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13-10-2014, 20:23
In the beginning (a long, long time ago!) I was more of a fantasy fan. It all began with the original hero quest. I think it was the 3D board and the TV advert that did it. This was followed a few years later by Blood Bowl when a friend advised of a game of American football, of which we were (and still are) big fans, only that it was played by goblins and elves. Our first fledgling visits to our local GW were purely to stock up on our BB collections and merely watching on as young cherubs as crowds of people played the warhammers. At the time, my preference was for fantasy, purely as this seemed to link in with BB (similar races etc) so thought we would give it a go.

The deal was, unofficially, that we would all buy the same game so that we could play together. It was one night talking on the phone (back in the pre mobile phone era, when you knew everybody's number by heart and would sit on the stairs on the phone for an hour!) to my friend, that he disclosed that he had indeed bought 40k, not warhammer fantasy. As a result, 40k it was. I've always been a big fan of sci-fi, so it wasn't a massive ordeal, but I'll be honest and admit I had never even considered 40k until that day!

So in summary, I kind of fell into 40k by accident at the time. Has been a big hobby of mine ever since.

suppose I should thank him really.

13-10-2014, 20:55
I kind of fell into 40k by accident at the time
Many good things in life happen by accident ;). Love, social conections, children....


Any way for me it was Dawn of War demo version from December game magazine. I fell in love with that game instantly (DAT INTRO), and start resarching lore about Wh40k. Year later after winter assoult I was 100% sure I want to play Guard, and after reciving some money in summer ( birthdate - DDay-1 :D), I bought my codex (still have it in decent shape) and first 40 guardsmen.

Rest, as they say, is history.

Flayed One Tastic
13-10-2014, 21:01
I had two Fantasy armies but whenever I brought an army to the shop in the hope of getting a game, I'd see everyone playing 40K and no one playing Fantasy. Eventually I decided to get a small 40K army purely so I could raise my chances of getting a game, even though I despised everything to do with Space Marines because they were so testosterone-fuelled, OTT and clearly designed to appeal to kids and adolescents. Not to mention the awful model poses. I got Necrons so I could just drybrush the models, forget about them until they were needed and return to Fantasy. But after a few games of 40K I realised I actually enjoyed it more than Fantasy for a myriad of reasons so I bumped up my Necron army and then got some Tau. And I still have those 20 metal Flayed Ones to this day! The Tau stuff all got sold on eBay a few years ago in order to make space, but even if I still had that army I doubt I'd use it any time soon, given the stigma which seems to surround the codex at the moment.

13-10-2014, 21:08
I got Space Hulk on the PC. It sucked, or I sucked, or the instructions sucked. Couldn't play it very far.

Later on, saw some 40K stuff in a store I randomly perused.

Then years later, saw a game store near a theater a friend and I went to on Wednesdays to help him get over his mid-week teaching hump. Visited it while waiting for him/movie and saw the 40K and Fantasy stuff. Eventually started collecting codices and army books. Even got the Fantasy 6th Edition book to help make heads or tails of the rules. This store later closed.

Then I met my eventual wife. I was visiting another LGS and she was curious about it. She then got me Assault on Black Reach for Christmas. She's only marginally regretted it since, but it gives me a place to go to get me away from her that doesn't involve alcohol, g-Strings, and/or dollar bills in said g-Strings, so it's "safe" in her opinion. We married that summer.

13-10-2014, 21:12
A friend called in a used copy of RT at a games convention auction in 1991, I think. At first we played with cardboard markers since real miniatures were difficult to get hold of (plus, we were young and poor). Then when we finally bought a box of the plastic Imperial Space Marines (the one with 15 beakies), we knew we were hooked. The rest is history, and I've been collecting 40k stuff ever since. Hrm, well apart from the 14 year hiatus that I've recently returned from.

EDIT: It was RTB01 of course, and we got 15 beakies each :)

14-10-2014, 00:50
Started off with Heroquest, then Space Crusade + Space Hulk computer game and a stack of WD's my brother had and then stumbled into a newly opened GW in 93 and walked out with my first blister pack.
Picked up my copy of 2nd edition from the Chatswood store on release day, fate sealed.

Charistoph: spot on about Space Hulk, haha!

14-10-2014, 02:25
Played an intro game in GW Kingston (Dark Eldar vs Catachans) just after 3rd edition came out and loved it. Bought a paint set and I've been hooked ever since. My first Blood Angels were brown because I didn't wait for the black basecoat to dry. Good times. :)

Snake Tortoise
14-10-2014, 03:52
A friend showed me his Dark Angels and I was bowled over that he'd painted them himself to such a high standard. They looked pretty incredible so I was inspired to visit GW the next day with my pocket money. Bought a box of 5 quid plague marines which would eventually become my first army- Nurgle themed CSM with greater daemon (T5 :D), daemon prince, predator annihilator, dread, plague bearers, lots of plague marines etc.

It later became apparent that my mate obviously hadn't painted those Dark Angels when I saw what his painting was actually like. The liar had been given them from an older relative and passed them off as his own work

14-10-2014, 04:39
The inciting incident:-
Visiting with an Aunt and Uncle, out shopping, waiting in a newsagents we had time to peruse various publications on the shelves, I picked up and leafed through a White Dwarf (only detail I can remember for sure now is that there was a Diorama - in the old "3D picture" style - on the back cover that I'm pretty sure featured squats).

