View Full Version : 2000 points dark elves for uncomped tournament!

03-10-2014, 23:55
Heres what I got so far, I want a list that's versatile to many matchups but also focuses mainly on shooting and magic.

Supreme Sorceress
ring of hotek

lv. 1
dispel scroll
dark steed

dark pegasus
hvy armor/ shield/ cloak
cloak of twilight

x 5 brolocks

x2 x5 dark riders
x bows

x3 bolt thrower

x2 x10 dark shards

x10 corsairs

war hydra
flaming breth

x 23 har geneth excecutioners
full command

sorceress goes in with the executioners to give them a 4 up ward against magic and the lv 1 on beasts will ride around with either a squad of dark riders or the brolocks. I haven't attempted a competitive list at this points level with dark elfs yet so im worried there are easily exploitable flaws im not catching. Any thoughts on how to improve this list?

04-10-2014, 07:25
Your sorceress allocation seems somewhat backward. You're going to put the expensive one that knows a lore heavy on ranged damage in a unit you plan to smash into the enemy as soon as possible, and keep the cheap one who knows a lore based on buffing combat units safely hidden riding around the flanks?

04-10-2014, 13:26
Hmmm, should I combine the bowmen squads and put her in there instead? I just wanted the ward save on my executioners

04-10-2014, 17:47
I would flip the models. Mounted L4, infantry L1. Drop the corsairs to beef up one of the dark rider units and stick your L4 in there where she can stay out of charge arcs and catch up to optimal lore of metal victims. Let it be the L1 who caddies the ring of hotek to her assured doom at the hands of whatever you charge the executioners into and get Wyssan's off on the way in.