View Full Version : Undead Legions: Master of the Dead and Skeleton Bowmen

15-10-2014, 04:16
I was just wondering, can a Necromancer with Master of the dead increase the number of Skeleton Bowmen past their original number with invocation or is there some wording somewhere that prevents it?

15-10-2014, 10:17
Been having this debate with a VC playing friend, Can't find an explicit answer. In the book entry they are called Skeleton Archers, but in the profile it says Skeleton Warrior. The rules for both armies were not written with this combo in mind, although there may be precedent with TK & VC on a team. Seems a bit OP to be able to keep pumping up a unit with volley fire and fixed 5+ to hit, so for now we're not allowing them to go past starting size.

15-10-2014, 20:24
Fair enough, I find Master of the Dead somewhat of an overpriced ability, being able to jack up Skeleton bowmen might make it worth it.

forseer of fates
15-10-2014, 23:40
Well since the kehmri or vc's special rules are not used and the ones in the undead legions ones are quite clear, since nehkarahan is removed all undead are just undead, so all rules overlap that refer to undead.

16-10-2014, 18:35
TK skeleton warriors can but the archers cannot RAW wise