Fast forward a year or so, as a reward for doing well in school I was allowed to order a "comic" from a local newsagent as a recurring weakly treat. My initial choice of "Nemesis the Warlock" was unavailable for some reason so I was obliged to make a second selection at which point I remembered White Dwarf, a couple of weeks later WD131 landed on my Doormat....
WD131 featured the launch of Advanced Space Crusade supported by an Inquisitor Kryptman short story, it also featured Bill King's legendary account of the Emperor's final showdown with Horus (available in various places online, if you've never read it, seek it out), I was hooked.
My next Birthday saw all money I had poured into a massive bulk buy at my Local GW (Shout out to the Brighton store) RTB01 amongst the purchases.
My first model was a Blood Angel (which was an impossible paint scheme - The virtually transparent Blood Angels Orange over Teracotta) but I quickly moved to Salamanders/Dark Angels as dark green was much easier to paint.

My first battle, some months later, was a massive all day affair with five school friends who I discovered had armies, three marine armies (My Green Marines, Silver Skulls and some Ultramarines stood still for an entire game and blasted an Ork/Genestealer army to pieces (thanks to a Psychic Power that allowed us to repeat any one game phase - we chose shooting every time). My Terminator Captain was briefly harassed by a mob of frenzied Snotlings fired from a Shok Attak Gun (the correct spelling, I assure you) but otherwise it was a whitewash for the Astartes.

Since then it's been my predominant Hobby, WHFB never really had a chance after that introduction.

Lord General Armstrong
14-10-2014, 09:43
One of my relatives played it, he bought me the 3rd edition rulebook and a box of Space Marines. Never really liked playing as super humans, I always liked being the run-of-the-mill human. Built them, painted them; terribly mind you and my painting skills have barely improved. D: Needless to say, I was a kid, so I was asking to do more jobs around the house to get some extra pocket money so I could buy some more figures. Every month or two I'd buy a box of stuff. Sometimes it was a single sentinel, a heavy weapon team, a box of 20 guardsmen (when that was a thing, I miss that), the odd chimera or leman russ. It took me a few years to build up my collection then, and funnily enough, I still have them all. In fact that's my current force. Still have to repaint them all, but I'm avoiding it.

Jeez, that was easily over 10 years ago.

Still Standing
14-10-2014, 09:46
Maybe 18 years ago a friend of mine collected Space Marines for 40k and Epic. Obviously I needed some of that!

14-10-2014, 09:57
Ha, great thread.

I saw Second edition BloodBowl being played and thought it was amazing, bought practically every team, then in a white dwarf one day an advert for Epic came out and I fell in love with it, so I got into Epic. Then a bunch of mates of mine got into 40k and so I started with my beloved Atalioc Eldar and it's been a lovely relationship since :)

14-10-2014, 10:21
I passed a LGS store that had the Rogue Trader book and RTB01 Space Marines painted on display, got it all and slowly painted (poorly) and played occassionally. It later led me to play Fantasy 3rd. ed. which I played a bit more than 40k and never looked back ;)

14-10-2014, 11:31
My introduction to miniatures and Games Workshop was through HeroQuest in the early 90's when I was 11-12. A few years later, having played both HeroQuest and SpaceQuest, a friend and I decided to buy the Bretonnia-Lizardmen 5th edition Warhammer start set, I would take the Bretonnians, he would be the Lizardmen.

40k was something we had gradually become aware of through WD and Final Liberation the computer game, and when my friends wanted to start playing 40k I was hesitant at first, mostly because Space Marines didn't appeal to me and to this day I've always preferred to play the "good guys". I didn't become a 40k-player until after I discovered I could buy Praetorian Guardsmen through mail-order.

14-10-2014, 11:32
Around 1988-1990 I picked up a number of GW products starting with Hero Quest and a partial photocopy of the 1st edition adeptus titanicus game from a cousin. IIRC my first purchase from games workshop was the old 6-pack battle titan box, while my first 40k purchases were the old rogue trader book, the RTB01 marine boxset, a landraider, and a rhino that was later converted into a whirlwind using the instructions in white dwarf.

Mostly space hulk and epic until the 2nd ed box set though, played pretty much every faction save for eldar, guard, and the marine variants. I particularly liked my little Ahriman-led cabal and his pink-horror summoning shenanigans.

Also took a stab at fantasy around that time with my ill-fated chaos dwarf army, had a decent run with dark elves in bloodbowl, and played orlocks in necromunda. It all came to a bit of an end during my time at university and when I picked 40k up again near the end of 4th I settled on the inquisition forces - mostly stormtroopers occasionally joined by a GK squad (because I liked the look of the terminators) and sisters for the seraphim.

Spiney Norman
14-10-2014, 11:36
I got hooked on the LotR SBG game some time during the early 2000s and after about a year of playing that jumped sideways to fantasy before getting into 40K with the 3rd edition Witch Hunters codex. Fantasy is still my 'main game' I guess, but I still play a lot of 40k and have expanded to two other armies over the last decade, which are Necrons and Dark Eldar.

Phaeron Setek
14-10-2014, 19:31
Back in the long long ago (about 17 years or so), I was at a hobby convention with my Cub Scout troop. I got a free plastic Terminator, and it was all downhill from there...

14-10-2014, 20:02
High School days pack in 1999, all of my buddies were playing this sci-fi miniature game (the newly released 3rd edition 40k), and they asked me to get into it with them. I thought it sounded kinda lame, and asked if there were any robots. Someone pulled out a White Dwarf with the Necron rules, and I've been playing them ever since.

