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Hello all! I recently created a WHFB campaign for two of my buddies and felt the need to share our exploits. We are only two battles into it, but I figured I would share the majority of the details and how the battles played out. I may refrain from sharing everything from time to time, but feel free to ask for more details if you want them!

I may give away some spoilers, so if you are my friends and happen to have stumbled upon this... stop reading! at least until this is over.

As a forward, this is meant as a semi-rpg and less competitive. The two players are on a team against me, the GM, so from time to time I may orchestrate things in their favor in order to prevent landslide victories or to keep the game fun. I have an experience system in place for units with an upgrade chart to roll on when they hit enough xp. I also have a death chart system for if a player's general were to die. I changed unit comp, due to them always being on a team, to: 33% lord, 33% hero, 50% special, 20% core minimum, and 33% rare. I also told them no named characters.

My one buddy is playing Ogres and my other friend is HE. Before we began, I had them make custom heroes who must be their general every game. This is what they came up with:

Skrotag - Ogre General (150pts)
M6 WS5 BS3 S5 T5 W4 I3 A4 LD8


After taking over a town/city, Skrotag has a habit of forcing the local master blacksmith (via pain and torture and other creative ways of spilling blood) to create a new piece or armor or weaponry. Afterwards, Skrotag tends to eat the said blacksmith because he is hungry. Ogres started calling Skrotag the "Redsmith" because this routine.

He was originally a member of a large tribe. in most tribes, Bruisers are like the bodyguards/enforcers for their Tyrant. Anytime that an Ogre is bullied/bossed around unfairly...nothing stops him from just fighting/killing/eating the Bruiser that annoyed him.

After a major battle, one of the Bruisers decided to try and take some of Skrotag's war loot for himself. Skrotag (at the time had no rank) quickly dispatched the overstepping Bruiser and took the role of Bruiser for himself. Unfortunately for Skrotag, the Bruiser that he just replaced was the son of the Tyrant. Upon hearing of this...the Tyrant went into a rage filled attack against Skrotag.

Skrotag, before he was Bruiser, was like-able enough for an Ogre. He earned the respect of his fellow Ogres time and time again. Now that he was their Bruiser, they saw it as an honor to serve and protect him. The Tyrant realized that he was out matched between Skrotag and him small group of guards.

Instead of fighting, the Tyrant took the coward way out and decided to banish them all from his clan. Ever since that day, Skrotag led the Brawlerguts tribe. Overtime, his clan grew from just his guards to many Ogres. How can an Ogre not want to be part of the tribe that not only stood up to a Tyrant (and lived) but also constantly attacks farms, villages, castles, and towns? There is plenty of war, food, and loot to go around upon joining Brawlerguts.

Special Rules:

Fist of Pain

Skrotag has an upgraded Iron Fist. One of the previous blacksmiths was able to fasten a blade onto the end of Skrotag's Iron Fist. This grants him +1 to his armor save (and allows a parry) in addition to having the AHW rule.

Bloodhide Armor

Skrotag has heavy armor coated with the skin of a bloodletter. In addition to having heavy armor, Skrotag has scaly skin +1. Also, Skrotag gets d3 impact hits as well as d3+1 on an overcharge due to having the horns of a bloodletter strapped to his armor.

*As a side note, my ogre friend actually made this model and it looks great

Eruantien - HE General (110 pts)
M5 WS6 BS6 S4 T3 W2 I7 A3 Ld9

Back Story:

Eruantien is 1500 years old and knows more than you can imagine. His name can not be pronounced correctly by non elvish speaking tongues, but for our case, pouncing it Air-oo-ahnt-ee-ehn will suffice.
Eruantien spent many of his younger years traveling to the edges of the world studying the various weaponry other lands had to offer, but returned to Ulthuan during its greatest time of need. The Phoenix King Aenarion had just passed to the next life. During the 'missing year', the year between the election of the new king, chaos swept the land. It was clear to Eruantien that without leadership that Ulthaun would fall.
For several months the elves and daemons battled. The land of Caledor burned and it seemed even the Everqueen herself was lost among the carnage, and the realm with her. That is until word spread of the battle over the magic blue mountain (inside joke referring to an early WH days piece of impromptu terrain). An elven force lead by Eruantien met the infamous unit responsible for the devastation in Caledor. In just a few short moments, the entire unit of Daemons, who where no match for the elves high initiative. All elvenkind took heart of these actions and rallied as the Daemons reeled from the defeat. From this day, Eruantien would surely be welcomed to fight along side of any elven force.

