View Full Version : 2400pts vampire counts please help

15-10-2014, 16:57
Hey guys I haven't played yet but I bought a muck ton of models used. Here's an army I can make out of them what do you think?

Vampire Lord: 521pts
lvl 4 lore of vampires
heavy armour
enchanted shield
obsidian blade
talisman of preservation
summon creatures of the night

Vampire: 196pts
lvl 1 lore of vampires
heavy armour
biting blade
aura of dark majesty
summon creatures of the night

Necromancer: 90pts
lvl 1 lore of vampires
book of arkhan

Necromancer: 90pts
lvl 1 lore of vampires
dispel scroll

2x 5 dire wolves: 80pts (6 wide once some have been raised)
36 crypt ghouls: 360pts (6 wide)
2x 25 zombies with banners 160pts (5 wide)

35x Grave guard: 500pts
great weapons
banner of the barrows
full command

Terrorgheist: 225pts
varghulf: 175pts

total 2397pts

So I only have 1 terrorgheist but I have at least 1 of almost everything else. Here are the models that I don't have available:
black/blood knights/ hexwraiths
crypt horrors (next purchase)
any more varghulfs or terrorgheists
bat swarms
black coach
corpse cart
mortis engine

So what do you think? Could it survive a dwarf gunline to get into combat? Is the list any good or just rubbish? Additional C&C?

17-10-2014, 03:51
try to keep your tgheist behind something on first turn (bullet magnet) buff up those zombies, what i usually do is put the vamp lord lvl 4 bla bla on the coven throne gotta love that 4+ws, ghouls or gg not really my think more zombs or skellys really make the difference, the big punch comes in magic, some coprse carts to get always strike first vanhels to get rerolls, i dont remember the other one to reroll wounds and the other one to get a extra attack last time di played with a friend i packed at least 100 zombies, with invocation, all the buffs, vamp lvl 4 on char 4+ ws healing himself with vamp magic and some vamps in the zombie uni (konrad *wink wink*), just keep em like 7 wide o maybe 2 units of 50 each 5 wide, that keeps 3 plus combat res and less crumbling.