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24-09-2014, 23:26
2000 point list that I really want to run for an upcoming event. Any comments, particularly on potential weaknesses, would be appreciated.

Had one game with it so far vs an all combat lizardmen list full of Saurus and cold ones. Lost because he managed to get the charges and I didn't. Could have been different if a few key combats had gone a bit differently.

The plan basically revolves around the SOBU and trolls holding an aggressive defensive line whilst war machines and manglers soften things up and wolfies redirect stuff. The wyvern stays out of the way, mops up chaff and picks key combats to tip the balance of later on.

I've already received some advice on another forum and the consensus seems to be to swap the ogre blade for the ASF sword. Some people don't like Mork's War Banner (I LOVE IT!) and I will be dropping the banners on the wolf riders. Any other thoughts, I'd love to hear them.

Orc Warboss: Talisman of Preservation; Charmed Shield; Ogre Blade; shield; Wyvern 368

Savage Orc Shaman: Lucky Shrunken Head; Level 2 Wizard 155
Black Orc Big Boss: Mork's War Banner; shield; Battle Standard 217
Orc Shaman: Dispel Scroll 90

30 Savage Orc Big 'Uns: additional hand weapons; Savage Orc Boss; Musician; Standard Bearer 365
5 Goblin Wolf Riders: short bows; Musician; Standard Bearer 75
5 Goblin Wolf Riders: short bows; Musician; Standard Bearer 75

8 Trolls 280

Doom Diver Catapult 80
Doom Diver Catapult 80
Goblin Rock Lobber 85
Mangler Squigs 65
Mangler Squigs 65

2,000 points

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The French Guy
25-09-2014, 14:42
Regarding the Orc warboss, I would go for the +1 to hit sword.
You don't need to pay for a regular shield as you already have a Charmed shield.

My regular opponent use a warboss with the +1 to hit sword and the -1 to hit armor, very frustrating!
You could try this: Sword of striking, Heavy armor+Charmed shield, 4++, The other tricker shard, Wyvern.

Hope it helps!