Special Rules:

Gifts of Ulthuan:

The magic of elves knows no bounds. All high elf unit commanders have a special spell to summon equipment and abilities for truly great warriors who want to join and fight along side of the unit. Once cast, this spell grants Eruantien any equipment and special rules of the unit. Eruantien may start with the equipment and special abilities of any unit he begins the game in that has a commander. If Eruantien moves to a new unit mid battle, the commander must perform a bound level 4 cast. In the event of a miscast, Eruantien does not gain their equipment and special abilities. Irresistible force has no effect.

Swift Strike:

Over many battles, Eruantien has perfected every weapon and gains +1 attack.

With that, I basically told them nothing. They were forced to play the first battle without knowledge of who their enemy would be, but I told them that they would be fighting each other during a border dispute to begin. They made 1000pt armies geared toward fighting each other... but they were in for a surprise : )

Before the battle began, I gave them this:

Skrotag has been on a bloodlust since his exile and the formation of the Brawlerguts. He is intent on becoming a full fledged Tyrant, but in order for his fellow ogres to name him as such, he has need to gather heaps of loot and the bodies of his enemies. This has pushed him to expand further and further with his attacks.
These attacks have grown precariously close to Ulthuan. Too close for Eruantien who sees it as his job to protect the boarders, so he has amassed a sizeable force to meet the roaming horde head on.

Skrotag brought a group of mournfangs, an ironblaster, a single sabertusk, and a bull bus with butcher and Skrotag. Eruantien brought a sizeable silverhelm group (now quite infamous in our gaming) with a wizard and Eruantien, a bolt thrower, and a group of phoenix guard.

My goal had been to lay down a surprise by the end of turn two, but by the end of turn two, Skrotag's troops had done basically zero wounds and the silverhelms led by Eruantien had managed to charge the bull bus, win combat, and overrun the group... well I couldnt let that happen so I stopped the pursuit against skrotag and let my surprise occur at that moment. So I gave them the following:

As the forces of Skrotag and Eruantien began their fight, the ground rumbled subtly, growing in intensity. The troops of both sides ground to a halt, unsure of themselves and what magic might be causing such a quake. Shouts grew from each army's flank as a large portal swirling purple and black formed, arcing lightning battlefield. Out from the portal a large host of daemons appears, out from the chaos itself.

At the head of the host flew a massive daemon prince, large by daemon standards and covered from head to thigh in blackened steel. His booming voice commanded the battlefield's attention as if in every ogre and elf's mind, "I am Azazeal, Commander of the Chaos Host's Vanguard. We are here to name the next Everchosen and retake this blotch of a world. Bow to me and you will be honored as the first of the Host's mortal allies. Take arms and I will be forced eat you like the vermin you are!"
Skrotag cursed and roared at the sight of his old enemy. While he may have earned his infamous name, the Redsmith, from fending off a horde of daemons during the chaos crusade, not more than a dozen years ago, the last chaos crusade came at great cost to the world. Led by the Everchosen Archaeon, a mortal given the gifts of all four of the greater daemons, the hordes of chaos laid siege to all the races of the world. Skrotag could not let such an evil halt his advancement.
Eruantien spat. The very image of chaos made his blood boil with rage and daemons were chaos incarnate. While he still viewed Skrotag as a threat, the Brawlerguts were the least of his problems compared to the daemons of chaos now surging forth from the growing portal. Archaeon the Everchosen was a god among men, so Eruantien knew that no mortal could be named again so soon. Eruantien could not let this vanguard take any ground and threaten his precious Ulthuan which sat so close to this threat.

The two generals quickly waived flags of truce, both burning with hatred.

This is where it got a little humorous. I had brought my daemons of chaos which I said were being brought, "just in case we can get to the second battle." So when I threw down a portal on the edge of the table (randomly decided by a roll of a die by the ogre player), it was a bit of a surprise for both of them to say the least... though they both had guessed daemons were their enemy eventually... because I love daemons (other than Ward's oddball choices) and they know it

As another note, I am not playing with the reign of comedy chart, nor the 2 and 12 break test results, and am picking my own daemon gifts so I can both balance characters out and give them some character. Azazeal for instance is a DP with the +1 wound and 2+ armor save gifts (and wings of course). I wanted him to be a rock and those just seemed to fit. As for the army which appeared, I made a fast moving army to fit the "vanguard" role: plague drones, bloodcrushers, screamers, a block of daemonettes with herald and ASF, and of course Azazeal. It was 1500pts. I was making something that could beat them this match and keep them away from the portal, for rp purposes.

