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The Irish Commissar
19-10-2014, 11:14
Well lads, I'm making a 2000 point tomb kings list, I hope to the adopt it into a 2500 undead legions list after so any comments about that too.

Tomb king
- Great weapon
- Armour of silvered steel
- talisman of preservation

High Liche priests
Talisman of endurance

43 skeletons
-light armour
- Full command

20 archers

3x chariots
-Full command

4 snake riders
- Full command

-Fiery roar

Casket of souls

Kings with warriors and priest with archers

20-10-2014, 13:06
Why the kings instead of a prince?

Why no arcane ítem on your hierophant?

Why no chaff?

The 5++ Seems a waste of points consudering you already have a 6+ regen.

The champions on the chariot and NK unit is unnecesary and a waste of points IMO.

The skellies would benefit more from more numbers than armor.

The Irish Commissar
20-10-2014, 14:56
What do you mean by arcane items. Sorry I'm new at fantasy. I find the armour really good on the skeletons but I'm unsure which is the most point effective, so maybe you have a point. I put the champion in the skeletons for challenges so my tomb king can keep laying into the enemy. I thought the extra attacks was nice on the snakes.

20-10-2014, 15:58
An arcane ítem is a special sort of magical ítem that only wizards can use. They influence the magic phase mainly. For example, a dispel scroll dispels a spell automatically.
The armor on the skellies is not bad, but more bodies tend to be better.
The champion on the skeleton unit is fine.
But in the case of the NK and chariots it means you will lose the standard faster. This can make a relevant difference.

20-10-2014, 16:29
Folomo, don't be so harsh to someone new to Warhammer and especially TK. Every new recruit helps us to reach our ancient grandeur... ;)

While I think Kings are OK, especially if you can afford a lvl 4 High Liche Priest as well, a Prince might be good enough already and you could afford some much needed chaff in the form of horse archers (2 units of 5 are enough normally). I see a huge difference between 6+ regen and 5+ ward, so I think the item is OK. No Dispel Scroll is considered suicide by many though and might safe your a** more than the aforementioned 5++. I think Champions in NK and Chariots are absolutely fine as they are the first to be resurrected by the Nehek augments and thus you always gain a model by these spells if slain already than "just" wounds.

The Irish Commissar
20-10-2014, 19:25
Looking over it again I can see why a dispell scroll would be needed. So if I drop the king to a prince that gives me 72 points to spend. Also if I drop the champion from the snakes and chariot that would give me an extra 20 points. Don't have the books on me right know but going from memory that would give me a dispell scroll and 5 skeleton horsemen to use as chaff. Correct?
Also the drop light armour from the skeletons and I can get 10 more warriors.

23-10-2014, 01:36
Well congrats on trying out Tomb Kings...it's not exactly the best intro army....tricky to play and not forgiving at all....


Full Command on the Chariots work if u plan on joining them with a Tomb Prince or Tomb King on chariot. The reason is, the command models always need to be in the front rank and characters that can't be placed in the front rank because theres no room ie only rank of 3 models, will be placed in the second rank. Therefore what you have is a character in the second rank that cannot be target out in combat but will still be benefiting the Chariots by passing them his Weapon Skill. Command models cannot be targeted out, unless you champion accepts a challenge and is slain but you can always just decline the challenge...he cannot be sent to the back...and therefore will always remain in the front rank...even if he was to die, he is first to be raised when wounds are regained on the unit....

Therefore is u want to a bigger unit like 6 + a character on chariot take full command otherwise it's a waste of points.

Your army relies alot on magic to keep it alive; you'll notice your models when u compare them to other armies...they are squishy and the reason your paying a premium ontop is cause ur models can come back to life. Therefore you'll need 4 levels of magic at least. Think of swapping your tomb king to a tomb prince, and u'll hav points to afford a scroll caddie ie a Level 1 Liche Priest with just a dispel scroll and give your Level 4 the Scroll of Mighty Incantations - it's a once use only item that counts as 4 power dice allowing u to basically cast an extra spell that phase.

Play around with your army...u may find you want more chariots or catapults cause their personally ur best units i feel.

23-10-2014, 13:32
Mannfred I think your strategy and rules are a bit iffy there.

The champion can be targeted by normal attacks, so he can just be killed the same as any model (it doesn't have to be in a challenge). If you're taking a character on chariot, why do you want him in the second rank where he can't attack? (no supporting attacks for chariots). You're paying 200-300 points depending on character to give some skeletons +2 or +3 WS - not the best use of points in all probability.

Also, if it is vanilla tomb kings and not a UL list, then putting Mighty Incantations on your hierophant is very risky, as you have an 85% chance of miscasting and then a 1/12 chance of dying, causing your army to crumble.

@OP: good luck with it, like others have said you've picked one of the hardest armies to learn with, so don't be discouraged if you get hammered a few times. Also, it is definitely worth your while getting the Nagash rules supplement so you can take a Tomb King army using the Undead Legion rules, it makes the army significantly better and more fun to play.

The Irish Commissar
23-10-2014, 13:59
I'm afraid I have to wait for the soft cover of the nagash book to come out as they're all out in my local store. I realise that Tomb Kings are not a noob friendly army but after playing 40k with my eldar army is nice to have a challenge haha. I tried a level 1 but they seem quite useless really. It's seems as if it's 70 points I could put else where. Whats the advantages of a level 1 coupled with a level 2

23-10-2014, 20:23
@Manfredd: As ewar mentioned, the champion can be directly targeted and killed outside of challenges. In fact, the main use of a champion is to challenge lone characters and absorv challenges from enemy champions.

Also, the Scroll of mighty miscast doesn't grant you power dice. It lets you roll a d6 for each wizard level, and on any double you get a miscast/irresistible force. As ewar mentioned, this tends to be an awful choice on the hierophant, mainly because there is no spell that you would want to force and you are risking your hierophant.

@The Irish Commissar: I didn't get that you were a new player, sorry if I came a bit harsh. If you want to sucess with TK, I would strongly suggest you to go to the dedicated page. There are plenty of helpful players there and tons of tacticas already written. TK play quite different from what people expect (aka as VC) and this can make playing this army difficult for new players.

In general, with wizards its either go big or go home. So lvl 2 and 4s are the most commonly used. Lvl 1s are used to to carry arcane items (like the dispel scroll) or to boost the strenght of the banishment spell in what is commonly known as a light council.

The Irish Commissar
23-10-2014, 20:57
Alright thanks lads for the advice. How do you think I should adapt it If I was to go 2500 points undead legion.

27-10-2014, 00:25
For 2500 points, I would consider adding something fast annoying units, dire wolves and horse archers for Core, hexwraiths or vargheists for special maybe? I think that for UL, Necromancer would be very nice for much faster healing for your units.

The Irish Commissar
30-10-2014, 12:28
Would you consider black knights or blood knight a good investment?