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21-10-2014, 17:41
Hi all,

I'm planning to go to a thrones of skulls tournament next year and decided on warriors of chaos. The army list has already been decided (will post if anyone wants to know what it is) but I was wondering on which general to take? After looking through the book I was planning on going with Valkia the bloody but without a ward save I rate her chances of lasting to the end of a battle as low.

With that in mind, I decided on the following:

daemon prince 360
Level 1 (have another magic source)
Mark of Tzeentch (boost 5+ ward save)
Lore of Tzeentch (or metal, haven't really decided yet)
Chaos armour
Daemonic flight
Dragonbane gem, and
soul feeder.

I originally had him with a enchanted shield for a 2+ armour save but found out via GW customer support that DP's couldn't take shields (currently in the middle of confirming with another source).

Any feedback would be welcome.

23-10-2014, 01:24
Daemon Princes can take shields...A shield is considered to be armor; hence a Daemon Prince that has the option of Chaos Armour has the option to buy a magical shield...

Everyone takes charmed shield and scaly body to get down to that 1+ armour save with Chaos Armor.

Can't really answer your question on what would be a better option without seeing your army list...?

forseer of fates
23-10-2014, 01:42
Valkia is not worth her points, Daemon prince has far more uses and yes everyone takes the charmed shield on him, cos its very very good and very very legal.

24-10-2014, 01:02
Ironically, don't listen to GW when it comes to rules. They don't know what they are talking about. I tried getting a replacement for a missing part on an old Dark Elf Chariot once and customer support asked me if Dark Elves even had chariots?

Daemon Princes can take Shields and should, Valkia is super cool and you could create an awesomely fluffy army with her, but she's a tonne of points and you need magic so...

Daemon Princes are better, Valkia may be able to take one on if she gets the charge off, but after that she's at a disadvantage. However Daemon Princes are pretty common and lots of people know how to deal with them. Any tournament army has an answer or two for Daemon Princes. By going against the meta, you might stand a higher chance of winning by catching your opponent off guard. One of the main advantages Valkia has is that she can be put into a unit and fly/charge out when needed. This may startle your opponent and get him on the defensive early because Valkia is a small base and can easily fit in on the flanks of enemy units or go monster/warmachine hunting all by her self. She hits really *********** hard when she charges too.

If you are going the Daemon Prince route the load out is as follows.

Chaos Armour, Daemonic flight, Sword of Striking, Charmed Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Scaled Skin, Soul Feeder and probably level 4.
Everything else is just extra.

The only question you have is do you want to go Nurgle or Slaanesh?

Nurgle is better at survivability. and Lore of Death is pretty good too.

Slaanesh has access to one of the best lore's in the game. The whole lore is great, but there are 2 spells that are game breaking, specifically Cacophonic choir which makes all enemy units within 12" take 2d6 wounds on 4+with no armour saves, gives them Always strikes last and random movement d6". Now imagine flying behind enemy lines with that and just running the enemy' entire battle line. Yea, it wins games. If you take is guy make sure he's a Level 4 with the Chaos Spell Familiar.