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Plague Lord
07-10-2014, 02:38
Hi want to make a vampire counts army. This is what I came up with.

Vampire Lord /w redfury, quickblood, barded steed, heavy armour, shield, lvl4, dragonhelm, talisman of preservation, sword of strife

This chap is a jack of all trades - first few turns geared on magic and raising zombies. From turn 2-3 he'll start blending. With a 1+, 4++ he should tank most of the stuff that comes his way and 7 attacks base will rape.

Vampire /w forbidden lore, dark acolyte, nightshroud, luckstone, heavy armour, shield, lvl2.

My buff vampire. Goes with the grave guard and takes beast lore for wyssans and hoping maybe for the amber spear to get some shooting. Nightshroud helps to nullify any great weapons/lances trying to kill him and his mates.

Necromancer /w lvl2, staff of damnation.

More buffs! Goes with the ghouls and will stick close to the GG. +1 atk on both units are great!

Necromancer /w book of arkhan, corpse cart, balefire

Even more buffs! My opponent will have a hard time trying to dispell all my magic most of the time. This is a bit pricey though. Balefire gives some magic protection!

30 Ghouls with champ
30 Zombies
30 skellies /w fcg
6 Dire wolves

Basic core requirements. 3 blocks that can be raised and some chaff wolves.

25 grave guard /w fcg, banner of the barrows

My anvil unit with my vamp should deal out some pain. With wyssans on they are tough as nuts and really hurt with str 5 kb add to that a possible +1 atk from the staff of damnation and ... ouch. At least a near guarantee (except elves) to strike before the enemy thx to the vamp.

6 Black knights/ w lances, barding, FCG

Just some mates to escort my lord around. Might do some dmg but are there to soak up wounds.


Not much to say. Just an annoying screamy thing and flanker unit.

Overall I like the list on paper. What I'm not sold on is the corpse cart necromancer. Is 4 casters too much?? I could chuck him for 3 vargheists and a spirit host for flanking duties...


08-10-2014, 06:09
Your core units and grave guard are too small, minimum of 35 for ghouls/ skellies/GG. I would go either GG or BK not both at 2500 and 6BK isn't big enough. Go big 40GG or 12BK.
You've not got anything for backfield Mage/war machine hunting Vargheist or varghulf will do that extremely well. Dogs suck at that, no marching away from general.
My list has only 1 lvl 4 and 2 lvl 1 casters and I run out of power dice, consider a reduction in that area.
There's not enough Killy stuff or what you do have is easier isolated.
Stick with it, VC are a great army if you hit the sweet spot!

08-10-2014, 07:44
I like your list as well. It's balanced, as many different unit, and seems fair.

I don't really agree with ChrisRabbit: 30 ghouls is fine, and you don't need a deathstar of graveguard. If your local meta is full of DS, and your regular opponent are fielding unit of 40 warriors of chaos, or 18 ironguts, or stuff like that, sure, go for a DS yourself.
But if you are playing for fun against player in the same mindset, 25 guards are just fine.
I suppose they are in 5x5 ranks? Then maybe you could drop the banner of barrow. It's a great banner, but it will only affect 10 attacks.... For 50pt, not sure if it is worth it.

Zombies and skellies, on the other hand... 30 will be destroy in a round by pretty much any real unit. You will have to put them in second line, and boost it to 40-50 before going in combat. Or just paying for a bit more of them in your list.

If you need point: maybe you can spare the lance on the black knight. After all, the vamp lord do the killing, and as you said, the knight are only here for his protection.

You have many caster. Maybe a bit to much. As i really like the corpse cart, which go well with a necromancer and the book of arkhan, i would keep that one. Maybe give then necro lvl 2, to help passing Nehek.
But the other necromancer... Meh. Won't survive a round in melee, and you need your ghoul in the melee. This one could be skip.

Vamp hero: you do know that the dark acolyte only affect Nehek, right? So, if he take beast lore, it will never serve him.
Not a fan of the nightshroud. They are cheaper way to gain +1 armor save, and the special effect only affect model in base contact. On a vamp on foot, it means only 3 guys will be hit... or even less if it's cav and so on.
Could be nice in challenge, but he is not made for challenge as he is. If you want a good protection, they are other nice way: the 4++ ward, the 5++ and a little magic weapon, the 2+ armor that let you take an additionnal hand weapon...

General: do you really want to have a so costly vampire lord with lvl 4, without the Earthing rod? Trust me, a miscast and a general in Chaos won't be good. At all. You can take the risk, but as he is your only lvl 4, he will cast a lot...
Dragonhelm: why not, if you suspect your opponent to have flamming attack it's good. But look: shield and dragonhelm are 13pt. Enchanted shield and dragonban gem is only 10ot :p
Another little hack (won't work with the other, as you can't have two magickal armor, so pick one): talism of preserv + heavy armor is 51pt. Armor of destiny is only 50.
Yeah, it's nothing. But sometime, you just need that little extra point to but something else in an unit ^^
Sword of strife: seems nice on the paper, and go well with red fury. But you are paying a vampire lord. Where do you want it? Fighting goblin, or fighting your opponent's best unit? I would guess the second one. And a good unit always have a high toughness, or big armor save... something where you will need great strengh to win. S5 is good, S6 kills dragons, S7 is worse. Except in really special occasion, more S is always better than more A.

All that say, i agree on one point with ChrisRabbit: you are lacking something to go fast beyond the line of your opponent. A unit of 6 wolf is a good chaff (can even be 5 for that), but, except if your opponent is really bad, it won't go anywhere near his canon/catapult/caster bunker. Think bat (flying!), think emissary (ethereal that go throught unit? yeah!), think more wolf (one unit will be kill. 3 unit or more will be harder). Or think big: vampire on flying steed, or give to your vampire in GG the flying power.
That would be nasty :3

Good luck with your little bloodsucker!