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28-09-2014, 01:46
Ok so I've recently gotten back into fantasy, and have gone back to my favourite fantasy army...dark elves

Here's my take on a 2000 point fairly competitive army

Supreme sorceress on dark steed with level 4, black amulet, biting blade and potion of foolhardiness

Master on dark Pegasus with lance, shield, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, repeater crossbow and cloak of twilight

Master on dark steed with lance, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield and ring of hotek

Master on dark steed with battle standard bearer, sword of anti heroes, dragonhelm, heavy armour and sea dragon cloak

5 dark riders with standard, repeater crossbows and shields

5 dark riders with standard, repeater crossbows and shields

5 dark riders with standard, repeater crossbows and shields

20 dark shards with standard, banner of eternal flame, musician and shields

3 reaper bolt throwers

8 shades with great weapons

9 doom fire warlocks with master of warlocks

CnC welcome

28-09-2014, 03:47
You're planning on getting your supreme sorceress into close combat? if not, I would personally switch out the black amulet for the cloak of twilight and keep her out of CC.

28-09-2014, 06:48
She will be in a combat yes, but in the second rank. The cloaks already in use on my dark Pegasus master, and ive found him far to useful to drop now

28-09-2014, 15:14
Are you running your warlocks 3 wide? because that is the only way she could be in the second rank.

I would say drop the biting blade, black amulet, and the potion. Just get the Talisman of Preservation and a dispel scroll, she will literally not kill anything. There's no point in trying to make her better at combat.

Also I would throw in a magic weapon on one of the masters just in case you get bogged down by some etherial units. A good magic weapon though like the ogre blade, not the biting blade.

All in all this is a very all your eggs in one basket kind of army, if that Lockstar unit dies; thats game man.

28-09-2014, 15:48
They will indeed be three wide, its a unit ive seen used many times to carry the game over and over. Sure they will be the focus of my opponents army...but with 4+ wards (2+s against magic) they are survivable. Yeah I was just spending points with the lvl4s hear tbh, I cant give the masters weapons however due to the points limits of their allowance. There is the sword of anti heroes in the unit though

28-09-2014, 18:20
Right, I missed the sword of antiheroes.

I still feel like 3 wide is a waste of Warlock combat potential, especially with the potential for the Power of Darkness spell. There's cheaper options for mage bunkers.

08-10-2014, 18:48
Warlocks only have a champion for command, so running them 3 wide will not push the sorc to the second rank, I would just put her in the xbow bunker unhorsed and with a talisman of protection instead of the black amulet. Getting your casters into CC is generally a bad idea. use the points to run 1 more warlock for the +1 bonus to cast until one dies. personally I prefer a block of corsairs over xbows, as shooting penalties add up fast. Although many tournament lists seem to disagree with me on that

13-10-2014, 00:41
Assuming ur throwing ur masters in the warlocks to make and ultimate bus, I can understand ur three wide idea. My concern is that if u are going into close combat 3 wide, ur wasting 6 warlocks in combat who won't get to fight. Your better off going wider like 6 wide and cornering ur sorceress. Than have the sword of anti heroes character be by her side, any character that tries to deal with ur sorceress can be attacked by sword of anti heroes. Personally I'd put the cloak of twilights on the master that'll protect the sorceress with a lance cause I think Killing blow and multiple d3 wounds is more dangerous vs other characters than the sword. Ur warlocks will also get +1 to cast.

If ur peggie is a monster hunter, than fair enough, u do have three bolt throwers and I'd say that's ample monster killing...?

Warlock buses work cause of the player not the list most so practice practice practice!