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20-10-2014, 15:58
Hi Guys,
I really have no idea what is good in Fantasy but I want to
participate in the End Times Campaign so I need a Empire Army.
I like their models (mustaches!) and their manliness.
I really need help writing the list so I will just write some models
down which I like and hope you will help me :)


- Marius Leitdorf
- Witch Hunter
- Markus Wulfhart


- Empire Handgunners
- Empire Troops

Special Units

- Reiksguard Knights
- Huntsmen
- Demigryph Knights

Rare Units

- Hellblaster Volley Gun

So these are the troops i would like to play.
Hope we can built something strong to beat up those Chaos
Warriors. I will paint my Black Templars now and hope for
many replies :)

Thank you for taking the time and have a nice day,

20-10-2014, 17:50
Markus wolfheart is quite possibly the worst special character ever created.... ever. he needs to die. Never ever take him. Ever.

You definitely want at least one cannon.

For troops, halberdiers are the best bet. Units need to be 50 strong with a warrior priest in there.

Handgunners are okay, just take 2 units of 10 with no command and definitely no special gun upgrades.

Everything else is good

20-10-2014, 18:49
Never laughed so hard in a few weeks :D okay if he is so bad i will not take him haha
How would your army list look like?
And how would you equip those special units and the Witchhunter?

21-10-2014, 09:54
Please help me Guys D:

21-10-2014, 10:51
Rightyo... I don't play Empire, but I'll give you what I can...
Things you should usually take, no matter the army:
*High level wizard - even if you don't plan to dominate the magic phase, you'll still need one for dispelling. Put him in a (preferably ranged - wizards don't like melee)unit to stop him from being sniped, consider defensive items, and don't take too many risks - losing your anti-magic defense is not pleasant.
*Battle Standard Bearer - Unlike 40K, morale checks are something that actually happens around here. A lot. Getting rerolls on them is a god-send. Place him in the middle of your army for maximum coverage, preferably in a strong unit to stop him from getting sniped - losing your standard is a massive blow to your army as a whole, and can often lose you the game. For magic items, either take one of the fancy "super battle standards", or defensive gear(armour, ward, etc.) - an offensive setup will rarely be worthwhile.
*A handful of cannons(2-3) are generally a good idea, if available to your army(which it is, since you play Empire) - the current edition makes 'em very accurate, and their ability to insta-gib monsters should never be underestimated.
Main exception to the above being really low-point games, where shortcuts may be necessary... speaking of which, how big of an army are we talking here? 1k? 2k? .. 10k?

Empire specific stuff... as far as I am aware:
*Empire Infantry are terribad on their own - if you plan to use them, you NEED any and all buffs you can get your grubby little hands on to make 'em work properly - warrior-priests, hurricanums, beast/life wizards... use 'em.
*Cavalry FTW. Demigryphs were considered almost broken on release, and while they've cooled off a bit since then, they're still a very strong choice. In addition, the ability to get fast moving, 2+ save troops... as troops(empire knights)... is never to be underestimated.

Hope this helps :)

21-10-2014, 20:30
Thank you very much :)
You are helping me indeed ^^
would it be possible and competetive to play like an elite empire army?
No normal troops, only knights, cannons and huntsmen + lords?

21-10-2014, 20:55
the most competitive thing you can do is to take 1 big brick of inner circle knights, 2-3 units of 4 demigryph knights with lances, 2-3 cannons, some wagons, maybe 2 steam tanks and maybe a helblaster + master engineer(nothing on him), and an archer bunker for your wizard level 4 + 2x level 1 Lore of Light, then an arch lector on war altar.

you spam Banishment (spell) on 2 guys at high strength, you cannon stuff, you engage with guys who are all 1+ Armor.

Literally everything BUT this is increasingly bad, competitively.

21-10-2014, 22:37
A fluffy army would not be competetive?
otherwise my army would look a little odd :/

21-10-2014, 23:43
A fluffy army is REALLY hard to play effectively. Like really hard.

Halberdiers outclass all other infantry. Detachments are usually simply avoided entirely.

If you want to be competitive, you need to only use:
halberdiers, archers, cannons, demigryphs, inner circle knights, wagons, helblasters.

Literally everything else is less efficient because compared to one of those options above, it is overpriced or under effective.

22-10-2014, 10:35
Thank you very much :)
You are helping me indeed ^^
would it be possible and competetive to play like an elite empire army?
No normal troops, only knights, cannons and huntsmen + lords?

It would.
While I'm pretty sure EvanM exaggerate with his "everything else is useless"... he still kinda sorta has a point. While heavily buffed state troopers can do their job... most tend to prefer an all-knight core, supported by demigryphs and various warmachines, since said buffing requires a fair bit of finesse and can be a tad unreliable against an opponent who's brought a proper toolbox along. 'tis just easier that way.

22-10-2014, 19:18
is it worth it to play named characters?
Like The Mad Count or others?
Or just Wizzards? :(