View Full Version : 2500 WoC - Chariot Heavy - Help needed on Character Builds and final units.

Scribe of Khorne
22-10-2014, 00:44

I'm building out a Nurgle/Khorne Chariot heavy list as seen below, but I am new to Fantasy and am wondering how I should finish off the last 500 points? Mostly the Magic Item's and if I need a BSB with the Knights?

I'm hoping to be moderately competitive, but really want to work around this framework. Open to buying whatever really. :D

Chaos Lord, MoN, GW, Helm of Many Eyes +?
Gorebeast Chariot, MoN

Chaos Sorcerer, MoN, LvL 2, Familiar
Shrine, MoN

Exalted Hero, Steed

5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Hounds
5 Hounds

Chariot, MoK
Chariot, MoK

8 Chaos Knights, Command, EW, (MoK or MoN?)

4 Dragon Ogres, GW

3 Skullcrushers, Command, EW