The battle turned out... interestingly to say the least. The screamers and bloodcrushers went up against the silverhelms and phoenix guard. The silverhelms got the charge but after two rounds of combat lost all but Eruantien himself. The phoenix guard joined and barely lost a model. The screamers helped stall the situation but werent able to get a swoop in in time for that annoyance factor. In the end, the bloodcrushers and screamers were destroyed and the elves were ready to assist their now ally who was doing much worse.

the ironblaster got a single shot off and somehow missed Azazeal. Azazeal managed a long charge on the ironblaster and routed it off the map. Plague drones also managed a long charge on the mournfangs, won combat, and caught the mournfangs. The daemonettes ALSO made a long charge and tied up the bulls. Skrotag and his bulls held on and widdled the daemonettes down. The plague drones swooped back around after their pursuit of the mournfangs and slammed into the side of the bulls, but the bulls held on and continued to win combat rez, widdling the daemons down with instability.

By this time, the elves had arrived. Azazeal charged the phoenix guard and slew the group in a single turn and would have overrun right into the lone Eruantien model which was poorly placed but I stopped the battle at that point. Looking at the field, literally the only models on the field were a bolt thrower, Eruantien, Skrotag, the butcher, and Azazeal. It was a very interesting turn of events.

I left the battle saying that Azazeal left due to the destruction of his forces which left the rp open to an eventual return, but the battle was far from won as Eruantien and Skrotag were left with nothing but themselves on the field. I then informed them that during the last chaos crusade, an artificat known as the Daemon Heart was used to close the portals to the Realm of Chaos. This artifact was now in the hands of an Empire organization known as the Order of the Heart. They would now be racing to find this Heart to close the portal.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment. Please give me feedback in the form of: general comments, where you think this is going, or questions about anything I didnt specify very well! I will put installment two together in a few days! Thanks for read, I know this was long!

Also, if this is in the wrong part of the forum, please let me know. I felt it fit the batrep vibe though. And sorry for the strange spacing at times. I am copying from my notes and it doesnt always translate the best.

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Race for the Artifact:

So for this next scenario, I told Skrotag and Eruantien that they were both racing to find the Daemon Heart in the Temple of the Heart. I had each of them make 800pt armies and gave Eruantien a bonus to his troops of 50pts for having the most points left on the table last battel and Skrotag got 25pts. Their armies were required to have movement 5 or greater in order to represent their "rush" to the Temple. They began this battle as suspicious allies and I told them that they could not share army lists. Further, I planted the idea that the Heart would provide a bonus, so this was to be a bit of a race so to speak to see who would get it first. They did not know ahead of time who they would be fighting. Skrotag came to kill empire weaklings and take the Heart. Eruantien had hoped to spark an agreement but was willing to take it by force.

In actuality, I made an 1800pt Warriors of Chaos army called the Hellforged clan. They were worshipers of Tzeentch and Khorne and had come to take the Heart in the hopes that their leader would be crowned as the next Everchosen. I brought two chariots (one tzeentch and one khorne), a block of warriors marked with tzeentch and with a lvl 2 sorcerer, a group of skullcrushers, a chimera, and a block of chosen marked with khorne with an extra attack and an exalted hero.

To represent the events which had already taken place, I had them each roll 2d6 ahead of the game (4d6 in total) and multiplied that by 10 to represent the damage incurred by the Hellforged clan's attack on the temple. I applied the 140pts of damage ahead of the battle. When we got to the game, I set up a fort of sorts in the middle of the table with one tower destroyed. I then had them each roll a d6 to represent their scouting reports. Skrotag rolled a 6. Eruantien rolled a 1.

I told Eruantien that he arrived to the temple too late to see anything. All he knew was that the temple was aflame. He was then instructed to set up on one of the long ends of the table ahead of anyone (our real 4x6' table is out of commission currently and the one we are using is narrower but longer which worked in this case as I placed tehm each on either end of the long ends). Eruantien brought his valiant silverhelms and rode beside them with a lvl 4 wiz taking the life lore. He also brought a frost phoenix and a small contingent of reavers.

Skrotag on the other hand arrived early enough to watch the final moments of the sack of the Temple. He knew his enemy to be the warriors and in fact was able to set up after them. After I set up in the middle of the Temple, he placed his forces down. He brought another group of bulls, this time without a butcher. He brought his mournfangs again, a sabertusk, and he brought a stonehorn.

