View Full Version : DoC, Screamers

02-10-2014, 23:10
Im building a mono Tzeentch DoC army atm, its only halfdone and Im looking at the Screamers, but I have no idea how to use them. What size do you guys field them in and what roles do they fill in your armies? Im thinking like two units with 3x models in each, just rushing forward to hunt warmachines and things like that in the backfield.

15-10-2014, 16:51
I havent used my screamers much, but when I did, they were a nice annoyance factor as they zipped over enemies. I typically fight high T opponents, so the swoop over did little but it always managed a few wounds. Being able to go after warmachines or possibly a few monsters with their lamprey bite are good uses. Otherwise, swoop over an enemy for a few free hits and then next turn get a front and rear charge on an enemy unit. I think they are best in groups of three though as you have stated

15-10-2014, 19:19
Keep in mind that against monster's they can still be thunderstomped, as they are just war beasts. The slicing attack is good for units of skirmishers and fast cav who would otherwise flee charges or be hard to shoot at. Keeping a couple units of three as war machine hunters and chaff deleters is a good plan.