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13-06-2005, 17:46
Just trying to clarify the hellcannon rules - I know, which one....
If you roll a Misfire and get the 'kill the crew and attempt to charge the nearest unit (see Rampage)' and then look at Rampage - the Rampage section indicates that the HC charges the 'nearest enemy unit.' So, does the HC moves it's first move toward the nearest unit (friendly or enemy) and if it wipes them out (likely), does it then go to normal rampage (e.g. moving towards nearest enemy)? One of the other misfires specifically mentions 'for the rest of the battle' and the rampage misfire doesn't.
Question came up yesterday in a 12k battle - HC misfired turned one (great...), but had surrounded it with a beastherd (tasty) to keep enemy units away from it so it didn't rampage. Obviously it did when it misfired, took three turns to make the beastherd flee (eating a few each turn) and then we couldn't decide whether it went towards to closet unit (possibly friendly) (applying the misfire rule again) at that point or the closet enemy unit (applying the Rampage rule after it resolved against the first unit).
Finally, does the HC have LOS for these rampages or can it orient 360 to get to a unit?
Thanks in advance.

14-06-2005, 08:49
It seems the misfire result overrides part of the standard Rampage rules. It seems reasonable that once the attempt to charge the nearest unit has been resolved (i.e. failed charge or comabat completed) the Hellcannon reverts to normal behaviour for a Hellcannon without crew. Whatever that might be.

I wasn't aware that the Hellcannon on a Rampage would differentiate between friends and foes. I'll bear that in mind next time I face one.


14-06-2005, 16:48
I would agree that it seems reasonable that the HC would go after who is closest first (in this case my beastherd), resolve against them and then continue to rampage then against the nearest enemy units, but that isn't completely clear in the rules (nor is LOS, or base size, etc.). I would be OK with it eating one unit, but for the points sink that it is, to have it with the ability to scour multiple units is not so good....

14-06-2005, 21:13
disregard!! Missed the section below that in the rules about when the HC loses all of it's crew - test for rampaging is checked against all units and 360 degree LOS! Sorry to bother.