14-10-2014, 20:03
Started with Heroquest when i was a kid playing with my older Brother & Dad, then picked up Fantasy(Wood Elves) around 2000 before starting 40k about a year later with Black Templars, as i loved the blurb/additional rules they had in the Armageddon supplement.

Never really became a regular player with either game for longer then a few months at a time, until the last year, when for the gaming side im having the most fun i have ever had.

14-10-2014, 20:36
Hero quest led to spacehulk then rogue trader. My first model was a squat :-)

15-10-2014, 10:20
Back in 1990 I visited a friend from my primary school who had some Rogue Trader models, rulebook and a WD with, I think, the original Dark Angels Epic Space Marine cover. Reading through it, seeing rules for Chaos Titans and mutations like tails got me interested in what the core rules were like. As my mate didn't have any Epic we poured over his RT rulebook and went over the principles of play and stuff, I was blown away by the level of detail. He did have Space Hulk and we got a game or two in and that was that. I got my own copy, followed by Rogue Trader, Epic 2nd edition, Advanced Space Crusade and then it carried on from there.

15-10-2014, 11:26
well, after getting space crusade for christmas back in the very early 90s i was in a newsagents when i saw a magazine on a shelf emblazoned with NEW RULES FOR SPACE CRUSADE! (turns out its issue 144ish of white dwarf) anyways, bought the mag (weird things called terminators and tyranid warrior rules) and fell in love with a picture of what was at the time called an Eldar Dreadnought (Banshee class). This led to a trip to the newly opened cardiff GW and buying Space hulk. The first game i bought that i collected an army for was actually Epic space Marine (+ renegades box) and i loved the eldar sooo much i then bought rogue trader and the vehicle manual......3 months later the first Boxed edition of 40k (2nd) was released (immediatley) invalidating these, but i loved the game sooo much i ended up with a huge eldar force. also, Space hulk is responsible for me having played Deathwing armies for almost as long as the eldar.

16-10-2014, 12:06
My older brother bought Space Crusade... the rest was history :P

16-10-2014, 12:35
I was building Airfix kits with my dad when I was about 8 and we went into a local store to buy some WW2 Germans and I came across a box of plastic Bretonnian archers. I begged my dad to buy them for me so he did. Then a few weeks later he started buying me 40k kits as well. Soon after that there was a club that the older boys in primary school went to so I went along as well. Been hooked pretty much ever since.

16-10-2014, 13:10
I was.... 11 and found out about it by a friend who had just joined the school, he explained a bit about space marines and I stomped around the schoolyard like a dreadnought.


16-10-2014, 13:35
For my very first I think it was probably back in 98/99 time I was still in primary school, a kid from my school had brought some chaos marines in on the end of term "bring a you/game in day"

After seeing them I promptly wanted them immediately hah, my dad bought me my first box of space marines, I'll never forget that because it was only a small tactical squad, and obviously been so young I asked dad if he would paint them for me, he said yeah and started painting, he got half way through (over a period of about a week or so) then left home, parents separated and I've never really been as close to him since, never ever finished them to this day and sold all my stuff twice when giving up the hobby but I've never sold these! Now I'm coming back into the hobby again.

16-10-2014, 14:29
My father and I started it together as a father son hobby when I was 10. Got the third edition starter sets right after they came out.

16 years later we are still going strong in the warhammer universe, its kept us together through tough times. No matter what happened we could talk about warhammer. Also warhammer fiction has been some of the best I have enjoyed.

16-10-2014, 14:57
I just stopped for financial reasons, always loved the hobby, now I'm in a good job for life that's why I am starting back up!

16-10-2014, 15:25
I got given an expansion for Space Crusade for my 6th birthday. I loved the models that came with it and wanted more. I found the local GW in the phone book (big up to GW Plaza!) and got bought some RBT01 and a RH1N0.

My 7th birthday saw me fully committed with the old TDA set and a land raider.

8th birthday saw 2nd Ed and Space Wolves.

I've collected wolves ever since, and dragged my two willing younger brothers with me into the 40k universe.

I'm not sure if it's solely due to 40k but we are closer than most brothers are as we always have something to talk about!

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16-10-2014, 20:29
HeroQuest and Space Crusade. The gateway drug of wargaming.

My first 40K models were Eldar. Enthralled by the now-legendary WD127, I intended to start an Eldar army 20-odd years ago, and I finally got around to it... last week.


17-10-2014, 05:20
I'm pretty sure in the late 90's I had seen some 40k models in a hobby shop in a slightly less small town about 45 minutes from my home town. I remember thinking it odd to see a guy with a sword poking out of a tank, and that the models were metal.

Then in 2000 I saw the ad in Boy's Life for Warhammer 40,000 that showed some Crimson Fists, that crucial snare that is the Dreadnought, and a small bubble with the 3rd edition Boxed Game contents. I went to the website on my dial-up internet, called and ordered a holiday catalog, and that December picked up the starter paint set that came with 12 colors, a brush, and 5 plastic 2nd edition Space Marines. Saved up christmas money and spare lunch money to buy the boxed game a month or so later. In the early years I'd have to drive at least 2 hours to buy 40k, which was a 3 or 4 times a year occurrence.

These day's I'm spoiled to live within minutes of nearly a dozen gamestores, and play every army finished armies, I don't play anything :cries:].

