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25-06-2006, 03:09
My entire army is based around models that I like. Simple, aint it? No Mounted Yeomen here, because the models look like pus. Some Pegasi, simply because those models are sweet. Grail Knights for being hard as nails. Questing Knights for fantastic moustaches. KotR for being KotR, and Errants for running in to buildings. Archers because they look funny, and Men-at-Arms because I need spare parts for my Vostroyan army *coughcough* Finally, a Damsel, because I feel naked without my token Brain Fryer.

** Colours indicate Unit/Hero match-ups

Baron Becancourt - 248 points
Bretonnian Lord with Barded Warhorse, Grail Virtue, Shield, Lance, Gromril Great Helm, Sword of Might, Virtue of Audacity.

Warder Marceau - 114 points
Paladin Battle Standard Bearer with Barded Warhorse, Shield, Questing Vow, Banner of Defence

Earl Burgese - 147 points
Paladin with Barded Warhorse, Shield, Grail Virtue, Lance of Artois, Virtue of the Joust ** Note: It had to be done. I'm sorry :) **

Damsel le Elise - 144 points
Damsel with Barded Warhorse, Level 2 Wizard, Dispell Scroll

8 Knights of the Realm - 192 points
Full Command

11 Knights of the Realm - 313 points
Full Command, War Banner

9 Knights Errant - 201 points
Full Command

9 Knights Errant - 201 points
Full Command

16 Bowmen - 112 points

15 Men-at-Arms - 102 points
Full Command

4 Pegasus Knights - 220 points

5 Questing Knights - 140 points
Full Command

5 Grail Knights - 220 points
Full Command

Field Trebuchet - 90 points

26-06-2006, 07:00
Now I have three options available;

1) Bretonnians aren't cool, though this truly is heresy
2) This list is the same as every other list and should be ignored on the grounds that the author is unimaginative
3) I am perfection personified (I'm praying for this one)

[/shameless] :p