View Full Version : 2400 VC ETC List For Crossroads Spring GT

Vanir the Reaper
02-10-2014, 18:38
Hey guys. After a final flip and flop between Chaos I've finally comitted to VC and bought the book itself and some models of my own. I'm looking to attend a GT in the Spring and figured I would start list-crafting now. The ETC comp is a little weird for me at 2400 since I'm so used to 2500 so I've had to move what was my go-to list around a good bit, the biggest change being the loss of Vargheists for fell bats instead. Anyway, the list!


Lord Vanir the Reaper. Undying Lord of Northern Kislev and Master of the Mountain Pass.

Equipment: Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation, Other Trickster's Shard, Shield, Barded Nightmare, Heavy Armor.

Abilities: Level Four wizard, Quickblood, Red Fury.


Sir Varek the Unbreakable. Spellsword of House Rayth and Head of the Eternal Kingsguard.

Equipment: Book of Arkhan, Lance, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon, Dragonbane Gem, Heavy Armor, Barded Nightmare.

Abilities: Level 1 Death Caster, Dread Knight.

Taryc the Snake. Necromancer Apprentice and Supporting Mage of House Rayth.

Equipment: Dispel Scroll.

Abilities: Level 2 Lore of Vampires wizard.


The Risen
Two units of Zombies, one of forty with Standard and musician, and another of twenty-five.

Those In Between
Thirty Ghouls.

The Hounds
Three units of five dire wolves.


The Eternal Kingsguard

Ten Black Knights with Lances, Barding, Full Command and the Lichebone Pennant.

Risen Brutes of the Mountains
Eight Crypt Horrors.

Lord Vanir's Hunting Hawks
Three Fell Bats.

The Lost Ones
One spirit host block.


Nightscream, Horror of the Skies.


Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm curious to see how the fell bats play out compared to Varg's in the role of harassment and warmachine hunting in general. I have five "dummy" drops well before anything of even a little value gets put down and that will help ensure my BK's + Vamps gets where I want it to go.