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21-10-2014, 00:03
Can somebody help me explain why savage beasts doesn't boost a mount? This guy is convincing people it does on facebook. He's using the "It says model" argument.

21-10-2014, 08:00
a mount is not a charater

21-10-2014, 14:32
I did a little rule searching and am having trouble finding a good answer for you, but I ran out of time last night and dont have the rules with me. The rules for cavalry state they are considered one model, and the spell mentions both "character" and "model". My next thought was to look into the rules for targeting spells or the faq, but I didnt have time to check there. I would guess there are plenty of spells which would technically run into the same issue where it increases one stat, meant only for the character, so I am sure there is an answer. I'll look tonight if no one gets back with you by then

22-10-2014, 02:46
Sorry for the double post but no one else responded.

I found two different ways to argue this. First is that the spell targets characters and the rules for cavalry state that special abilities targeting characters/riders dont effect the mount and vice versa (apart from the specific ones they list in the book). The only problem is that big ominous "model", but it appears GW wants such "models" to both be a single "model" and separate "models"

Another argument which you can make is that as a single model, this guy is trying to apply the effect twice to the same model which is against the wording of the spell. An argument might be made that he has the choice to apply the effect to either the mount or the character, but as the spell says "character" it would not be that great of an argument to then choose the mount

23-10-2014, 04:59
Thank you for that help.