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16-10-2014, 21:31
Hello fellow gitz'
I wanted to ask if it makes sense
to go for a full savage ork army :D
Are savage orcs competitive?
Because i love their models and wanted to start an army of them...

16-10-2014, 22:16
they are the best unit OnG have (infantry unit that is).

Savage orc big uns in a unit of 40, horde, 2 hand weapons, sav orc wizard with lucky shrunken head ===> a whole lot of killing in a unit with a 5++ ward save. tons of high strength attacks.

everything else will be competitive if you build it around this.

16-10-2014, 22:36
I often stick a Savage Orc warboss in a unit like that, too, so he benefits from the 5+ ward too. Give him Basha's axe (and armour of silvered steel, if you feel like abusing the fluff) and he's a very solid combat character.

16-10-2014, 23:04
Okay thank you very much guys :D
what would you recommend to built around this army...
which other troops should i include?
sorry i am a 40k veteran, no idea how fantasy works :D

16-10-2014, 23:08
look at the army list section, make some army lists and get feedback.

there are "right" ways to do things.

a themed army has flavor and is definitley viable with orcs.

I would still include warmachines (pretend they are savage orc-y) and maybe forest goblin spider riders, an arachnarok, sav orc boar boys, chariots (model them with sav orcs) and then get yourself some characters.

Oogie boogie boss
17-10-2014, 11:26
I run an all SO army and it's great fun! It's like closing your eyes and swinging round a bag full of hammers- you don't know what's going to happen, but you know it'll be painful! I run big blocks of boyz (35-40) with double choppaa and a big stabba, SO BB with Spears and Shields, River Trolls (they fit in with the theme in my mind), chariots made to look more savage and Giants!

The fluffy rules I set myself are- nothing that shoots. No bows or shooty war machines. Dat's for girly elves and runty gobbos! Also, no Goobos, it's a savage ORC army. Lastly, nothing you couldn't conceivably find in the badlands- stone trolls, Aroks (also come with gobbos), squigs (gobbos), etc.

Obviously, you don't have to follow this theme so strictly, and there are plenty of ways to work n savage gobbos or have savage orcs with bows. That's just how I've made my army.

Play wise, I find it's an army which wins big or loses big and nothing in between. It can cause huge amounts of damage, and is a real blunt instrument, but obviously this has it's weaknesses as well as it's strengths. You'll take a lot of casualties; 6++ on almost all of your troops alone isn't great, though obviously against high strength troops it's useful. Frenzy and animosity combined means you're going to have little control over your troops, so you have to be careful. But again, the extra attacks and occasional extra movement from failed animosity are useful.
No shooting (in my army) means you can't really play defensively, but then why would you want to? I find that they struggle against high T and high AS armies- Dwarves and woC for example, as your BU can't be everywhere, so you need bodies on the board and go for weight of attacks. This is also where River Trolls come into their own, as the vomit attack is great against Knights and WoC, and the -1 to hit is very handy too.
Giants are great for dealing with other monsters, but if you want them to take on ranked up units you need two working together or to combo charge with a unit of boys, even S3 attacks in enough numbers are a worry for them, so they need support. SO BB, (I give them spears and shields for the extra armour and extra strength), are great at clearing chaff and taking out light or medium cavalry, sometimes even heavy cav. But again, they struggle to hurt ranked up infantry, so I use them as clearance and impact support for my boys.
Lastly, my chariot is famous for two things- causing huge amounts of damage and never surviving a game. Like the BB, it's great as a support unit or for clearing chaff/shooting units, but it's fragile, so you have to use it right.

Any, I've babbled a bit, but that's how I've found playing an all-SO army. Whatever happens, it's always good fun, so learn to let go of any notion of control or tactics, and you'll have a blast!

17-10-2014, 17:00
I played OnG a few times, borrowing an army, as I was in the process of building my current DoC army, so I have a little bit of experience playing OnG but not much. I have been considering investing in a new army and OnG appeals to me the most with savage orcs being high up on the chain for why (also night gobbos but I'll save that for another thread).

Theme aside, though I am probably going to only be making themed OnG armies as I just love the character they have in OnG, what has been your guys' take on SO BB vs regular BB? I only got to use the SO ones in one game and they got shredded just before getting into combat (major bummer), so I havent been able to use them really. They look amazing on paper though. When I played them I gave them AHW, but after getting some more experience during my time with DoC, I would probably go spear and shield with them in the future. Also, assuming I dont take a block of SO inf, would it ever be wise to throw the SO shaman with shrunken head in the group or is that sinking too much into one wild and crazy unit?

My buddy has been trying to get me to snag another army and specifically OnG for a little while, and that is probably because he is sick of everything I have having a 5++ save... little does he know : ) With these guys I could finally have a ward save AND armor hahahaha

17-10-2014, 17:27
That list looks pretty fun Oogie boogie.
just not sure how it can win any sort of game :p.
Frenzied models with no way to kill chaff, to prevent a redirect and a flank charge next turn, sounds like a pretty harsh deal. This is ignoring that they have animosity too XD.

17-10-2014, 17:34
I assume they kill Chaf the same way they kill everything, and aren't super bothered if there opponent feeds them cheap units, because at least they're killing something!

I've seen Savage Orc boar-boyz on the table before, and they never seem to perform. I'd have real trouble dealing with them with my Empire army (they would decimate my infantry), but most of the times I've seen them deployed they are either too big of a threat and get destroyed (usually magic), or are taken in smaller units (5 or 6) and lose to many charging into combat before getting a chance to hit to be effective. Still an awesome unit though!

17-10-2014, 17:50
Savage orc biguns are second only to chaos warriors in the hardest hitting/best core choice department and imho outclass them as far as pricing goes but thats a topic for another day

Oogie boogie boss
17-10-2014, 18:01
I use them 8 strong usually, sometimes with a big boss in there for extra Killy. I find it's enough to do a fair bit of damage to most things, without being so big they attract attention.

The thing with this style is that, while it's not very subtle and is prone to frenzy and animosity pulling apart your battleline, everything in it is a combat threat, so it's hard for your opponent to prioritise or concentrate on one element.

As for chaff, BB, chariots or at a pinch small troll units are great at clearing the way for the boys.

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Oogie boogie boss
17-10-2014, 18:02
That's BB 8 strong, btw. [emoji13]

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17-10-2014, 19:17
38 Savage Orc Big'Uns, Lvl4 with Shrunken Head, Fencers Blades and a BSB with Armour of Silvered Steel and Luckstone.

= Munch almost anything they face in the game.

Load up any other core (even go a fair bit over it!) with multiple Spider Riders and another unit of them with Snagla. Rare with double Arachnarok's and do whatever the hell you want with Special!

Most of all, you will have an absolute blast - as will your gaming partner - in nearly every game.

Time of Madness
18-10-2014, 16:52
Here's my all savage orc army.


Time of Madness

19-10-2014, 20:52
Which Lords would you Guys include?
The Savage Orc Boss looks fancy :D

19-10-2014, 21:44
Whats the best build for a Savage Orc Big Boss? (Fluff doesn't matter)

20-10-2014, 00:53
Basha's axe in a unit with a shaman carrying the head.

Oogie boogie boss
20-10-2014, 08:08

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20-10-2014, 12:44
I would imagine in a themed army you would want a savage orc big boss bsb over a warboss, right? Still with basha's axe unless you need the banner

In a non-themed army, is it more worthwhile to put the black orc big boss bsb to help with animosity and make them a little more reliable?