17-10-2014, 20:25
I had moved to a new town and I was hanging out at this gaming/hangout place. At first I went there to play AD&D 2nd edition, but after watching some friends play a game of 2nd edition 40k I got hooked on that too (Tyranids were great). Soon after I got the 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy starter box and a Skaven army. Good times...sadly I don't have the funds to continue the hobby, but I like to keep up with news and whatnot. Been thinking of selling my most of my miniatures because of it. :/

Sir Didymus
18-10-2014, 00:16
Started out back in RT with marines, eldar and genestealer cults. Then 2nd ed. hit, and I decided to spend my money and time on growing up.

Years later, I played WHFRPG and decided to revive the hobby with a friend playing fantasy. Then Dark Heresy hit, and I did some inquisition models for a campaign just for modelling, which inevitably lead to a tournament - just for fun.

A few years and a few armies later, I've decided focusing on infinity. As 40K has moved too far from being a tactical game to being just a modellers showcase, and even though I like to show off, I much prefer doing it in a game that doesn't focus on min-maxed deathstars and huge centrepieces - despite my fetish for huge robots :p

18-10-2014, 02:40
I played Fire Warrior, thought the Tau were cool and it just kinda snowballed to the point where now I spend my time at work, sleeping or doing 40k related activities.

19-10-2014, 04:44
For me it all started from a friend taking me along to a local gaming club when I was 11 or 12. Played some d&d, heroquest and some demos of epic which was fun but I was pretty interested in the sci if game a few of the older guys were playing, rogue trader. Ended up talking my mum into getting epic space marine for my birthday and that was that for a while. Then my brother and I got the 2nd edition box set one Xmas and that was that.

Had a 10 or so year break after leaving high school but got came back at the tail end of 4th. Been trying to keep up ever since.

19-10-2014, 08:41
I bought some Iron Claw and Citadel Rogue Trader miniatures before I knew there was a game. This was before Games Workshop was really even a name to me. Bought the Rouge trader rulebook in highschool after I found the first plastic spacemarine kit was released.At the time I hadn't even realized they were for the game either. They were all painted as Crimson Fists of course...By then I was hooked.

19-10-2014, 08:59
Me and some friends were playing Fantasy during 5th edition, but the Herohammer nature of the game got us bored quickly. I was playing Vampire Counts and litterally couldn't lose, that wasn't much fun for our group. So for a change I pushed the idea of trying out 40K. At the time, the fluff was really great and the game had just gotten a major overhaul. too bad GW screwed everything up for our group's taste a couple years later... Now I have only one friend who is completely bonkers about the game and a dozen others who won't touch the game ever again.

19-10-2014, 13:25
I was playing the first Warcraft game, when I happened upon a shop that had both human and orc miniatures on display. Started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It was only a matter of time (3 years?) until I switched to 40k. This was during the 2nd edition.

I remember finding the whole color scheme / chapter thing for Space Marines quite confusing when I first picked up those books. It seemed like you had to combine multiple books to get an army, and the way you painted your army determined what books you could use? But where to start?! :D

It was a moot point though, because even then I had the good taste to start with Tyranids :p

19-10-2014, 18:34
A friend of mine showed me the RT rule book back in high school, been roaming the webway ever since.

20-10-2014, 04:51
My friends brother collected some 40K models and we all wanted some as well. So I saved up for a box of Stormguardians 12 years ago. And we became 4 guys playing then 3 and now we are only 2 left.

I play 40K but only use FW models. Lost interest in what GW makes these days.

I have gotten my fiance into it though. She got tons of orks and a 30K army on her desk.

20-10-2014, 20:11
Used to be a bit of a tolkien fan when I was small. Bought some old minifigs figures at the model engineering exhibition in wembley one year(cost 7pence each if I recall -hideously expensive). Then in 1977 saw White Dwarf 1 on sale in my local model shop. Bought it (because there were dwarves on the front cover - cost 50pence ouch) and got into dungeons and dragons for a few years. Played RT a couple of times but I must confess I actually preferred the GW Spacefarer rules and miniatures they made for them. Played that lots into the early 80's. Still have the models. I did really like the old Chapter Approved campaign they did with the Space Wolves and orcs though. Thought that was very good and it was still just a skirmish game really. Played 3rd edition a couple of times with my eldest in the 90's. Have flesh tearer, imperial guard (the ones with the pith helmets) and necron armies. Never got into any later editions - although I bought a few forgeworld models I liked for painting up. Still play Battlefleet Gothic routinely at my local club (brilliant game and models) and occasionally Aeronautica Imperialis. Dont play 40k any more to be honest - although I love the setting. Still prefer spacefarer and some other scifi wargames rules tbh. Sorry about that.

21-10-2014, 19:22
It's been neat reading all of your experiences. I'm surprised at how many of you started with Rogue Trader. Since most people have never heard of this hobby, there's usually an interesting story for how people get pulled into it. For me, I was always an avid video gamer. My only experience with traditional games growing up was through my brother. He played lots of D&D, and I was fascinated by the colorful dice when I was very young, but he never let me play with him and his friends when I got a bit older. In high school my boyfriend tried to get me to play a few games of Mordheim, but it didn't really stick. I was much more concerned with makeup and trying to fit in. He tried to get me into a game of 40k with some friends, but I purposely showed up late, knowing that they'd already be playing. I still feel kind of bad about that!

I just kept playing video games all though high school and college. Toward the tail end of college, I got Dawn of War as a gift, and I vaguely remembered the orks from 40k. I read more on 40k through the internet, and called around local game/comic book stores to see if any of them had a 40k night. I showed up one afternoon to see what was going on. There were two guys playing Warmachine. They must have been practicing for a tournament because they were very serious about it, and they had a timer going for turns. They barely acknowledged me when I mentioned I was interested in playing a wargame, so I just watched them quietly.

