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06-10-2014, 19:23
These are some scenario ideas I had for friendly games.

for all of these scenarios the maximum fortitude you are allowed to take is: Max = 2 + 3 per 1000 pt game.
(so a 2k game would be max 8 fortitude)

Whichever player has the most fortitude at the end of the game wins.

place 3 objectives along the centerline of the table, the outer ones are 18" from the board edges (short end) and the third one is in the center of the board.
each objective is contested if you have 1 or more units with fortitude within 6" of the objective.
whoever contests more of the objectives at the end of the game wins. (there can be draws if the same number are contested)

Sacrificial pit:
place the large blast template in the center of the board
it is invulnerable and causes terror
if you successfully charge the pit, remove the charging unit from the board. it is destroyed.
whichever player sacrifices more points of fortitude to the pit by the end of the game is the winner


Fortitude is a traditional battle for the most part except victory is focused on depleting the enemies fortitude.

Domination is a board control game where you must have fortitude to contest the objectives

Sacrificial pit is a really really hilarious idea I came up with where you are basically trying to sacrifice as much of your army as possible while keeping your opponent from doing the same. The idea is that theres a powerful chaos god who will be summoned on the side of whoever sacrifices more of their troops to his divine will.

**please note that these scenarios are intended to have nothing to do with how much of the opponent you kill and be focused more on achieving objectives. These objectives all require fortitude, which is a more balanced metric to reward tactically using infantry bricks as opposed to a horde of monsters and chariots. Anyway, before you say "But my army cant win any of these scenarios!" then you should consider that maybe thats the entire purpose of scenarios like these.

07-10-2014, 01:47
I think my most fun game was a scorched earth game - bring as many units with flaming attacks to as many wooded areas as possible with the wood elf player trying to stop me...

07-10-2014, 01:53
so theres a bunch of forests you are trying to burn down?

"scorched earth" gave me another idea, but actually scorched earth doesnt really make sense with the way you are describing it since scorched earth is when you burn down the farms/resources when you get invaded so that the enemy cant use it.

07-10-2014, 14:28
I am going to try these out tonight and post how it goes.

08-10-2014, 01:41
For larger games I like to have multiple tables not touching each other but connected through a network of portals and other means of travel.

For a single game sort of thing I've done a destroy the village battle using the 6th ed rules for building destruction. Whoever destroys the most buildings is te winner.

08-10-2014, 02:14
any thoughts on my sacrificial pit idea? haha

08-10-2014, 02:40
any thoughts on my sacrificial pit idea? haha

Remember that terror does nothing unless it charges a unit. So I'd make up my own rule to do what i wanted it to do just for the scenario like "Before a charge can be attempted against the pit, a successful leadership test must be passed by the charging unit with a -3 modifier to its leadership"

Otherwise it sounds fun.

08-10-2014, 03:21
Remember that terror does nothing unless it charges a unit. So I'd make up my own rule to do what i wanted it to do just for the scenario like "Before a charge can be attempted against the pit, a successful leadership test must be passed by the charging unit with a -3 modifier to its leadership"

Otherwise it sounds fun.

OH thats what i meant, for you to pass an ld test on a -3 would be a good idea.

i just thought it would be hilarious for everyone to be jumping in a pit. haha.

14-10-2014, 14:19
I got bored one day and made this list. But it's more based around a 3-5 game tournament setting. The rules could still be used for friendly games though.:

Hold the Line (Touchdown)

Before deployment but after choosing sides,(roll for side) each player places two pylons 12" apart at any point along the 12" line of their long table edge. Pylons must be at least 9" in from each short edge.



+1 Bonus point for getting 2 fortitude points into the opponents deployment zone before turn 4.

+3 Bonus Points for getting any unit into the opponents deployment zone by going between the opponents pylons on or before turn 4.

+1 bonus battle point for modeling and bring your own pylons that match the theme of you army.

