View Full Version : Swedish comp advice with WOC

26-09-2014, 23:37
Hi I'm going to a tourny in November and the comp is Swedish comp my WOC list is a comp score of 10 do you guys think it should be higher or lower and what advice can u give me while playing this comp

27-09-2014, 00:04
it depends on the tournament and how they score you with swedish.

if they say you have to be a 12 or higher then theres your answer.

if they say you only play against people of the same comp then thats fine too.

if they say you get Victory points for each pt you have higher than your opponent then id suggest you go with a very specific list (depending on how that works)

27-09-2014, 06:34
I would go for a score that war softer, you can get very good lists at a better comp, I would aim for something between 12-15

27-09-2014, 09:33
Couple of questions - what's in the list at the moment, and what does the tournament do with Swedish comp? Is it just for match ups, does it add points if you have the softer list, do they have a boundary that you should land within?