So the conditions of the scenario were that any unit within 2" of the center of the temple at the start of their magic phase could attempt to find/capture the Heart on a roll of 6+ and was then required to move the Heart to the edge of the board. Whoever got it, got it.

TURN 1 - Eruantien/Skrotag
Allies won initiative. Nothing really happened, they moved up enough to cause frenzy checks and failed quite a bit in the magic phase.

TURN 1 - WoC
The warriors had quite a few frenzy checks to make. They failed the majority of the checks but all ended up making their charges. Skullcrushers charged the frost phoenix and the two chariots set themselves up to charge/counter charge the reavers next turn. The warrior block stayed in the middle to try to capture the Heart. On Skrotag's side, the chimera got a charge off on the stonehorn and the chosen were forced to charge the sabertusk.

The warrior block failed to capture the Heart and I tried to cast a spell only to realize no one was in range of it... fail.

The combat went better for me this round. I actually slew the frost phoenix with only taking a wound or two... but in a moment of rp/fun I let the bird live with a single wound (bad move overall). I killed the sabertusk as expected and overcharged but not far enough to get out of the way of the bulls being able to flank me next turn. The chimera forgot to use his flame breath (not me... it was the chimera's fault) and the fight deadlocked.

TURN 2 - Skrotag/Eruantien
So I really screwed up because I set my chariots up so I could counter charge, but only if he charged one of the chariots... not the other. So the reavers charged the chariot which could not be counter charged. The silverhelms flank charged teh skullcrushers who in a moment of mercy gave up their ability to overcharge out of the way (again totally the skullcrusher's fault). The bulls flank charged the chosen and the mournfangs moved up to make a push for the center or charge the chimera if needed next turn.

In magic, nothing really happened other than the frost phoenix regained a wound.

In combat, the skullcrushers held on but pretty much were destroyed... no more mercy skullcrushers! The reavers did nothing to the chariot but the chariot could not break the reavers... bummer. The chimera failed in combat (he forgot his stupid flamebreath again!) and the stonehorn beat it (first combat ever for the stonehorn's owner to win a combat with his stonehorn). The bulls did a bit of damage and forced the chosen to flee but failed to catch them.

TURN 2 - WoC
To compound my ineptitude this game, I failed to turn around my warrior block to meet the charge of teh mournfangs next turn. I failed to get the Heart, the skullcrushers were destroyed, but the chosen rallied to face the bulls!

From here it just spiraled downward. The chosen were rear and front charged by the bulls and stonehorn. The mournfangs locked up the warriors but could not get them to route. The chariots were destroyed by the silverhelms and frost phoenix.

All in all, I overcompensated this game and tried to go too light on my competitiveness which caused me to make a lot of mistakes. Oh well.

Skrotag and Eruantien then forced their way to the Heart and rolled off against one another to see who got the Heart. They both rolled 6 on the same turn, so I had high number win on the next roll. Skrotag came away the victor and with the Heart game Hatred (Daemons) and +1WS.

Both leaders decided that they would need to unite forces to take out the Daemons and for it gained +1Ld each. They would also now be trusted allies and could share their lists. Neither one knew how the Heart worked and the temple records were destroyed in the fire and fighting. They simply knew they would need to attack the portal and whatever had come through since their departure...

That's it for scenario 2. We have not played scenario 3 and probably wont until another week or two. Let me know if you are liking this or not!

As a side note, I would love to do this through an actual batrep on youtube but we are not there yet. Our terrain is impromptu so it wouldnt be that appeasing for a video and we are experimenting with whether we want to do still shots, full video, or a mixture. We are also coming up with a kool UI and some fun additions to make our batreps unique. We will see if it comes about, but I just wanted to explain why I didnt have a video for you. Maybe some shots of the armies will come down the line!

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Fight of the portal

Elves and Ogres each get 1000pts
Daemons get 2000pts

Same terrain layout as the first battle (see picture)
Daemon side has walls and towers setup around the portal but they are cursed:

-1 initiative and leadership to non-daemons within 5"

Before Battle

Your armies have arrived to find a rather large contingent of daemons setup to protect the portal. A fortification surrounds the portal but the buildings crackle with chaos. Skrotag and Eruantien line up their forces and know that this is their best chance to prevent the spread of chaos early.


