View Full Version : Wood elf list - opinions wanted!

24-09-2014, 11:43
Hi guys this is a 2.5k list I'm thinking of bringing to a local tourney. It uses basic SCGT comp.


SpellWeaver - Lore of life, elven steed, dispell scroll

Bsb - bow of loren, ruby ring

10 glade guard - trueflight
10 glade guard - trueflight
13 glade guard - hagbane
5 glade riders - hagbane

5 wildriders- shields
5 wildriders - shields, banner
5 sisters of the thorn - lichbone pennant
5 wardancers

7 waywatchers

Comments welcome. I am currently torn between lore of life and high magic as this tourney comps life magic a bit.

27-09-2014, 17:53
Looks good. With three treemen cannons shouldnt be too much of a problem, hagbane archers will kill any cannons relatively quickly.

You might wantt o make some points for an eagle, he is good for redirecting.