Deployment: Players deploy as in "Blood and Glory" BRB scenario, 9" in from short edges and 15" in from the long edges.


Regiments of Renown

Before choosing table sides or deployment choose one unit to be your Regiment of Renown. The unit can be any unit from the Core, Special or Rare choices and must contain 400 points or less or 40 wounds or less. All models in the unit gain +1A, +1WS, +1BS, +2LD, +1 to EITHER Strength OR Toughness. The unit may always march but is still effected by rules for shooting and marching. Instead of a unit a player may choose up to 2 war machines but those war machines must be placed within 4" of each other in deployment (representing a war machine team of renown)

Turns: 6


+1-3 Bonus point for your regiment of renown destroying or routing any unit. Infantry and cavalry units must have 6 or more models to count. Mounstrous infanty and monstrous cavalry need 3 models to count. This bonus may be collected repeatedly up to 3 times. ALL BONUS POINTS from this bonus are lost if the player's Regiment of Renown are destroyed before the game ends.

+1 Bonus point for destroying all of the opponents core units.

+1 Bonus point for destroying the opponents Regiment of Renown.

Deployment: As Battleline.


Ghostly Winds

Before Deployment Roll a die for each unit on each side. On a 1 the unit gains the Rule "Unstable" but also gains LD 10 and magical attacks. If no units roll a 1 start over and continue until at least 1 unit becomes Unstable. If one full round of rolling has gone by and you finally get one unit unstabled, that ends the rolls.

Units that roll a 1 but already have Unstable LOSE the Unstable and Unbreakable rule and may march normally.

Each Turn the player rolls a die and if the roll is above the turn number the player may switch the places of any two of his/her units that are NOT in combat, but both of those units may only make a normal move that turn is if it were the additional moves phase.

Turns: 6


+1 Bonus point if you switch places with a unit that is within your enemies deployment zone.

+2 Bonus points for crumbling an opponents unit

+1 Bonus point for crumbling a character or monster

+1 bonus point for controlling more table quarters than your opponent

Deployment: As Battle for the Pass (Lengthwise)


The Great Wood

Each table should have at least 4 woods on it. Players take turns adding woods or woodlike bases to represent woods to the table to make sure at least 5 woods are on the table. They all have the rules for basic woods.

Each time a unit enters a wood, roll on the chart below.

1 Treant Home - Unit takes d3 S5 hits distributed as shooting
2 Pixy wood - the unit takes 2d6 S1 hits distributed as shooting and magical.
3-4 Nothing Happens
5-6 Healing Spring - The unit heals d3+1 wounds of models or 1 wound if a monster.

This forest is not happy with a battle being waged here. All units but single models and skirmishers take dangerous terrain tests when charging through a wood. ALL dangerous terrain tests made during this battle receive a -1 to every roll.

A unit inside a forest at the beginning of a players turn may burn down a wood but may take no other action that turn. Remove the wood.



1 Bonus point for destroying a unit inside a wood.

1 Bonus points for burning down a wood (limited to one time)

1 bonus point for never entering a wood during the battle, or burning down every wood your units entered.

2 Bonus point for bringing at least 2 wood terrain pieces.


Wrap it Up!

The Chaos gods ,except Khorne, are bored and are ready to take their ball and go home. Each turn roll a d3 and consult the chart of dooooom!

1 - Tzeench - Each player nominate one unit (your's or your opponents) and roll d6, on a 1-2 the unit takes 2d6 S6 hits distributed as shooting. On 3+ the unit gains a breath attack strength 6.

2 - Nurgle - All units on the field have -1T to a minimum of 1 permanently.

3 - Slannesh - All attacks characteristics are doubled and -3 to armor saves this turn.



+1 Destroy any unit with Tzeenchs fire.(#1 on the chart)
+1 Kill the opponents general
+3 Turn in game sheets on time.

14-10-2014, 15:22
for khorne, it could make random units frenzied on both sides, thatd be fun (more killing and charge baiting)