson and his Dwarf Clansmen wheel to face the advancing (proxy) Hydra;


The Organ Gun and Flame Cannon prepare to rain death on the squabbling allied centre column;


The Dark Riders and Master charge poor Jorik's Gyrocopter.

Salty :)

22-09-2014, 13:04
Forgot to ask which grudge you got? :s

I no sure how super sharp the dwarf tactica is but you cold try some podcasts like garage hammer for more stunty info.

22-09-2014, 13:25
Think it was "Ancestral Grudge" maybe? Something along those lines. I don't have the Army Book to hand. In short, it meant my General Hated the enemy General(s). Which didn't count for anything in the end, as neither enemy General got anywhere close to mine. Oh well!

(P.S. Meant to say - stick with the yellow scales. They look really good against the red of your Skinks! :yes:)

Salty :)