Defeat all the daemons
The Heart cannot fall to Azazeal's troops


Elves: Silverhelms led by Eruantien and lvl 4 life wizard (need to give that dude a name), White Lions with BSB, and bolt thrower
Ogres: Ironguts led by Skrotag (he grew tired of his bulls not performing), Mournfangs, Stonehorn, and a sabertusk
Daemons: Azazeal, 2x Exalted Flamer, Nurgle Soul Grinder, pack of beasts, two units of pink horrors (one led by lvl 2 tzeentch wizard), daemonette group (led by herald slaanesh with ASF loci), and skull cannon

The Battle

I won initiative and the hope was to blast them with my artillery and magic, but I knew I needed to get Azazeal into combat quickly. Unfortunately I had my absolute worst ranged rolls ever. I really wish I recorded this battle as it was humorous how bad my rolls were. To sum up my rolls, I had a cannon shot lined up that was going to take out a mournfang and then hit the stonehorn. My initial shot rolled a 10, landed in the less than 1 inch gap between the targets, and "stuck" LOL
My only good magic phase was my first and I was out of range of everything
My exalted flamers got in range of the enemy and rolled a 2 and 4 which put both of them like 2" away from the enemy, and then they got charged by the mournfangs
I proceeded to move forward with awful magic and artillery rolls and finally decided that getting into cc was my best course of action. After the mournfangs had overrun into the second exalted flamer, they were prime for a double charge. I hit them in the front with Azazeal and hit them in the side with the grinder. My beasts charged the sabertusks and my daemonettes were ready for a charge on the mournfangs or silverhelms (assuming they charged Azazeal). Azazeal did some damage but the soulgrinder fell flat. this allowed teh silverhelms AND the stonehorn into combat on the following turn and turned the board into a giant jigsaw puzzle.
Both Azazeal and soulgrinder failed their instability rolls by like 2...
The daemonettes charged and managed to get the silverhelms to flee, and the skullcannon got the stonehorn to flee. the beasts even managed to wipe the white lions (love those guys). It all went downhill though as the daemonettes fell to the mournfangs.
In the end, a mixture of poor artillery dice rolls, MANY rolls of 1, and bad magic made my ranged army worthless. I think I dealt a grand total of 4 wounds with magic/ranged. This combined with their life mage's ability to heal back the ogres who were taking all the wounds killed it for me

After the Battle

[*=1]With the daemons defeated, the two leaders approach the portal. Little is known of how to work the Heart, but Eruantien has learned the words needed to be spoken after consulting with some of the elven leaders prior to the battle. Skrotag holds up the Heart and says the words. The portal shimmers and fluctuates, but it remains open. Skrotag roars and frustration
[*=1]As Skrotag and Eruantien fight about what to do, a messenger runs up to the leaders and says that they found a group of human bodies bearing the robes of the Order of the Heart in one of the buildings, but one of the humans was still alive and sought an audience.
[*=1]After a while, a man in black robes is ushered in front of the two leaders. He says that his name is Raken and that unfortunately, the Heart will not work. The Heart was taken from a great daemon general during the war and imbued with the power of all four gods before it bore the strength to close the portal. This meant that four greater daemons bearing the marks of each of the chaos gods were required to be killed.
[*=1]Skrotag and Eruantien look at each other confused and conferred on how this might be accomplished. There did exist pockets of daemons left over from the last war and some daemons undoubtedly came through and dispersed from this portal, but ultimately, that would take too long to find and track down enough greater daemons, assuming that many existed
[*=1]Raken shook his head as the two leaders spoke, and he told them that the daemons would be coming back in force and only grow in number and support. The two leaders would need to go into the portal and enter the Realm of Chaos if they have any hope of closing the portal. Luckily, the Order had been taught in everything about the Daemons which was known.
[*=1]After discussing it over the night, the leaders left a few troops garrisoned and then made plans to enter the portal with Raken as their guide. They sent a scout through the portal first who returned a split second later and informed them that nothing was on the other side.
[*=1]The two leaders were confused but that didnít change their needs, so they sent their forces through to the other side. Once there, the leaders realized that no troops awaited their arrival
[*=1]The realm of chaos was, complicated. It was a series of roads and paths which toppled over one another and appeared to float in air. The sky was a swirl of fire and stars and the ground squirmed underfoot
[*=1]Raken pointed out that four great paths lead to the gates barring each of the greater daemons' realms. At the head of each gate was a greater daemon barring entry. Those four daemons barring each of the gates would suffice to power the Heart.

The boys decided that they would tackle nurgle first as they both hate nurgle. I have a lot of fun rules for the Realm including some made up terrain and a random effect given to the game before the battle starts.