Then I heard a burst of laughter from the next room. I looked in, and there was a 3-way game of 40k going on. The guy in the middle was obviously getting destroyed by the two armies flanking either side of him, but everybody was laughing about it. I realized, yeah, this is the game I want to play. The 40k guys were very friendly and told me more about the game, gave me pros and cons of each army, etc. I started playing a few months before 5th ed. came out.

Still Standing
21-10-2014, 19:35
That's a good story, and fits with my experiences of Warmachine too!

21-10-2014, 20:40
Really enjoyed reading everyone's individual journeys into the hobby, as theolla says. Great how people have so many different stories and memories from younger days taking their first steps into the madness!

One thing does stand out however, it seems that hero quest and space crusade have an awful lot to answer for ha!

17-11-2015, 08:36
Really enjoyed reading through everyone's different experiences, if ok am going to 'bump?' I believe it's called, so more newer members can add their experiences. Mods, please forgive if this isn't allowed, let me know and I will delete thread if I shouldn't have done this!


17-11-2015, 15:07
A friend and I were going to a Local Con(Diecon Collinsville IL) to Play Rolemaster (1998). While there we played a demo with a guy who was there. We actually played 3 demos as we were the only one who were there at the time, others came a watched. Another guy that was entering the tournament showed up and threw his army on the table against the 2 of us using the demo armies. We had a lot of fun.. That day we put our money together and bought the then starter set then, Marines and Dark Eldar. He took the Marines and I took the Dark elder.

I have been playing ever since, except for the brief respit in 5th Edition when I lost my Job and couldn't afford to buy the new rules. SOLD everything I owned (6 Armies) and took a year off. When my son turned 12. We both got back into it. I did orks at first but switched back to Dark Eldar when they got the new models. Now have over 6000 points of Dark Eldar and still growing.

17-11-2015, 15:56
Got into 40k via pretty much the first friend i made at secondary school, way back in 94. He showed me his collection of plastic beaky space marines, and he explained about how the game worked as well. I was pretty hooked there and then. The next day we went to GW and his mum bought me a box of marines (multi part plastics 6 for a fiver) and an ork blister to get me started. A couple of weeks later i got the 2nd edition starter for my birthday, and spent the next few years obsessively reading all the books over and over. Drifted out of the hobby around the time 3rd landed, and got into CCGs, video games, girls, football, drinking and martial arts. Now with 2 children, i fealt the pull back into the hobby after playing XCOM and space marine on the ps3 a couple of years. Got dark vengeance off my other half, and now have a rapidly growing collection of 40k stuff. Getting betrayal of calth for xmas, and really looking forward to starting 30k alpha legion.

Khaines Wrath
18-11-2015, 05:11
Played a game using Tau at my local store using their display models, fell in love and then spent practically all my pocket money and my 13th birthday buying and assembling a Tau army.

18-11-2015, 05:51
My dad bought me and my brother a starter set for LOTR from a small toy store, which was cool and got us both into the hobby. Our first battle in a GW store was a scenario re-enacting the bridge of Zhazad-dum encounter with the Balrog, during which my brother playing the fellowship actually destroyed the bridge while the Balrog was on it, netting him the game!

None of my friends wanted to get into it for whatever reason. That is until we met other guys who played 40k, which roped them and myself in pretty quickly. Here we are about 12 years later still shelling out :rolleyes:

18-11-2015, 06:26
I used to do a lot of fantasy drawings when I was a kid (I'm a graphic artist now)
my dad found a White Dwarf at the news agents (#199 release of the 2nd ed Chaos Codex)
and thought I'd get some inspiration from the art and models.

It had the Horus Heresy background and I'd never heard of a space marine before so the article took on this mythic dreamtime quality, I thought the Emperors Children were his actual children that had betrayed him, that Horus actually had sons (a thousand of them - got SoH and TS combined)

I wanted to get the game but needed to save up my paper run money (at $10 a week, the starter set was around $90 at the time)

I kept my interest up with old White Dwarfs from the 2nd hand book stores and got seduced to Fantasy and more specifically Orcs.
However by the time I'd saved up enough to get the WFB starter 4th ed was over and and the starter box was now Brets and Lizardmen, I wanted Orcs ... the 2nd ed 40k starter had Orks ... I started 40k

Getifa Ubazza
18-11-2015, 07:57
It was Heroquest and Space Crusade. Like the OP, I was a bigger fan of fantasy, but I was really bad at ranking models up, so I shelved fantasy until I first saw Blood Bowl and went with 40k instead and I've been collecting ever since. It's hard to believe I've been in this hobby for 20+ years. I feel so old now. Thanks for that starbeam.

18-11-2015, 08:18
hero quest then a local wargaming club on saturdays, then it spiraled out of control from there...

18-11-2015, 13:59
Walked into a local, and at that time common hobby/comic store in California, Comix&Comics to browse cir. 88. They were unpacking a new box of goodies and out comes this just arrived hardback book with art on the front (and inside) that was unlike anything else I had ever seen that I was entranced by. That book was Rogue Trader.

18-11-2015, 16:12
I didn't know it until years later but Heroquest - but that was a false start. It really started when I was in a comics shop and someone pointed to the GW shop next store, then one of only three in the USA. It was magic. I remember getting a promotional pamphlet with stuff like the vindicare assassin, the avatar, hive tyrant, fire dragon exarch... Every once ina while I still find that sense of wonder from the 40k setting. I was young, though, so my friends and I couldn't afford much at first, so we played Necromunda and then Gorkamorka on weekends while we slowly built up our armies (I was Blood Angels, my friends nids and Chaos). It was a great time. I've never had a regular gaming group again in twenty years.

