View Full Version : 1500 pts ogres list

21-09-2014, 21:34
Slaughtermaster: fencer blades/glittering scales- 310

Bruiser: great wep/bsb/heavy armor/ironcurse icon - 150

8 ogres: bellower/sb/ironfist - 276 (bruiser will go here)

5 ironguts: bellower/sb/standard of discipline- 250 (SM will go here)

3 leadbelchers: bellower- 139

sabre 21
sabre 21

2 mournefang calvary:heavy armor/ironfist/sb/bellower - 160

ironblaster- 170

Let me know what you all think of list!! thanks in advance : P. Next week is a tourney for my shop. I know vamp counts,empire, and skaven are the highly played armies at my shop.Please critique!

The French Guy
22-09-2014, 10:32
Very good list IMO.
I don't like giving Magic armor to the SM as I consider that to be a glitch, but it's up to personal taste.

15-10-2014, 02:35
I like it!

I agree that the SM with magic armor is a bit of a glitch and typically try to convince my buddy to not do it. He typically puts his SM in with his leadbelchers or deathstars it and puts all characters in the bus of bulls. Having the ironguts will be helpful to divert cannon fire, but I really dont find ironguts extremely useful unless you are up against a lot of high toughness models.