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20-10-2014, 21:04
Hey guys,

We are having an event at my flgs. It is basically a mega battle of good vs evil where each player will bring a lord choice up to 400pts and 2x 500 point units. Please list some ideas! I listed mine below but you don't need to read them

The possible units:

35x Grave Guard(horde formation): great weapons, full command, banner of the barrows (500pts)
all painted and ready to go. I feel the great weapons are better since horde formation will be super deadly assuming I have a full three ranks by the time I am in combat . ~30 attacks that hit on 3s, possibly re-rolling if I bring a book of arkhan and wounding most things on 2s with -3 armor save modifier will do a bit of damage I think.

49x Crypt Ghouls(horde formation): crypt ghast (500pts)
all painted and ready to go. In horde formation I'm looking at 40 poisoned attacks. Not too bad I think. no armor save but t4 helps. I also doubt any other infantry units I'd bring would get to take their armor saves anyways.

89x Skeleton Warriors(horde formation): spears, full command, screaming banner (500pts)
all painted and ready to go. These guys are pretty much just a spiky speed bump. They should have the numbers to hold any unit for a turn or two and also get their 40 attacks back. Pretty much a spiky tarpit. Could actually win combat with the fear bomb lord in there if enemy fails their fear test. Would have to

10x Black Knights: barding, lances, full command, banner of the barrows (340pts)
I don't have enough knights to bring this up to 500pts and actually I don't even have the 10..yet...they're in the mail...would be a miracle for me to actually have them painted in time anyways so I probably won't use this unit.

1x Terrorgheist: infested, rancid maw (250pts)
This guy is pretty much the one model in my vc army that was actually painted by me. It also came third in a local painting comp for the large monsters category so I do kind of want to show him off :chrome: despite losing out on 250 possible points. The thing with this guy also is that in this format I doubt there will be many (if any) warmachines unless there's an army that can field them in units so that is one less thing to worry about. The other thing to consider is that there will be PLENTY of juicy targets like knights for him to scream at. And being able to scream into combat could be a really nice thing to abuse all game long. His only real threats are massive units of archers and magic.

1x varghulf
I dunno could be good to get into small spaces and charge a flank or something... probably not going to use him just thought I'd mention him in case someone can think of some cool way to combo him with my vamp lord. Also he's vampiric so I could have him on the other side of the table if I want and he can still march.

3x batswarms (210pts)
Could be good to dual charge and give some enemy unit always strike last so they and my graveguard attack simultaneously, probably won't choose them over ghouls or a terrorgheist though.

And here's a couple lord builds I was planning to take: (all builds are lvl 1 unless marked otherwise and use lore of vampires as I don't think I have the models to use lore of undeath)

Defensive Vamp Lord: HA, Shield, Night Shroud, Dawn Stone, Red Fury, Quick Blood, Barded Nightmare (398pts)
1+ re-rollable armor save that negates strength bonuses from weapons + parry save in combat. Also he is guaranteed to strike FIRST.
Defensively his only weakness is cannons and obsidian blade as well as anything that has a really high natural strength.

Magic Vamp Lord (mounted): lvl 4, HA, enchanted shield, dawnstone, lance, barded nightmare (398pts)
He's almost as defensive as the above build, just missing effects from nightshroud. Has a little bit of combat power, but not as much as a red fury lord. 5 str7 attacks on the charge, 5 str5 attacks otherwise. However he is a level 4 wizard so he should be keeping my units nice and fresh.

Magic Vamp Lord (on foot): lvl 3, HA, Shield, talisman of preservation, night shroud, sword of striking (399pts)
Not as defensive or good at magic as above, but about as good as you can get on foot.

Knight/ character killing Blender Vamp Lord: Charmed Shield, Obsidian Blade, Other Trickster's Shard, Talisman of Endurance, Red Fury, Quickblood (400pts)
Very little defense. Built this guy believing that he will not be getting hit very often. Should be able to kill most characters in challenges with obsidian + shard + lots of attacks.

Classic Blender Vamp Lord: HA, Enchanted Shield, dragon bane gem, Sword of Bloodshed, Potion of Strength, Red Fury, QuickBlood (396pts)
About as blendy as you can get for 400pts. Very little defense. Was toying with the idea of putting glittering scales on him and losing the potion

Strigoi Screamer: Skabscrath, dragon bane gem, iron curse icon, curse of the revenant (400pts)
Probably won't use him. But I have a nicely painted ghoul king so I figured I'd see what opinions are anyways.

Master Necromancer: lvl 4, MoTD, Rod of flaming death, book of arkhan, obsidian amulet, possible barded nightmare (315/335pts)
Good magic user with some powerful bound spells. Magic resistance 3 is also pretty darn good for geting the graveguard to combat safely

So what would you guys use?

ATM I'm leaning towards the defensive vamp in the grave guard unit with the terrorgheist running around. Ghouls are a close second to the gheist though