18-11-2015, 19:02
Started out playing Basic D&D and Tunnels and Trolls in the last year of primary school and we used the ral partha and golden line range of lead/pewter D&D miniatures. I painted them using humbrol enamels!
Then I went to high school (Hutton Grammar near Preston in the NW of England, UK) and there was a thriving role playing and board gaming club there and was introduced to games like Squad Leader, Laserburn and 1st edition Warhammer.
One birthday I went with a group of mates and we all bought a copy of WH40K Rogue Trader each and 3 or 4 blisters of minis (we had all been saving!). I bought squats. Later expanded to Eldar as most of my mates wanted IG or Marines.
Over 30 odd years later and I am part of a large, mature gaming group (most guys in their 40s and 50s) and we play round at each other's houses using our dedicated wargaming boards (mostly in converted garages).
We play role playing games, historical wargames, board games and yes, we still play 40K (and 30K and Aos and Epic and Warmaster!).


18-11-2015, 19:50
Synergy of Final Liberation and Half Life: Opposing Force; I had a force of urban camo metal Cadians before I noticed.

Kodos der Henker
18-11-2015, 20:07
After years of Warhammer Fantasy I downloaded the free BFG rules (because I was always into Space Ships), liked the background story and bought a fleet. Because there were only few gothic players around that time I got into 40k.

Casper Hawser
18-11-2015, 20:29
It was 1988 I was 10 we had just moved house the neighbours invited my parents over I was introduced to their son I think he was 12 he showed me Blood Bowl and I couldn't get enough I started buying White Dwarf git Blood Bowl then a year later I got Space Hulk and started playing Warhammer fantasy role play with some friends at school. Hero quest and Tyranid Attack followed then I stopped got into girls and raves at the weekend I used to live for the weekend.
Then played Dawn of War around 2007 I remembered how much I enjoyed the book Space Marine by Ian Watson looked into what books were out at the time saw the Horus Heresy books and remembered how much I love Bill Kings Horus heresy story in an old White a Dwarf bought and devoured them up to Legion went into local GW shop in 2008 and started with 5th edition. Haven't stopped playing since.

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Ace Rimmer
18-11-2015, 23:02
When my brothers the new best friend moved to the area in the early 1990's he introduced us to GW games, so we all started Epic armies, he Imperial Guard, my brother Space Marines and I started Squats and Eldar. Then when they released Epic Armageddon and squatted my roughly 14,000 point Squat army I decided to jump ship and start collecting 2nd Ed 40k (around '96) and had Eldar & Chaos armies. I've since added many other forces to my army collections, although I'm currently in the process of thinning out my collection and sticking primarily with my long beloved Eldar.

19-11-2015, 00:48
I started with Traveller followed by Hero Quest and Battle Masters, I also had Space Crusade at some point.

Still got them all as well :D

20-11-2015, 14:33
I started with TDE (in German DSA) then came up with CAR WARS and BATTLETECH. Then came STARQUEST (MB) and second edition. Ever since then I have been in the 40k models more or less deeply.

20-11-2015, 16:04
I started in 40k back in fourth edition after I had a chimeria gifted to me by one of they guys at the hobby shop. The thing is a beaten up peice of **** so I rarely use it but with out it I would have never started playing.

21-11-2015, 09:00
Found some of my Dad's old ultra marines and the first Dawn of War. After a year on and off again painting some old tau and ork models, I got into Imperial guard the following year because of the lore behind them.

22-11-2015, 05:12
My first introduction to 40k was my friend conscripting me to help him during the EoT campaign(That git tricked me into helping those smelly imperials:shifty:). I enjoyed playing his imperial navy in BFG more so though. After the EoT campaign I went back to fantasy and didn't spend my oen money on 40k until DoW....

That opening scene where the blood ravens repel the orkz......I was sold right away. Built an alpha legion army and enjoyed the awesome-sauce that was 3.5 Chaos Marines:D. After 4th edition CSM came out, it made my CSM illegal and I dabbled in other armies, IG, orkz, blood ravens, nids, and tau.

22-11-2015, 10:55

Seriously. When I was 15 (long ago now), I was laid up after having my killer bit of extra intestine removed. I got the original box of Valhallan Guardsmen and away I went. The following year, the 2nd ed Chaos Codex came out...

I'd been into the GW world's for some time beforehand, especially with Epic and a bit of WFB, but my appendix trying to kill me in 1995 was the catalyst for 40K.

22-11-2015, 15:55
When I was 11 a friend had been introduced to 2nd Edition but someone they knew. He taught me and my brother and we got the 2nd Edition starter box for Christmas. He went Orks, I went tin soldiers (specifically Blood Angels) and it went from there. Now 20 odd years down the line I keep getting drawn back!

