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26-10-2014, 13:57
Great Unclean One - 580
- Level 4
- full gift allowance (don't quite know in what configuration yet though)

Nurgle Herald
- Lesser Gift
- Greater Locus of Fecundity


25x Plaguebearers - 355
- full command

24x Plaugebearers - 342
- full command


3x Beasts of Nurgle - 180
3x Beasts of Nurgle - 180

6x Chaos Furies - 84
- Daemons of Nurgle

6x Chaos Furies - 84
- Daemons of Nurgle

All weighing in at (unless my maths has failed me) 1,990

So, theres the list, let rip with the feedback


27-10-2014, 00:49
This is a good list, but I have some tips for you to take it a step up.

I personally avoid Fecundity and only for the sheer fact that that gives 3/4 of an all nurgle army regen which is susceptible to flaming attacks. Most of the guys I play against make sure to take at least two units with flaming attacks which then gives me nothing. Plaguebearers are impressive on their own, without the necessity of taking regen. For that reason, I take virulence. Makes up for them being "ok" in combat, offensive wise, to fairly threatening. That said, the norm is to take fecundity, so I will not argue that any longer.

two units of 25 isnt usually the best setup. You probably are going to want a horde + full command to take full advantage of the loci. With the extra points, pick up banner of swiftness, discipline, or lichbone pendant (only if you know you are up against a magic heavy army, otherwise stick with swiftness probably). If you take 35 in a horde + full command + banner, you have 500 or 25% exactly. that is my typical core choice for a nurgle army

For your nurgle herald, lesser gift imo is a waste. Either take greater gift and default to fencer's blades to make an impressive hero choice both offensively and defensively or pick up wizard lvl 1 to assist your greater daemon and possibly help boost your tarpit (be aware that my choice of virulence makes the boost to poison useless unless you want death magic which both are great).

I personally was weary of plaguedrones over beasts, but the slightly more reliable nature of their attacks coupled with higher S on three of them and the further charge (despite hover) makes them well worthwhile as a "hammer" of sorts. I would drop one of the fury groups and try to fit them in with some of the extra points you saved on dropping one of the core plaguebearer sets.

Finally as to your GUO, in 2000 points I get scared having that much sunk into a GUO. Now that the 25% cap has been raised to 50%, you are allowed to bring the big man with all his upgrades, but before, I just dont like seeing that many points in a giant cannon bait who could get one shotted on turn 1 by a cannon. that said, you do what you want. If you drop a level on him and pick it up on your herald, I think you would still be good to roll.

As to how to break up your gifts, I find it to be enemy dependent. I personally am always afraid of losing my GUO and play against an ogre player a lot, so I find 2 greater gifts with one defaulted to the balesword an optimal setup. gives me a chance at +2 attacks, a 2+ armor save, or +1 wound and the amazing d3 poisoned attacks weapon (amazing against any multiwound army). That said, the eternal blade is made for GUO, so going the exalted gift route with a lesser gift also gives you the opportunity to get two lesser gifts. Finally, a new setup I have been opened up to is the 4 lesser gifts setup. This is starting to look the best as it protects you for a turn or two from a cannon shot with the 2+ to first wound plus has a number of fun offensive weapons.

I hope this helps

27-10-2014, 22:48
Cheers, some good pointers to bear in mind for when I come up with version 2 of this list