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04-10-2014, 20:56
Hi all,

They're running an end times campaign tournament at my local GW - starting at 600pts and increasing as the campaign goes on.

I'm having trouble deciding between using my Dark Elves, High Elves, or Dwarfs. I've put together 3 lists, and I'm interested to hear your thoughts on which of these you think I should take and why. It's not a hugely competitive group of people so I don't want to be too filthy, but I want to be able to compete well and have fun.

Here are the lists:

Dark elves:

Lvl 1 sorceress. Lore of fire. Ruby ring of ruin
10 dark shards. No upgrades
5 dark riders. No upgrades
Hydra - fiery breath
Cold one chariot.

The thinking behind this list is that the sorc and dark shards provide some hefty firepower to deal with flak. I want at least 2 spells as with only one to cast the enemy will just 6 dice dispel too easily, but I can't squeeze in a level 2. The hydra and chariot are fairly hard hitting and at such a low point level I don't anticipate having to deal with very large units where they may struggle to make an impact. Breath weapons are likely to be pretty powerful in such small games too.

High Elves:

Level 2 Mage with high magic
5 silver helms. Shields and standard
5 Reavers. Spears and bows
10 Phoenix guard. Standard bearer. Banner of the world dragon.
Great eagle.

In this list the level 2 Mage can afford to be pretty ballsy with soul quench as he is effectively immune to many of the miscast results when in the PG. The PG provide a solid anvil with their ward save which will be boosted with the high magic.
The eagle and Reavers will hunt war machines while the silver helms go for flank charges.


Runesmith. Great weapon, shield, rune of stone. Rune of spell breaking.
15 longbeards: full command. Great weapons. Rune of stoicism.
Cannon with rune of forging.

Pretty simple here. The longbeards are immune to psych and stubborn on Ld9 so should stay put and are probably going to beat most other units at this point level in combat. The runesmith provides some magic protection. The gyrocopter steam-cooks low toughness horde armies and the cannon deals with big gribblies.

So which do you think is best?

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05-10-2014, 03:41
My big question is if the tournament will allow for 50% lords? The High elves look best to deal with a 300 pt Lord if you come across one.

05-10-2014, 04:10
My big question is if the tournament will allow for 50% lords? The High elves look best to deal with a 300 pt Lord if you come across one.

Would be a given with an End Times campaign I would have thought?

I reckon Dark Elves, drop the chariot for more infantry or darkshards

05-10-2014, 11:19
Yeah it will allow 50% lords. I thought it probably wasn't worth taking one at 600pts though. Maybe I'm wrong. Generally I find expensive characters are only really viable once you have a fair few units on the table.

Thanks for the feedback. I was a bit undecided about the chariot myself but I figured just 10 dark shards can probably deal with most small chaff units and if I go for more they'll still be beaten fairly easily by a dedicated combat unit. I wouldn't usually take chariots at all as it's too easy to whiff the charge, but in small games it's likely the enemy units will be fairly small which makes whiffing less dangerous in the first round.

115 pts saved by dropping the chariot could get an assassin though which could be quite fun...

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05-10-2014, 16:38
Just to give you an example on what you could face:

300 pts non-caster Demon Prince of slaanesh :)
DP, chaos armor, MoS, scaled skin, soul feeder, charmed shield, dragonbane gem

Add three units of 5 MoS horsemen with flails, throwing axes and shields and keep them out of range from anything that could eventually kill them (like a caster).

05-10-2014, 16:55
Against a list like that I guess the dwarfs are probably the best bet.

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05-10-2014, 19:41
BotWD seems a bit of a waste in PG with their already good ward save.

I would also consider starting with a pretty solid elf noble if you go HE. ASF is very good when you can eliminate chances to strike back or cripple units in the first turn of combat and the smaller sized units you expect to see at 600 pts could favour a hero on a great eagle - which retains value at higher points levels.

Chariots are also brutal at low points levels could could be less good later on.