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05-10-2014, 11:59
So I am attending a three day tournament next week. The two first days there will be 3 games and the last day there are two games. I hope to be top 10 :-D
There will be som 30ish participants.
2 Empire, 3 High Elfs, 1 Beastmen, 6 Ogres, 2 dark elf, 3 wood elf, 1 chaos dwarf, 2 Orcs, 2 brettonia, 4 Woc and I belive 3 VC (one has VC/TK listed, but I've never seen him playing anything other than a 3x10 hexwraith list). Rest has not posted which army they'll bring.

My list is this
General Runesmith. Spellbreaker, Fiery Ring, Stone and Shield (One dispel, one S4 flaming breathweapon, 2+ AS)
BSB Thane. MrGrungni, Pistol (4+ AS, 4++ ward, +1A. All models within 6" gains 5++against shooting and magic missles)
Runesmith. Spellbreaker2, Stone, Shield (One dispel. On a 4+ the spell is lost. 2+ AS)
Master Engineer. RoImpact, RoStone, Pistol (Impact hit, 3+AS)

23 Warriors. Great Weapon, FC
24 Longebeards. Shield, FC
21 Hammerers. Groth-banner. Flaming attacks from champion (S4) (All friendly units within 12" of banner are stubborn)
Grudge Thrower. RoForging, RoAccuracy, RoPenetration (Re-roll misfire. May re-roll scatter die. S4/10)
Cannon. RoForging, RoStalwart (Re-roll misfire. +1 Combat Res)
3 Gyrocopters (1 Vanguard)
Flame Cannon. RoForging (Re-roll misfire)
Organ Gun. RoAccuracy (+1 to hit)

2399 pts total.

Plan is to deploy at table edge. In center will be the LBs 5 wide with BSB in the unit. Organ gun to the right of it, and Hammerers 7 wide next to OG. All are within 6" from BSB and gains protection from Grungni. Left of the LBs will be the FC and then the warriors 7 wide. All within 6" from BSB and gains protection from Grungni. Master engineer in hammerers close to Organ Gun to give it BS5 with re-roll on one artillery die. It will leave the unit if chaff comes near and then try to charge. He will cause one S5 impact hit and then 3 S5 hits the first round. This General with hammerers and other Runesmith where I feel he is usefull. Cannon and Gyros have to placed somewhere, but I am willing to put them out of Grungni range.

I'll try to have LBs meet most combat due to saves. Warriors are the cast away combat unit. I'll throw this into a unit I cant kill with shooting and hope that they will hurt it before they die. Hammerers will stand back in the first rounds, just making the army stubborn, unless big troll units or other regen units are heading my way. The Brath weapon will also give them an edge in combat.
Flame Cannon is there due to the numbers of Ogre players (I've never seen that many ogres before!!) and because it has longer reach than the Organ Gun (I had two og in previous lists).

I fear Doom and Darkness. So much rely on the stubborn banner. I can roll <9/10 with re-roll all day, but 6/7 are worse. I know I'll face lots of death magic so Doom and Darkness will be targeted with Spellbreaker2.

How does the list seem? Should I change the General and the other runesmith? I have considered throwing BW Runesmith in warrior unit just to cause more attacks and perhaps damage... And YES!! I know about BotWD... I will struggle with this, but I plan to avoid that unit and spray it with gyros before I slam my hammerers into it.
Give me your thoughts and possibly tactics on how you would crush my list :-D

07-10-2014, 03:44
If your sitting on table edge why only warmachines for shooting? Swap warriors for thunderers with shields? (if not why not?). Then you could move the engineer out of the hammerers - sit him in the thunderer unit. Allows hammerers to move around without worrying about engineer positioning

I dont see 20 hammerers doing much against BotWD white lions, unless the unit has already been severely weakened. Only 5+ AS

If its a competitive list whats the point of the RoImpact?

07-10-2014, 13:21
Why not thunderers. Mainly because I’m facing a lot of T4. S3 cant win any combat and since I don’t like to bring more core than needed I found that the “high” cost of thunderers or gw quarrellers – a better option du to longer range and S5 – compared with warriors resulted in few models. A warrior with gw costs 10 pts, while a quarrellers with gw cost me 14 pts. I felt like I need the wounds and the strength. Normally I don’t get to shoot more than one round with quarrellers, since I must move them to line up for the flank charges.

The engineer starts in the hammerer unit but he will leave the unit when hammerers need to move or when gyros fail at killing chaff. I use RoImpact to hurt etherals (like spirit hosts) and when he charge he gets one impact hit S5 and three attacks with S5 (the pistol gives him additional hand weapon). Those 10 pts are well spent in my book. I considered RoShielding but that one costs 25 pts.

Against WL with the banner I use a lot of gyro steam on them. S3 template tends to hurt a fair amount of T3 infantry. But I know it is not enough. My hope is to herd them into the Longbeards and then get one of the great weapon units to assist. This is my hope :-P

Anyway! The two first battles are done!
My first opponent was an Ogre army. He had a unit of 9 ogres including a general, a bsb and a wizard, another ogre unit of 6 including a character. He also had 4 mournfang, three sabertusks and two cannons.
I got to go first and my general hated him. I killed both cannons with my cannon and grudge thrower. The gyros failed to wound the sabertusks and two of the misfired when I dropped bombs, so I sent them away to rear charge later. My organ guns killed 4 of 9 ogres in one unit.

He then moved his mournfangs toward me and cast some spells. I ate his Wyssan Wildform, and dispelled the rest.

I killed two mournfangs with my organ guns and a gyroblast, and my master engineer moved to threaten a sabertusk. I also moved the longbeards forward to protect my gyros and to recive the charge. The other units reformed slightly.

From his round two we were in combat. I’ll make it short: My warrior unit fled and was caught by mournfang. My engineer died while fighting mournfangs, but he killed one of them before he died. Tusks killed of my warmachines and my gyros could not kill in close combat. His smaller ogre unit broke and hammerers caught them, but they were killed by the last mournfang. At the end I had a ME, one Organ gun and just below half my longbeards left. He had a sabertusk lurking somewhere and one mournfang. 10-10

The second game was Beastmen. He had a bestigor horde and a gor horde, 4x4 ungors, two chariots, a couple of characters and a really big monster (a minotaur?).
He got the first go and killed of his lvl 4 shadow mage in the first round. I started to shoot his bestigor horde with organ gun while my cannon killed one chariot and I wounded his big monster with my thrower. I also killed two units of ungors with gyro blasts.

He lost a chariot when driving over a fence and my organ gun exploded in the next round. Then we got into real combat and my warriors held his bestigor unit for three combat rounds. His unit couldn’t pivot thanks to my gyro so I charged his flank with hammerers and killed that unit. The gors paniced and fled and I spent my last two rounds killing his ungors with shooting and charging his fleeing unit with gyros until he ran of. Since he got tabled I won 20-4.