22-11-2015, 17:18
I had no idea what 40k was until a friend in PE (Physical Education) class was talking about going over to play this game with his other friends. I've always liked hobby stuff and my dad was into model trains in his later 20's/30's. I liked the miniature aspect and liked the painting aspect. I went with him to the local store, Little Wars in Baton Rouge, and after going back and forth between Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, and Nids picked up a single Tyranid warrior with a barbed strangler, the Nid codex, and about 4 or 5 of the old white top hex bottle paints. The good stuff.
I collected nids then and I remember to this day trying to save up the $32.50 it cost for either a Carnifex or Hive Tyrant, or the $24.99 for a Lictor. I wish I had taken more time to understand the book, but I ended up with a hodge podge of figures for the nids, including a single Magus and Genestealer hybrid and even a Leman Russ tank for the cult allies. That was about 1997-99. Somewhere in there I had also started collecting Dark Angels and had enough to play a decent game between the two armies.
To think that I had sold off both armies for about $100 each, but kept my DA dreadnought for some reason. About 5 years later, I found that dreadnought and I went back to Little Wars to see how the game had changed. I didn't leave empty handed and haven't looked back since.
Recently, GW has made it a point to drive my motivation to keep up with them way way down, so I've started back at 2nd edition and started rehashing some of those old vibes with that same friend that got me into it in the first place. It's been a fun ride.

22-11-2015, 17:42
My local toy shop started stocking 4thed WFB, MoW, BB and Epic boxed sets. Picked up WFB (that's the one I liked the most). Word of mouth found me a local club, and eventually bought all of the other games.

These days I play mostly BB and a little 40k.

24-11-2015, 18:15
When I was a little kid, like 8+, I was really into P&P rpgs, and my bros and me bought some fantasy models more as gaming aids than anything else. My older brother also bought RT, but seeing as I'm Swedish, my English at the time wasn't really up to the task of allowing me to understand the rules in RT. I tried to play like 2-3 times, but I had more fun with Talisman or D&D.
I do remember buying my first GW models. A pack of Snotlings! Still have em! :D

However, when I was 10 2ed came out, which my brother got, and then my English was a bit better and I was a bit wiser, so a Chaos warband was eventually formed.
Still have a bunch of those old RT Nurgle renegades, and my army now still uses the old glam-rock Noise marines. I think I got value for my money spent so to say. :)

24-11-2015, 18:59
Back in hmm, 2004-2005 I think. Prior to that my first kit was the 6th starter kit of WHFB (so awesome to this day), I swore to fantasy and could not get myself to believe that 40k could even be fun to play, I mean, guns, really? Took out all the fun of the close combat awesomeness from WHFB (though they had their guns of course, but different). Not to mention the heretical round bases, less miniatures per squad (unless orks or tyranids of course) and just so "unrealistic", haha, makes me laugh.

I went to a friends house once, where he and his father had started with the Battle for Macragge set, which I'd never seen before and we played through the missions in the booklet. I loved it! That was at the time when the starter kits were at a much more affordable (imo) price, so I went ahead and got it. Painted the figures and had a good time, but it never reaaaally got to me before I at a different friends house tried Dawn of War 1, after that I was sold.
WHFB has taken a backseat since, and alltogether gone now since AoS.
Still to this day, the Hive Fleet Behemoth and Ultramarines are stuck with me, and I find painting any other colour themes somewhat difficult.

EDIT: I loved BfM so much I tried to get hold of the "The Battle Rages on!" booklet with extra missions for years (it went out of print before I managed to get one, no GW in my town) and found it on the grand eBay 2 years ago, ahh, bliss.

24-11-2015, 23:33
1987. I picked up two boxes of RTB01's, a few SM character blisters, and a half dozen packs of Eldar. Little did I know the horrors that awaited by bank account...

25-11-2015, 00:47
It was early 1997 and I was living in Jakarta as my Dad had been transferred there for 3 years. I was already aware of Games Workshop and 40k as I had been in the Aberdeen GW store a few times to buy Citadel Combat Cards which were popular at my school in the early 90s. I had also previously and unsuccessfully asked my parents to purchase the 2nd ed boxed set sometime around its original release.

A few new kids came into my year after Christmas '96 and (as the adolescent social scene can change quite rapidly) they soon became part of my core group of friends. One of them phoned us individually one weekend to ask if we had ever heard of 40k and were interested in playing. This had been prompted by his interest in the game and the fact that there was a new (non GW) store opening in Jakarta.

As there were six of us, the idea was that each of us would take one of the six factions available at the time. He had already chosen Space Marines (Blood Angels) and one of our other friends had already chosen Chaos so my choice came down to Eldar or IG (Orks and Tyranids did not particularly interest me). Although I liked the IG Tanks there was something about Eldar that deeply appealed to me and that appeal has never really abated as they have remained by main faction ever since.

We had a relatively short period of 6 months as a group as I moved to Houston shortly thereafter. Fortunately I met another GW enthusiast at my new school in Houston (still good friends to this day, although sadly half the world away these days) and we were able to start up another group playing both 40K and WHFB.

25-11-2015, 02:00
Around age of 10 in 1987 i got heavily into Fighting Fantasy Books, Warlock Firetop Mountain etc., and my brother and his mate were roleplayers and they use to bering home from school all these amazing games such as MERP, rolemaster, Traveller, Paranoia. They introduced me to the red box D&D basic set and at some point WFRP, the hardcover with the picture of the Dwarf Slayer slamming his axe into the chest of an orc. My Brother and his friend had some miniatures for RP purposes but i cannot recall any table top battle games occurring. I do remember my brother getting Talisman boardgame which i loved.

Then around 1991 Games Workshop in Maidstone opened and i stumbled across it purely by accident. This is pre internet days so it was completely out of the blue. I remember my first purchase was four Runequest roleplaying books for £8! I then picked up Space Hulk and the rest is history, apart from the odd break for a few years here and there beein collecting ever since.

