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Captain Brown
13-06-2005, 19:10
Well I just wanted to start a thread on this game, because it is great. Not since the original Medal of Honor have I had so much fun in a first person shooter game with a WWII theme.

The squad concepts and requirement to use a team was lots of fun, (Full Spectrum Warrior introduced this but fell a little short on letting you get into the action) and fairly easy to use.

The multiplayer is awesome, too bad I am no longer in school (fond memories of Medal of Honor LAN parties) as my circle of fellow players has shrunk over the last few years (part of that had to do with me being 10 years older than most of the class) but with xbox live you can almost always find a game.

Only issue with the game that I encountered was the fact that in a couple of missions there was a route that you had to follow to accomplish the mission. Quite a few you could roam and try all sorts of different ways, but a few seemed a bit scripted.

My two cents.

14-06-2005, 08:15
It does look like a fantastic game - i tried the demo on my PS2 and i was very impressed.

I'm hoping to get/buy it very soon.

14-06-2005, 10:09
It's a very gritty game. A perfect antidote for the medal of honor 'hollywood' WW2 game.

I love the realism - if you get shot, you die. Not like games like MoH and Cod where you can take several hundred bullets to the chest before dying.

My only beef is the missions are a bit short. Shoot a few germans, move to new area, shoot a few germans. End level. But i guess that's what the 101st had to do post D-Day!

I think my favourite mission so far has to be Rommel's Asparagus. Good open area with lots of flanking opportunities, and quite a few MG42's to 'borrow'!

Captain Brown
14-06-2005, 18:35
My only beef is the missions are a bit short. Shoot a few germans, move to new area, shoot a few germans.

That was part of what I loved about the game. Most of these WWII games you seem to have to kill thousands of the enemy single handed (you are the proverbial GI Joe or Rambo), this one was much more reasonable. Besides as the quality of the German troops improves as the missions progress (fighting other Paratroopers and Waffen SS rather than Ost Battalion Reserve Troops) you really do want to face less of them, because they will use your flanking tactics against you if they can.

Also loved the fact that getting shot hurts (in fact I even like how they cloud the screen as shots wizz by your head) same as jedi152.

28-06-2005, 12:02
I'm stuck on one of the Tank levels. I'm still trying to get used to the covering fire, and assault maneuvers. I often usually opting for me to, singly, take areas, with only simple covering fire from my AI teamates. And when, and if I choose to send them in, more often than not they are torn to bits by a Machine Gun of sorts.

Colonel Cleric
13-07-2005, 13:22
Yo brown, if youve got xbox live ill play BIA wuith ya, i have it but ive only ever played it once, it seemed extremely boring without any of my normal xbox live friends on with me.