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24-06-2006, 02:29
Well I have finally floated back into the RolePlaying Forum and was wondering what type of RPG to run. Well I came up with a few and I really don't want to be running a RPG that no one has an interest in. So heres the poll and the question is simple, which RPG do you feel comfortable playing?

Now they are just 'loose' topics at the moment and I really would like to run a Vampire the Dark Ages RPG, but like I said I would need generated interest first...........

Now by stating Warhammer, Warhammer 40K, Vampire the Dark Ages, and a Fire Emblem style RPG (would require some working and once again interest), its pretty broad, but do not worry, the ideas would be easy to grasp.

A Warhammer RPG would see us as a band of mercs fighting alongside a questing Knight of some kind to destroy a Tzeentch Sorcerer who stole from the Knight's home viallge etc....something along those lines....

A Warhammer 40K would be an Inquisitor RPG, but with stricter guidelines and less 'hack and slash.' The Inquisitor RPG would require everyone to be human and normal humans at that, (well slightly above average as you are Inquisitorial agents, but you know what I mean) and we would be fighting alongside two units of stormtroopers during MOST firefights and assaults...More than likely this would be a 'spiritual' successor to Traitor of the Inquisition.

The Vampire Dark Ages RPG would have to be a four to five person RPG and well it would be about something dark and sinister and all the usual Vampire stuff that goes on. You would all be free to create from ANY existing clan, but I would require you to be more or less on the Path of Humanity or something close to it as I don't like the Sabbat etc. The storyline would revolve around the Crusades and would see you as a party fighting during the crusades and other things, but it would be a proper RPG as in it would not be all action. However this RPG would require dedicated players, not people that post every so often.......

The Fire Emblem style RPG would lightly be based around the Fire Emblem GBA game where I would offer out roles and equipment stats to people and we would fight for whatever reasons I would create. This RPG will allow death though and rely heavily upon working together as a party rather than a unit full of individuals.............

So thats the ideas circulating in my brain and well, its up to you guys what you choose.....So choose away and I would like a post from those that vote, even it is just to declare what you opted for and also any other RPG idea you liked....Also feel free to add your own ideas there as well, like if the Warhammer RPG needs some touch ups then please by all means state them. The whole idea is to brainstorm a RPG that players would want to play...

Also other GMs could potentially use these ideas created to create their own RPGs as the generated interest is already there..........So come on, vote and lets see where this can go........

(Also would anyone support a RolePlayers Conference thread where you can post ideas, complaints, dice based systems, rules, advice, etc in that specific thread.....the idea being that GMs and Players talk to one another on mutual standings rather than GM vs Player it would be GM and Player working out things..........I don't know......just state in your post if its a good idea or not...)


Hate Train
24-06-2006, 09:37
I'd be diggin' a Vampire RPG or 40k RPG. Personally, though, I know nothing about "Vampire: The Dark Ages" or its history and/or background fluff.

24-06-2006, 12:25
+1 for 40K, and I have voted thusly

Gremore Dysart
25-06-2006, 01:49
I chose vampire dark ages. There ain't enough good vampire RPGs that have a 0 gun tolerancy! I really would like that sort of game. Even though i know nothing about it, but in my eyes thats the best way to play a game. If you don't know eveything about it you can't question the GM.

25-06-2006, 05:25
If Vampire was to be run, I would give enough information to get you people by, trust me on that....

Hmm so people want a Warhammer or a Vampire RPG, alright alright, lets see if we can still generate interest. Grab everyone who wants to be in the RPG ok? I really need people to vote and what not...........

Hate Train
25-06-2006, 06:12
Well, in that case. Vampire, all the way bro. I'd be diggin' it.

25-06-2006, 19:56
Hmm. Fantasy and 40k RP's are all well and good, but something different is always good, so as long as enough info and guidance is provided I'd certainl give a Vampire RP a go!

25-06-2006, 20:43
Check out White Wolf publications, they are the ones you want to read up on as they produce Werewolf, Vampire and other RPGs within their created universes (its like Warhammer in there are different 'races' etc, however, within each group eg Werewolves, there are like 13 (maybe more or less) tribes that differ in one way or another and its way more complex and heavily thoguht mout, in fact, ALL of White Wolf's RPG stuff is extremely well thought out and its lore could almost be 'real' if you correlate it with our own history etc)

Check out White Wolf ok? For all of those interested...

25-06-2006, 20:50
....... 'Publications'. Damn. That involves buying things unless you have friends that own the books (which I don't) and since I have no money to buy said publications I guess that counts me out :cries:

Commander X
25-06-2006, 21:23
My vote goes to the Vampires, mainly because of curiousity. (And I can't waste any opportunities to possibly annoy Slaz with dumb questions, can I?) :p

@Gribbly: Reading stuff on the internet works just fine too.

25-06-2006, 21:28
You find it and I'll read it :D My search fu is a little weak these days!

26-06-2006, 13:11
im up for whatever is thrown my way, though i know nought about fire emblem and the vampire one

26-06-2006, 20:06
Warhammer Fantasy, mainly because there hasn't been a decent one in ages...
You could cross that by making it about minor Vampire Thralls each trying to impress their Vampire Lord in a game of politics, who can bring the most bodies, items for dark rituals and so on...
I'll hide after saying this...

Slazzy's back!!! Woooooo! Party time!


27-06-2006, 00:53
I'm voting for the Vampire RPG, should be very interesting.
Welcome back Slaz.

27-06-2006, 01:26
Yes my minions are returning.........I mean Hey guys! I said I was gone for good I know, but alas, Warseer stole my soul and I missed my RPGs.....they always gave me some light hearted entertainment.......

Welcome back everyone and I think i might have a scheme running in my head that can please both votes......but we'll see...

27-06-2006, 18:48
Shambles though the door...

Well despite not having any of the books or having any clue at all about the new setting I would be all for a Vampire game. If it merges with Warhammer at all that could be even more interesting even Vampires 40K (Although that is getting bizarre)

But generally another Slaz RPG would be appreciated, it even dragged me out of the other roleplaying board I have been hiding in.

27-06-2006, 18:55
McGonigle get out of my head :p

If I did a 40K RPG it would be a Vampire suirivial RPG where you get thrown onto a backwater planet with no high tech weapons and well, Vampire and minions are after you :evilgrin:

Could work

27-06-2006, 19:14
I like that Idea Im already starting to think of a crazy character.

27-06-2006, 19:45
That could really work! +1 for thinking of crazy character!!!


27-06-2006, 20:04
Right the polls are closed and Vampire and 40K were the favourites....so I posted the thread and lets see where the recruitment goes!

Welcome Roleplayers, to the dark reaches of mind. For those that have already been there and those that have not, grab your swords, lock up your future daughters and join me on a quest into oblivion......

30-06-2006, 14:44
Warhammer Fantasy, mainly because there hasn't been a decent one in ages...
You could cross that by making it about minor Vampire Thralls each trying to impress their Vampire Lord in a game of politics, who can bring the most bodies, items for dark rituals and so on...I am writing one like right now. Watch this dank space. :skull:

30-06-2006, 15:50
You have peaked my interest vforvenator, please do not forget to post the RPG as I would love to join......good that some one else has taken ideas generated in this thread and gone with them.....

Now only if other GMs would do the same and aspiring GMs, if you need any advice PM me and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possiable....ok?