05-12-2015, 01:08
My friends got me into it in high school, unfortunately I didn't really have enough money to get into it until now.

ORk Rebellion
09-12-2015, 10:41
I started at the age of 11 with chaos space marines then progressed to space marines wow huge difference i know was a marine player from 14-19 then from 20-current date iv been an ork player and i much prefer the orks and the quantity of models to the lack of models with marines

Panzer MkIV
09-12-2015, 11:37
Uk WD 248-249: The 3rd war for Armageddon!

11-12-2015, 21:15
My journey into 40K was a slightly odd one. My sisters had gotten me a book voucher for my birthday quite a few years ago. I ended up buying the Ravenor omnibus on the basis of the cover and a quick flick through the book. Then I read some more Dan Abnett after borrowing Brothers of the Snake from the library. The sense of awe the woman at the start of the book feels at seeing a space marine matched my own.

I ended up going into a GW and finding out all about it. And the rest, as they say, is history...

12-12-2015, 07:02
Somewhere around 2000, with some of these:

12-12-2015, 19:32
Started Table Top with 40K as an child at the Release of the 3rd ED. I always was into SIFI anyways and the Universe GW created is just AWESOME.^^
Then my friends and i became more interested in the Hobby, so we started a bunch of other TT Games (Epic/Infinity/FlamesOfWar, ect.)

An Year a go we meet an old Friend of us, talking frantically about this Cool Miniature Game he and his friends are Playing. So back to 40K again this time with an Large group of players. :)
I picked Sororitas, because i am kind of devoted to Rare Army“s, had some Miniatures left (never sold them cause i liked them that much), used them as allies for my Black Templar back in 3rd ED. Franatic Crusaders and Nuns, to Cool! Some of the overall best Models GW ever created.

12-12-2015, 19:44
The college gaming club I was a member of had a starter set, and I offered to paint it up after playing it a few times. Was hooked a few games in.

12-12-2015, 20:53
Most of the group after 7th ed of fantasy moved onto 40k and so I did.Then I started with vanilla SM and followed with Eldar and Flesh Teasers.

12-12-2015, 21:14
"Flesh Teasers" eh? Sounds like a slaneeshi warband. :p

Sid Snake
14-12-2015, 02:01
It was actually Citadel Combat Cards that got me into it, as a little Xmas present once.

The cards had a little leaflet tucked away in them, which had pictures of Epic marines and land raiders, and you could send off for a little starter pack, which had a 2nd ed 40k Marine and Ork and WFB High Elves (2) and Goblins (2). I think it had some paints as well.

2nd ed 40k followed next bday, which I mainly liked for the models, and for reading all the books obsessively, and all the cards and counters. Painting took a very long time as the 'production line' hadn't occurred to me. Rarely actually played except strange small games with my father and grandfather (which were amazing). Mainly I drew pictures of and wrote stories about the characters.

Every so often my dad and I would go to the local GW and pick up something interesting on a one-off basis: the old Tyranid Warriors 3 model box, a blister of Banshees, a Blood Angels Captain, a Rhino, some Epic stuff like the Stompas box. No Codices or Dark Millenium: we took the rules from what came with the 2nd ed box game.

My last year of primary (UK terms) and first year of secondary school coincided with 3rd ed 40k, and also with other kids I knew getting into it, but they weren't doing it right (just buying loads of models with their higher pocket money and not caring about the rules, even though their folks were rich enough to get them 2nd ed box set + dark millennium + codices + dreadnaughts; one of them had TWO 3nd ed box games ...). I didn't like 3rd ed rules, or dark eldar because I thought the dark was already there in the eldar!

So from about 12-17 I hung around GW stores generally being 'into' GW stuff, playing WFB and sometimes 40k. Was never very good at playing (it wasn't really a 'game' to be 'won' in my mind) and as a result annoyed and alienated a lot of the locals, who at the same time were semi good friends/and or severely troubled That Guys. At about 17 I finally managed to paint a model 'good enough' (a WFB Dogs of War Dragon I'd mail-ordered without the rider) but just after that I got the Velvet Underground's first album and decided I was going to be 'cool' and not do hobby stuff for ten years.

Now as I settle into extreme old age, I've formed a small gathering of people who like doing it, rather like a splinter cell from an AA meeting who sometimes have just one drink.

Wolf Lord Balrog
14-12-2015, 05:05
Almost 20 years ago, I had a good friend that played Tyranids, so I had heard of 40K and knew what it was. I didn't consider getting into it until one day I walked into the LGS (I was already a big tabletop RPG gamer) and saw some 40K box sets in the bargain bin.

Specifically, what caught my eye were the old metal Space Wolves Long Fangs. Space Vikings in power armor with heavy weapons? Hell yeah! They've been my thing ever since. :)

14-12-2015, 20:03
A friend of mine's wife bought him the 3rd edition boxed game for Christmas by accident.

18-12-2015, 08:16
Many many moons ago me and my brother purchased this board game called "Space Crusade" and were affected by it in such a way that we have (on and off) spent over 30 years playing Games Workshop games since.

18-12-2015, 15:18
I started because I was a mini painter who bought a handful of minis from the 40k line because I thought they were hilarious. I think my first blister was some Space Dwarfs and then a plastic box set of Eldar warriors (to fight some random Battle Tech mechs I had.) I started actually playing mini games with Blood Bowl, then moved into Fantasy, Necromunda, and Warzone and then finally 40k.

19-12-2015, 13:19
Space crusade, then the 40k rogue trader, which I still have to this day.